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COVID-19 most contagious in first 5 days of illness, study finds | Forums
Submitted 11 day(s) ago by ufcstreamtv

A study published yesterday in The Lancet Microbe shows that COVID-19 is most contagious in the first 5 days after symptom onset, underscoring the importance of early case identification and quarantine.

70-year-old pulled out alive in Turkey as quake toll hits 53
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IZMIR, Turkey (AP) — Rescue workers extricated a 70-year-old man from a collapsed building in western Turkey on Sunday, some 34 hours after a strong earthquake in the Aegean Sea struck Turkey and...

Thailand declares emergency after unprecedented protest
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BANGKOK (AP) — Thailand's government declared a strict new state of emergency for the capital on Thursday, a day after a student-led protest against the country’s traditional establishment saw an...

More masks, less play: Europe tightens rules as virus surges
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GENEVA (AP) — Governments across Europe are ratcheting up restrictions to try to beat back a resurgence of the coronavirus that has sent new infections on the continent to their highest weekly...

Nobel Prize for Medicine awarded to 2 Americans and a Briton for discovering Hepatitis C - CBS News
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As another deadly virus steals the headlines, Harvey J. Alter, Charles M. Rice and Michael Houghton are honored for discovering the Hepatitis C virus.

Paris on maximum virus alert, closing bars, not restaurants
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PARIS (AP) — French authorities placed the Paris region on maximum virus alert on Monday, banning festive gatherings and requiring all bars to close but allowing restaurants to remain open, as...

Poll: Many Americans blame virus crisis on US government
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WASHINGTON (AP) — More Americans blame the U.S. government instead of foreign nations for the coronavirus crisis in the United States, a rebuke to the Trump administration's contention that China...

Trump admits to downplaying coronavirus threat in audio recordings - YouTube
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In audio recordings revealed in journalist Bob Woodward's new book, President Trump acknowledged he knew the coronavirus could be transmitted through the air...

Common Colds May Have 'Primed' Some People's Immune Systems For COVID-19
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A cold you got years ago may prove helpful if your body has to fight the new coronavirus.

White House and Democrats to resume negotiations on coronavirus relief bill - YouTube
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Negotiations are expected to resume this week between the White House and congressional Democrats on a coronavirus relief package. They're trying to restore ...

HSBC says net profit plunged 96% in 2Q as pandemic took hold
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LONDON (AP) — Europe’s biggest bank, HSBC, said Monday that its net profit plummeted 96% in the second quarter of this year as lower interest rates combined with the downturn due to the...

Debate begins for who's first in line for COVID-19 vaccine
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Who gets to be first in line for a COVID-19 vaccine? U.S. health authorities hope by late next month to have some draft guidance on how to ration initial doses, but it’s a vexing decision....

New hope for coronavirus vaccine - YouTube
Submitted 135 day(s) ago by system

And the Bahamas announces a ban on American travelers due to the virus surge in the U.S. ABC’s Mona Kosar Abdi reports. BREAKING NEWS UPDATES: https://abcnew...

Tesla Tries to Assure Workers There's No Big Virus Outbreak | Technology News
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Tesla is trying to assure its 55,000 employees that there hasn't been a big coronavirus outbreak at company facilities worldwide, despite a report by an electric vehicle industry website that over 130 Tesla employees or contractors have tested positive.

85 Infants Test Positive For Covid-19 Coronavirus In Texas County
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Here is why infants may be at higher risk for worse Covid-19 health outcomes.

U.S. and U.K. officials say Russia-backed hackers targeted coronavirus vaccine intelligence - YouTube
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British and American intelligence officials said prominent hacking group APT29, responsible for hacking DNC servers in 2016, has targeted coronavirus vaccine...

As Fauci disagrees with Trump on virus, White House takes aim - CNNPolitics
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As coronavirus cases surge in the United States, the White House is taking aim at the nation's top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Coronavirus deaths take a long-expected turn for the worse
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NEW YORK (AP) — A long-expected upturn in U.S. coronavirus deaths has begun, driven by fatalities in states in the South and West, according to data on the pandemic. The number of deaths per...

Study confirms new version of coronavirus spreads faster, but doesn't make people sicker - ABC7 Los Angeles
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The new mutation makes the virus more likely to infect people but does not seem to make them any sicker than earlier variations of the virus, an international team of researchers reported Thursday.

New strain of coronavirus spreads faster than original: study | News | DW | 03.07.2020
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The current dominant strain of COVID-19 is three to six times as infectious as the original variation, a new study has suggested. The new strain is, however, not more severe.

2nd wave of virus cases? Experts say we're still in the 1st
Submitted 164 day(s) ago by system

What's all this talk about a “second wave” of U.S. coronavirus cases? In The Wall Street Journal last week, Vice President Mike Pence wrote in a piece headlined “There Isn’t a Coronavirus...

EU Border App for Tourists Helps Plan in Age of Virus | Technology News
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Can I go on holiday to Spain? Will I face quarantine? Have the museums and restaurants re-opened yet? From Monday, as European Union member states accelerate the reopening of their frontiers, tourists' questions will be answered by an official European Union website.

EU Border App for Tourists Helps Plan in Age of Virus | Technology News
Submitted 169 day(s) ago by system

Can I go on holiday to Spain? Will I face quarantine? Have the museums and restaurants re-opened yet? From Monday, as European Union member states accelerate the reopening of their frontiers, tourists' questions will be answered by an official European Union website.

Submitted 171 day(s) ago by system

The need to maintain a social distance of 2 metres in England is being actively reviewed, the government has announced. Boris Johnson said it is the right ti...

Health officials are treating a northwest Harris County area after West Nile Virus mosquitos discovered Tuesday
Submitted 175 day(s) ago by system

Harris County Public Health officials have confirmed the first sample of the West Nile Virus in a mosquito in northwest Harris County Wednesday, officials announced in a press release.

Mosquitoes With West Nile Virus Found In Milpitas – CBS San Francisco
Submitted 175 day(s) ago by system

Crews with Santa Clara County Vector Control plan to spray mosquito control treatments in parts of Milpitas later this week, after insects that have the West Nile Virus were found.

CDC releases guidelines on how schools can reopen safely this fall
Submitted 187 day(s) ago by system

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released an extensive list of guidelines on how schools can reopen this fall safely.

For launch spectators, storms more worrisome than virus
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TITUSVILLE, Fla. (AP) — For the spectators gathered along the Space Coast on Wednesday for an astronaut launch, the rumbling thunder, darkening clouds and then a drenching downpour were more...

UP Coronavirus Live: करीब 20 दिनों बाद सदर में फिर मिला नया मरीज, हरदोई में दो और पॉजिटिव
Submitted 190 day(s) ago by Avin9369

Uttar Pradesh Coronavirus Live, राजधानी लखनऊ, Lucknow corona update, KGMU Lucknow, CMO, more cases from UP are identified.

Who is Dominic Cummings - the PM’s aide at the centre of lockdown controversy? - BBC News - YouTube
Submitted 191 day(s) ago by system

It is highly unusual for a government adviser, even one as influential as Boris Johnson’s chief aide Dominic Cummings, to be in the spotlight. It's raised questions once again about the extent of his power and how far Boris Johnson relies on him day-to-day in the running of the government. Normally for many people events at Westminster would be the last thing on their minds on a sunny bank holiday Monday. But much of the criticism of Mr Cummings has come from members of the public. Many have voiced the perception that he was obeying his own set of rules, unlike tens of millions of others staying at home as instructed. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reports from Chief Political Correspondent Vicki Young at Westminster - and from Fiona Trott hearing the views of the public. Please subscribe HERE

Middle-class Americans queue at food banks as US unemployment hits 38 million - BBC News - YouTube
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In the United States another 2.4 million people have filed for unemployment benefits in the past week. More than 38 million Americans have lost their jobs since the coronavirus pandemic struck in March. Previously affluent middle-class Americans are now queuing for handouts at food banks, as America experiences the worst downturn since the 1930s and the Great Depression. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting from North America Correspondent Nick Bryant in New York. Please subscribe HERE

Coronavirus crisis: govt borrowing hits record level - BBC News - YouTube
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Government borrowing has surged to its highest level on record, underlining the scale of the economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The deficit, the difference between government spending and tax receipts, soared to more than £62 billion in April, due to the level of financial support provided by the Treasury, to help businesses and employees through the crisis. The hole in the government finances wasn't helped by a big drop in retail sales. They plummeted by a record amount in April, as many high street stores closed in the coronavirus lockdown. Clothing sales were hit hardest, down more than 50 per cent, although online spending online rose. The company which owns the coach firm Shearings has gone into administration. The Specialist Leisure Group, which is based in Wigan and employs more than 2,500 people also runs the brands UK Breakaways, Caledonian Travel and Country Living Hotels. Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reports from Economics Editor Faisal Islam, Business Correspondent Emma Simpson and Judith Moritz in Wigan. Please subscribe HERE

Third of coronavirus deaths in England's hospitals linked to diabetes - YouTube
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The NHS has found that almost a third of all coronavirus deaths in England's hospitals are linked to diabetes - with the highest risk for people with type 1 diabetes, who are three and a half times more likely to die from the virus than non-diabetics. (Subscribe: ) But the overwhelming majority of Covid patients with diabetes who have died are Type 2 diabetics. Their risk of dying is twice that of people without diabetes. Factors like age and obesity, which are common in Type 2, make a significant difference. ----------------------- Follow us on Instagram -

Former CDC Director Dr. Frieden discusses his nonprofit's recommended guidelines to reopen U.S. - YouTube
Submitted 196 day(s) ago by system

Dr. Tom Frieden, former CDC director and the president and CEO of global health initiative Resolve to Save Lives, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss his organization's suggested guidelines on reopening the U.S. amidst the coronavirus pandemic. He also weighs in on new CDC guidelines that have been quietly released.

Tensions rise between the White House and CDC as Birx critiques virus tracking - CNNPolitics
Submitted 200 day(s) ago by system

As the coronavirus pandemic stretches past its ninth week, tensions are rising between the White House and the nation's leading public health agency. In interviews with CNN, senior administration officials in Washington, as well as top officials at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta describe a growing sense of mistrust and animosity between the White House and CDC over how quickly the US should reopen and how the government tracks data on the virus.

Pangolins May Not Have Been The Intermediary Host of SARS-CoV-2 After All
Submitted 202 day(s) ago by system

Understanding the origins of the virus causing COVID-19 is one of the key questions scientists are trying to resolve while working out how to manage the pandemic. But in a fast-evolving situation, we're bound to point our fingers at a few innocent

Telethon raises $115M for New Yorkers impacted by COVID-19
Submitted 205 day(s) ago by system

NEW YORK (AP) — Tina Fey shed tears after announcing that more than $115 million was raised toward supporting New Yorkers impacted by COVID-19 during a virtual telethon. “Thank you, thank...

Italy develops vaccine candidate that neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 in mice
Submitted 205 day(s) ago by system

As the world grapples with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), scientists race to develop treatments and vaccines to combat the viral infection. Though many ongoing trials show promise in fighting the novel coronavirus, Italian researchers claim they have developed a vaccine that can neutralize severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in animal cells.

As countries restart, WHO warns about lack of virus tracing
Submitted 205 day(s) ago by system

NEW YORK (AP) — A top world health official Monday warned that countries are essentially driving blind in reopening their economies without setting up strong contact tracing to beat back flare-ups...

AP source: MLB owners approve plan to start season in July
Submitted 205 day(s) ago by system

NEW YORK (AP) — Major League Baseball owners gave the go-ahead Monday to making a proposal to the players’ union that could lead to the coronavirus-delayed season starting around the Fourth of...

Coronavirus: Virgin Atlantic to cut thousands of jobs and end Gatwick operations - BBC News - YouTube
Submitted 211 day(s) ago by system

Virgin Atlantic has announced plans to cut more than 3,000 jobs in the UK and to end its operation at Gatwick Airport. The company blamed what it called the “devastating” effect of the pandemic. It's another major blow for Gatwick, the UK’s second busiest airport, coming days after British Airways said it might cease its operations there. Meanwhile the group which represents airlines around the world has recommended that all passengers wear masks while flying. IATA also expressed concern about the way social distancing can be ensured on flights. Aer Lingus, which is based in Dublin, has been criticised after images were published showing a very full flight from Belfast. The airline says it will put on five more flights each week to reduce the number of people on board its planes. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reports by Transport Correspondent Tom Burridge and Ireland Correspondent Emma Vardy. Please subscribe HERE

Coronavirus: UK records most deaths in Europe - BBC News - YouTube
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The United Kingdom has recorded Europe's highest number of deaths inked to coronavirus. It has overtaken Italy, and is second only to the United States in total number of recorded deaths from the disease. Dominic Raab, the First Secretary of State, said the latest figures portrayed “a massive tragedy” but he warned against making comparisons with other countries until much more information is available on all causes of death. The latest figures show there were 693 deaths linked to the virus in a 24-hour period in the UK. That brings the total number of deaths officially linked to the virus to 29,427. The impact of the pandemic on some of the most vulnerable people is increasingly clear. The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show coronavirus related deaths in care homes in England and Wales increased by more than a third in the week ending 24th April. That week there were 2,794 registered deaths in care homes linked to coronavirus, bringing the total to nearly 6,000 care home deaths up to April 24th. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reports from Science Editor David Shukman, Social Affairs Correspondent Alison Holt and Health Editor Hugh Pym. Please subscribe HERE

European Virus Tracing Apps Highlight Battle for Privacy | Technology News
Submitted 212 day(s) ago by system

As governments race to develop mobile tracing apps to help contain infections, attention is turning to how officials will ensure users’ privacy. The debate is especially urgent in Europe, which has been one of the hardest-hit regions in the world, with nearly 140,000 people killed by COVID-19.

Second wave of coronavirus is "very likely," doctor warns - CBS News
Submitted 212 day(s) ago by system

Public health officials have warned a second wave of coronavirus is likely this fall.

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