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Drunk driver takes out mailbox! How to install a new one.

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I guess Jack Boyles with steam engines, USA. Today'S a little different video today we're replacing a mailbox so got a call from renters. We own this house here and someone was drinking and driving came down. The road took out all these mailboxes, which are temporarily set up check out. Our mailbox believe that's ours and flip the car down into the ditch here, so that base had been sitting right there. So we got a new mailbox and we're gon na set that one out here. So if you ever wondered about installing the mailbox here we go alright. So I got some post hole. Diggers gloves a new mailbox and a post and this post here yeah. It'S pretty big it'll need to own the ground. Approximately two feet see: what's that so start digging my hole here, put the post in the ground and come back all right, so we've got our Harold going and this is some really hard dirt hit a bunch of big rocks down in there. So https://felixfurniture.com/best-miter-saw-stands-reviews/ has not been an easy task at all and I got a pretty good depth. I might get a little bit deeper, but I want to get at least a foot to two feet down in the ground and I'm a good twenty inches or so so. Maybe a couple more inches: we want to get about as much of that post down there. Also we've got this piece. This is a bracket amount in the universal mounting bracket and it'll actually go on top and it'll screw into the bottom, and then the mailbox will attach to these through these holes. So getting there. This ground is off hard, but be a little bit closer. So we'll be back in just a minute, alright, so we're back. I got a post squared up in the hole and all I did is put it in the ground, get it square and start putting hold on the dirt back in, and you just start with a loose loose dirt and just put it back back in there and All you're doing is just letting it pack down in there really good. You don't want to throw the big clumps in here, because it'll leave like pockets of space, but just crumble it up on my rocks, no rocks. I don't want any rocks going back in there. Just get solid dirt say almost all the dirt I brought out at this hole, you'll be going back in it. I got some big rocks out of here, so this will make a good, solid post in the ground without using concrete. You know the thing thing about this: that people don't want to do is dig that 2 foot hole. You could dig our foot hole, deep, a hole, a foot deep put it in there and fill it with concrete, but to do it properly. This is what it takes so and we'll get this just get back down in there and we'll go to assemble the mailbox or put it on mounting it to the post, so we'll be back in just a few minutes all right. So this is the hardest part of the whole process of installing a new mailbox, getting it in the ground and, of course, once you got it down in there, you want to tamp it, which is basically packing it. Some people actually use a big metal, temp rod. Steel rod and pack it down, but I've got it pretty good in there once it rains, it'll really solidify that dirt and pack down tight. So what we will do next, let's take this bracket. This is a still mailbox mounting board, basically mount it like so square. It up line it up and then the mailbox will bolt on to this and we'll be done all right so before you get all happy and want to mount this thing real fast. I put the metal mount on here and notice. The gap see how much of a gap we have here between the back of this thing. So with that positioned, I'm going to mark a line on the side of this, because I want it to be closed. So I want the mailbox to be closer to the back. I don't want it to stick out here like this, so I want it to look nice, so we take that come over here and get my screwdriver. Basically, all I'm gon na do is just mark the side of this, so basically right here, right there, so just a little mark, so this plate does not need to be on this side. Of that little mark I made you know you could use a pen or something, but this will wear off this one. A little temporary place a little temporary mark to identify where I'm at, as you can see, right, here's the mount screws for this. So I want to be probably 8 them an inch quarter, minutes to the right of that little mark, so we're gon na set it up mount it and then we'll come back alright, so I've got it pretty much lined up. I want it. I'M gon na put a washer on one each crease and run it in mount. It put four screws in there to hold it down, so I'm gon na do that and come back so now we got our four screws holding this in it's on they're getting solid. So now we're gon na mount to mailbox and go go through these two screws on each our holes go mount the nut on the inside and screw it in from the outside and they'll go through this hole in this hole on the Mount all right. So we're getting there now I left out one part. While I go, I had to go back and redo it. You look on the diagram when you mount it on a wooden post. You have to have these little supports little spacers. So what I did is up under here, you can see. There'S little spacers are mounted up under there to suspend the box off of the board. This allows clearance for the nut and bolts to go through there, so I've started a nut and bolt on all the way around. So I'm gon na tighten those down and we should be done so we've got the mailbox up now. Only thing left is to put our numbers on it, so I need to get another set, but I'm just putting one set on it for now, and the mail carrier comes from this direction. So I put our numbers on here and I'll be right back after that. All right, so there we are 6418, I'm nude, now mailbox looks good sure does beat that old thing concreted Ribery bar. So I'm going up my mess and get out of here so pretty pleased with it. That was a very difficult hole to put in the ground. So there you have it, he went to loose posts about 40 bucks mailbox, another 20 stickers, so basically $ 70. I got us a new mailbox, alright, so I'm pretty much wrapped up with this video. I am going to dig one more hole for my neighbor. What cause that's their mailbox and they had this old one. They had balton for like a art decoration type of thing years ago, so they got that temporary setup or this drunk driver took out their mailbox as well. So basically, he was driving down this road. Exceeding the speed limit. Drunk ran off the road to ditch, hit the metal culvert there. It goes underneath the road flipped his vehicle and in the process took out all the mailboxes here. So I'm pretty pleased with the way our mailbox turned out and I'm a little out of breath, but I'm going to keep digging this hole. I got I'm about a third third of the way to go. It'S a mark that a tape on there. If you see that little black line, that's two feet, so that's how much further I got ta go, but all I know super happy smash the like button, thanks for watching I, like these videos, subscribe, have a great day. I would say from High Point North Carolina, but from Gibsonville North Carolina, jack-bots steam engines, USA,


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