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'We've got to do something': Republican rebels come together to take on Trump | US news | The Guardian
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A slew of organized Republican groups have sprung up to do all they can to defeat Trump in November. Will their effort work?

Governor signs historic bill to remove Confederate symbol from Mississippi flag | US news | The Guardian
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Lawmakers have seen increasing pressure to change the flag amid a nationwide reckoning with systematic racism

Covid-19 survivors could lose health insurance if Trump wins bid to repeal Obamacare | US news | The Guardian
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ACA prevents denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions but abolition could mean people with Covid-19 could be turned down for treatment

Trump executive order extends a ban on employment-based visas through 2020 | US news | The Guardian
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Major tech companies were quick to speak out against the new limits, cast as an effort to preserve US jobs

Top general Mark Milley apologizes for part in Trump's church photo-op – live | US news | The Guardian
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Gen Mark Milley says ‘I should not have been there’ of incident last week, in which peaceful protesters were removed using teargas

'Make it stop': George Floyd brother calls on Congress to act over police violence | US news | The Guardian
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Philonise Floyd makes impassioned plea to ensure brother’s death ‘isn’t in vain’ and urges US lawmakers to ‘do the right thing’

'Here in New York, we read the Bible': Cuomo condemns Trump for his church photo op | The Independent
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo further criticised the president for his church photo op by bringing his own Bible to a press briefing.  The governor, who’s been giving daily briefings since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, opened by condemning Donald Trump for seemingly using the Bible as a prop.  “The president held up the Bible the other day in Washington DC,” Mr Cuomo

Trump wants America looking at the stars as he drags it through the gutter | Science | The Guardian
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The president is due to attend the rescheduled launch of a manned SpaceX rocket – a welcome diversion from the coronavirus crisis

Donald Trump avoids discussing George Floyd death and Minnesota protests at White House event | The Independent
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Donald Trump avoided addressing the death of George Floyd and subsequent riots today shortly after Joe Biden said he spoke to the grieving family. At a White House event to announce retaliatory measures against China, Mr Trump ended his remarks without mention of Mr Floyd and without taking questions from the gathered press.

'Trump knows nothing of Minneapolis': mayor hits back at president's tweets | US news | The Guardian
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President called Jacob Frey a ‘very weak radical left mayor’ but Frey responds: ‘Weakness is pointing your finger at somebody else’

Joe Biden reacts as US coronavirus death toll passes 100,000 - YouTube
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Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, has addressed the US as the country's coronavirus death toll passes 100,000. The US has recorded more deaths from the disease than any other country, and almost three times as many as the second-ranking country, Britain, which has recorded more than 37,000 Covid-19 deaths. The grim milestone comes even as many states relax measures intended to stop the spread of the coronavirus Subscribe to Guardian News on YouTube ► Coronavirus – latest updates ► See all our coronavirus coverage ► Support the Guardian ► Today in Focus podcast ► The Guardian YouTube network: The Guardian ► Owen Jones talks ► Guardian Football ► Guardian Sport ► Guardian Culture ►

Andrew Cuomo gave immunity to nursing home execs after big campaign donations | US news | The Guardian
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Critics say data proves New York’s liability shield is linked to higher nursing home death rates during the pandemic

Coronavirus US live: Birx says Trump wears mask when not socially distancing | World news | The Guardian
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President unleashes tweet storm but trip to course in Virginia inspires criticism and Joe Biden campaign ad

Barack Obama poised to add his star appeal to Joe Biden's campaign | US news | The Guardian
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The former president is the most popular politician in America and can bolster the Democratic nominee with key groups and drive voter registration

Trump press secretary scolds media for not spreading Obamagate conspiracy | The Independent
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White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany admonished the press corps on Friday for refusing to promote unproven theories suggesting Barack Obama and other administration officials sought to undermine Donald Trump‘s campaign and election with the “unmasking” of the president’s former aide.

Mike Pompeo attacks China and says 'we stand with Australia' – video | US news | The Guardian
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The US secretary of state criticises China's handling of the coronavirus outbreak, while backing Australia's push for an investigation into the origins of Covid-19

Trump considers an in-person G7 meeting despite coronavirus pandemic | World news | The Guardian
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After first moving the talks to a teleconference, the US president, this year’s summit head, is now suggesting a Camp David meeting

Richard Burr steps down as Senate committee chair over FBI investigation | US news | The Guardian
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Burr’s cellphone seized overnight in inquiry into claims he used private coronavirus briefing to sell stocks before market plunge

Trump news live: Latest coronavirus updates as president smears vaccine whistleblower in Twitter rant | The Independent
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Donald Trump has lashed out at Dr Rick Bright, who blew the whistle on the president’s efforts to promote an unproven anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a remedy for coronavirus, ahead of his appearance before Congress on Thursday as the number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits because of the shutdown climbed to 36m.

Republican senator to step down as intelligence committee head amid insider trading scandal – live | World news | The Guardian
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Richard Burr’s phone was recently seized by the FBI amid an ongoing investigation over whether the senator engaged in insider trading

'Don't ask me. Ask China': Trump clashes with reporters then abruptly leaves press briefing | World news | The Guardian
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President lashes out at Asian American journalist who queried his constant emphasis on being first in testing

No quarantine for Mike Pence despite rash of Covid-19 cases in White House | US news | The Guardian
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Vice-president’s own press secretary tested positive and three members of coronavirus taskforce are in isolation

Coronavirus live news: Germany sees infections rise again after lockdown easing | World news | The Guardian
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Anthony Fauci and top advisers from CDC and FDA to work remotely because of potential exposure to Covid-19; global cases pass 4 million; Russia cases approach 200,000

Democrats call for Trump administration to share intelligence over Pompeo claim coronavirus came from lab | The Independent
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Senior Democrats have called on the Trump administration to share its intelligence on the origin of Covid-19, following Mike Pompeo's attempts to push a theory that the virus came from a Chinese laboratory.

Trump reverses course and says White House coronavirus taskforce will stay | US news | The Guardian
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President had suggested taskforce was to be dismantled but says it will remain in place, with a focus on safety, vaccines and the economy

Trump gives up on virus fight to focus on economic recovery – and re-election | US news | The Guardian
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With Covid-19 deaths set to almost double this month, according to a White House report, the president is putting the stock market before lives, critics say

'Swastikas and nooses': governor slams 'racism' of Michigan lockdown protest | US news | The Guardian
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Gretchen Whitmer says heavily armed men and Confederate flags at state capitol ‘depicted some of the worst racism and awful parts of our history’

Coronavirus US live: intelligence report concludes Covid-19 was not 'manmade or genetically modified' | US news | The Guardian
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Office of director of US intelligence releases statement after Trump reportedly asked officials to investigate whether virus was made in Chinese lab

Trump offers rosy predictions for coronavirus testing as US passes 1m cases | US news | The Guardian
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President claims economy will rebound and suggests US, currently testing 200,000 a day, will be testing 5m ‘very soon’

Debacle of Trump's coronavirus disinfectant comments could be tipping point | US news | The Guardian
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The US president plans to ‘pare back’ his daily coronavirus briefings after falsely claiming his suggestion to ingest cleaning products had been ‘sarcastic’

’Keep your voice down’: Trump berates female reporter when questioned over Covid-19 response – video | Global | The Guardian
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’Keep your voice down’: Trump berates female reporter over February inaction – video

Thousands of Americans backed by rightwing donors gear up for protests | US news | The Guardian
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Conservative activists to demand governors lift stay-home orders – and movement has been driven by wealthy conservative groups

Coronavirus: Trump declares US ‘king of ventilators’ even as death toll tops 36,000 | The Independent
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Donald Trump capped another wild week of the coronavirus outbreak by again criticising some of the country’s governors and declaring the United States the “king of ventilators” and his public health team discounted governors’ claims on testing shortages – even as the coronavirus death toll topped 36,000 with 692,000 confirmed cases.

Coronavirus US live: Trump says he's 'not determined' to open the country in May | US news | The Guardian
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Trump says in daily press conference ‘tremendous progress has been made’ while confirmed US cases approach 500,000

Trump's poll numbers dip over handling of coronavirus pandemic | US news | The Guardian
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Republican allies and advisers said to be concerned over daily press briefings while Biden leads in head-to-head match-up, CNN poll finds

US says mitigation efforts are working, raising hopes of defying worst case scenario | World news | The Guardian
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White House coronavirus response coordinator says there is cautious optimism that the country can defeat projected death tolls

Jared Kushner and his shadow corona unit: what is Trump's son-in-law up to? | World news | The Guardian
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Jared Kushner has become a key gatekeeper for help tackling Covid-19 and that’s a big problem, critics say

'It's an exhausting story': Jonathan Karl on his up-close view of Trump | US news | The Guardian
Submitted 96 day(s) ago by system

ABC’s chief White House correspondent on his new book Front Row at the Trump Show, fake news, coronavirus and why the Trump presidency is a matter of life and death

Donald Trump fires intelligence watchdog who sparked impeachment process | US news | The Guardian
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Michael Atkinson, inspector general for the intelligence community, alerted Congress to whistleblower complaint

US ignores calls to suspend Venezuela and Iran sanctions amid coronavirus pandemic | World news | The Guardian
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Spread of coronavirus has not slowed drumbeat of successive layers of punitive measures imposed by the state department

Donald Trump in 'near tie' with Joe Biden, new poll finds | US news | The Guardian
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Washington Post-ABC News poll puts former vice-president ahead by 49% to 47% among registered voters

Trump's push to shorten the coronavirus shutdown proves the captain is flying blind | David Smith | World news | The Guardian
Submitted 107 day(s) ago by system

To watch Trump is to witness the awesome and terrifying power of the American president over life and death – a burden he is unqualified to bear

Rand Paul becomes first senator to test positive for Covid-19 | World news | The Guardian
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Senator of Kentucky who was seen at the Senate gym Sunday morning says he is feeling fine and is in quarantine

'We're not going anywhere': Trump signals coronavirus pandemic will continue in US for a long time | The Independent
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Donald Trump made clear Friday that America's lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak will go on for longer than some may expect.  "We're not going anywhere. We're going to be here," the president said while applauding Americans for purchasing fewer groceries and supplies than they typically do, allowing others to get what they need as they hunker down at home.

Ohio primary vote halted at last minute amid coronavirus court battle | US news | The Guardian
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Health officials step in after judge refuses Governor’s recommendation to postponing in-person voting

Coronavirus: Trump contradicts health expert who warned young people 'are not immune or safe from getting seriously ill' | The Independent
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Moments after Donald Trump declared that the US has “tremendous control” over the coronavirus pandemic, one of his top officials announced that “the worst is yet ahead of us”. Dr Anthony Fauci, who leads the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases the National Institutes of Health, said “it is how we respond to that challenge that is going to determine what the

Why Joe Biden won another week in US politics – and Republicans lost | US news | The Guardian
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As the Democratic frontrunner built on his lead, Trump and Republicans kept stumbling over coronavirus

Bernie or Bust: the Sanders fans who will never vote for Biden | US news | The Guardian
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Supporters distrust the Democratic party and are frustrated with an election system they say works against their candidate

Republicans face backlash over racist labeling of coronavirus | World news | The Guardian
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China says US politicians are stigmatizing the country with ‘despicable’ practice of calling the virus ‘Wuhan coronavirus’ and ‘China coronavirus’

Biden warns against primary bloodbath as Sanders sharpens attacks ahead of key contests | US news | The Guardian
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Democratic rivals are preparing for a showdown in crucial midwest primary contests in Michigan and Missouri on Tuesday

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