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What the Covid-19 war was really like in Trump's White House - CNN
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No longer working under the Trump administration, six leading US health officials now reveal to CNN the real challenges they faced during the nation's fight against Covid-19 over the past year: death threats, mixed messages and in some cases, being kept from sharing information with national audiences.

White House press office screened questions to Jen Psaki
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​The Biden White House press office has come under fire for reaching out to Capitol reporters to quiz them about the questions they'll ask press secretary Jen Psaki during scheduled briefings, according to a report on Tuesday.​​

Georgia Election: Democrats Win Senate as Jon Ossoff Defeats Perdue - Bloomberg
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Democrats won control of the U.S. Senate for the first time in six years with victories in two runoff races in Georgia -- a stunning result in a state that hadn’t sent a new Democratic senator to Washington for two decades.

Melania Trump unveils Christmas decorations for final holiday season in White House - CBS News
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The unveiling comes less than two months after secret recordings from June 2018 were aired by CNN, in which she complained about preparing for the holidays at the White House.

White House unleashes on Fauci after criticism of Atlas and Trump's pandemic response - CNNPolitics
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The White House on Saturday unleashed on Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country's leading infectious disease expert, following his comments to the Washington Post that criticized the Trump administration's response to the pandemic, including Dr. Scott Atlas, who the President has relied on for advice on handling the coronavirus.

Transcript: Don McGahn on "Face the Nation," September 27, 2020 - CBS News
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The following is a transcript of an interview with former White House Counsel Don McGahn that aired Sunday, September 27, 2020, on "Face the Nation."

Trump admits to downplaying coronavirus threat in audio recordings - YouTube
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In audio recordings revealed in journalist Bob Woodward's new book, President Trump acknowledged he knew the coronavirus could be transmitted through the air...

Dr. Roy: My Concern Is We Are Rushing COVID-19 Vaccine Development Process | MSNBC - YouTube
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Dr. Lipi Roy, an internal medicine physician, tells Katy Tur that "absolute reassurance" is needed that a coronavirus vaccine has undergone "all the appropri...

In tell-all book, Michael Cohen says Trump hired a 'Faux-Bama' during White House run - CNNPolitics
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Before Donald Trump ever sought the Oval Office, he was preoccupied by its occupant President Barack Obama, publicly questioning his birthplace and privately describing him as "a Manchurian candidate" who obtained his Ivy League degrees only by way of affirmative action, according to a new book by Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen.

Watch: Trump Meets With Leaders Of Kosovo, Serbia At White House | NBC News - YouTube
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Moments ago, President Donald Trump observed a signing ceremony and met with the President of Serbia and the Prime Minister of Kosovo at the White House. » S...

President Donald Trump Said MIA Soldiers Deserved What They Got, WaPo Reports
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The president reportedly told aides that he didn’t understand why finding missing soldiers was a big deal.

Scott Atlas, Trump’s New Top COVID Adviser, Is Reportedly Pushing ‘Herd Immunity’ Strategy on President
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Scott Atlas, a neuroradiologist with no background in epidemiology or infectious diseases, has proposed following the divisive Swedish model.

Kellyanne Conway announces she's leaving the White House - CNNPolitics
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White House counselor Kellyanne Conway announced Sunday evening she will leave her post at the end of the month while her husband, George Conway, said he was withdrawing from The Lincoln Project, both citing a need to focus on their family.

Trump Looked at Banning Further Chinese Apps in Addition to TikTok | Technology News
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US President Donald Trump has looked at banning additional Chinese-owned companies following his decision to ban the short-video app TikTok, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said on Monday.

TikTok's US Ban Could Cut It Off From App Stores, Advertisers: White House Document | Technology News
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US President Donald Trump's executive order banning China's TikTok could prevent American app stores from offering the popular short-form video sharing app and make advertising on the platform illegal, according to a White House document.

Microsoft Could Divest China Holdings, Suggests White House Trade Adviser Navarro | Technology News
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White House trade adviser Peter Navarro suggested on Monday that Microsoft Corp could divest its holdings in China if it were to buy the Chinese owned short-video app TikTok.

Apple Says It Has No Interest in Buying TikTok | Technology News
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Apple has no interest in acquiring TikTok, the company said on Tuesday, denying a report by news website Axios from earlier in the day.

White House and Democrats to resume negotiations on coronavirus relief bill - YouTube
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Negotiations are expected to resume this week between the White House and congressional Democrats on a coronavirus relief package. They're trying to restore ...

TikTok May Break Away From Its Chinese Parent to Evade US Ban, Says White House Adviser | Technology News
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TikTok may move away from its Chinese parent company to avoid a ban in the US, said White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow. Not speculating on who could buy the video sharing platform, Kudlow thinks of it as a “better solution.”

Top Trump Aide Warns of 'Strong Actions' on TikTok, Angering China | Technology News
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A top White House official said he expected President Trump to act firmly against the TikTok and WeChat social media apps, prompting an angry response from China on Monday.

As Fauci disagrees with Trump on virus, White House takes aim - CNNPolitics
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As coronavirus cases surge in the United States, the White House is taking aim at the nation's top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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ABC News Political Director Rick Klein on the rap mogul’s potential White House bid and whether he could draw any meaningful support.

TRANSCRIPT: John Bolton interview with ABC News' Martha Raddatz - ABC News
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The president's former national security adviser discussed his new book, "The Room Where It Happened."

Trump adviser suggests Bolton could face jail time after judge allows book on White House tenure to proceed - CNNPolitics
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White House trade adviser Peter Navarro on Sunday attacked John Bolton's credibility over the former national security adviser's claim in his new book that President Donald Trump asked Chinese President Xi Jinping for help winning reelection, and said his former colleague could face jail time over his disclosures.

Fierce backlash over John Bolton’s new tell-all book - YouTube
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Former acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said Trump “didn’t hire very well,” as the White House and lawmakers launch a firestorm of criticisms at John Bolton’s new memoir.

White House ‘Seriously Considering’ Second Stimulus Check; Payments Not A Slam Dunk
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Mnuchin provided a new glimmer of hope for a second stimulus check, but don't hold your breath just yet.

Washington DC paints a giant 'Black Lives Matter' message on the road to the White House - CNN
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Two blocks of Washington, DC streets bear the giant, yellow-lettered message

Trump slams White House protesters as 'just there to cause trouble' - CNNPolitics
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After a night of protests and racial unrest in US cities, President Donald Trump used Saturday morning messages to declare himself safe inside the White House, lash out at a Democratic mayor and raise the prospect of another demonstration with his supporters later in the day.

Trump to Sign Executive Order on Social Media Today: White House | Technology News
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US President Donald Trump will sign an executive order on social media companies on Thursday, White House officials said after Trump threatened to shut down websites he accused of stifling conservative voices.

White House touts progress despite uptick of coronavirus cases in over a dozen states - YouTube
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The White House is pushing for the country to reopen, even as more than a dozen states reported an uptick in new cases of the coronavirus over the last week. Yahoo News White House correspondent Hunter Walker joins CBSN with more on the Trump administration's response.

Tensions rise between the White House and CDC as Birx critiques virus tracking - CNNPolitics
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As the coronavirus pandemic stretches past its ninth week, tensions are rising between the White House and the nation's leading public health agency. In interviews with CNN, senior administration officials in Washington, as well as top officials at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta describe a growing sense of mistrust and animosity between the White House and CDC over how quickly the US should reopen and how the government tracks data on the virus.

White House economic adviser says additional coronavirus stimulus package might not be necessary - CNNPolitics
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White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett said that another round of coronavirus relief legislation might not be necessary, as Democrats push for Congress to provide more federal funding to cash-strapped state and local governments.

Antigen tests: the coronavirus 'breakthrough' that a top White House official says we need - CNN
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Testing people for Covid-19 coronavirus can be difficult. Antigen tests may offer a quicker route.

White House orders Puritan to make swabs under Defense Production Act - CNNPolitics
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President Donald Trump announced Sunday he will compel a US company to make swabs under the Defense Production Act.

Trump notes "very positive trends" at coronavirus briefing and bashes media - YouTube
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President Trumps kicked off Saturday's White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing by noting "very positive trends" in the response to the coronavirus pandemic before he bashed the media's reporting. Watch his remarks.

Trump questioned on coronavirus response - YouTube
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President Trump did not have a response to CBS News' Paula Reid when she pushed him on what he did to prevent coronavirus in February and instead went after Reid. Watch their exchange.

Donald Trump's White House in chaos on virus' most tragic day - CNNPolitics
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The chaos and confusion rocking President Donald Trump's administration on the most tragic day yet of the coronavirus pandemic was exceptional even by his own standards.

US coronavirus: model cited by White House says 82,000 people could die by August, even with social distancing - CNN
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As of Monday morning, a model estimates that more than 2,000 people could die each day in the United States in mid-April, when the coronavirus is predicted to hit the country hardest.

Apple Releases COVID-19 Screening App, Website: All You Need to Know | Technology News
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Apple and the White House said on Friday that the iPhone maker worked with the Trump administration and federal agencies to release an app and website that will direct users to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control on the disease caused by the coronavirus.

Senate approves bipartisan stimulus package late Wednesday as congressional leaders whip support - ABC News
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The Senate has passed the $2 trillion stimulus package in response to coronavirus. Now, the bill moves on to the House.

Congress and White House say blowing up deficit not a concern for coronavirus stimulus - CNNPolitics
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Lawmakers and the White House are putting aside any concerns about blowing up the deficit as they consider a trillion-dollar stimulus package to boost the economy in response to coronavirus.

Dire new report forces U.S. and U.K. to change course on coronavirus strategy - Axios
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It warns that millions could die if months of disruptive measures aren't put in place.

White House Urges Researchers to Use AI to Analyse 29,000 Coronavirus Papers | Technology News
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The White House's Office of Science and Technology Policy on Monday challenged researchers to use artificial intelligence technology to analyse about 29,000 scholarly articles to answer key questions about the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: White House, Tech Industry Meet to Discuss Response | Technology News
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White House officials met Wednesday with US technology industry officials to discuss tech-related response efforts to combat the coronavirus outbreak and ways for government to collaborate with the private sector.

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