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Fireworks canceled this year? Watch the lunar eclipse 'Buck Moon' instead |
Submitted 11 hour(s) ago by system

If your family's Fourth of July fireworks plans are up in smoke because of the pandemic, watch the sky for a lunar eclipse instead.

Coronavirus updates: Intermountain to reinstate stricter visitation guidelines |
Submitted 8 day(s) ago by system

Get the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic from Utah and around the world here.

Washington state schools are planning to reopen in fall
Submitted 19 day(s) ago by system

It's certainly not a guarantee, but the Washington State Office of Public Instruction released 55 pages of guidance to reopen school districts in the fall.

Coronavirus updates: Megaplex to reopen theaters next week; 325 new cases reported |
Submitted 23 day(s) ago by system

Here are the latest coronavirus-related updates from Utah and around the world.

Coronavirus updates: Herbert issues order updating low-risk guidelines |
Submitted 38 day(s) ago by system

Here are the latest coronavirus-related updates from Utah and around the world.

Have You Seen This? Dad makes video diary for daughter with smart doorbell |
Submitted 44 day(s) ago by system

We truly live in an era where staying connected via anything is possible, and this dad proved it by creating a video journal for his daughter with a doorbell.

Coronavirus updates: Study says virus death toll in NYC worse than official tally |
Submitted 54 day(s) ago by system

Here are the latest coronavirus-related updates from Utah and around the world.

Kern County health officer revokes emergency order that assisted with shelter-in-place orders
Submitted 63 day(s) ago by system

The Kern County health officer has called an end to their emergency order Saturday evening, according to the Kern County Public Health Services Department.

Huge surge in Washington unemployment claims due to expanded benefits
Submitted 65 day(s) ago by system

A tsunami of unemployment claims hit last week, coinciding with the availability of expanded and extended benefits under the federal CARES Act.

Tesla Says Cars Can Automatically Stop for Traffic Lights | Technology News
Submitted 66 day(s) ago by system

After testing on public roads, Tesla is rolling out a new feature of its partially automated driving system designed to spot stop signs and traffic signals.

Facebook Said to Have Agreed to Censor Posts After Vietnam Slowed Traffic | Technology News
Submitted 70 day(s) ago by system

The restrictions, which the sources said were carried out by state-owned telecommunications companies, knocked the servers offline for around seven weeks, meaning the website became unusable at times.

Giant asteroid flying by Earth next week looks like it's wearing a face mask |
Submitted 71 day(s) ago by system

An asteroid estimated to be 1.2 miles wide will fly by Earth next week, but it's not expected to collide with our planet.

WhatsApp No Longer Lets You Share Videos Longer Than 15 Seconds as Status in India | Technology News
Submitted 97 day(s) ago by system

WhatsApp has implemented a cap of 15 seconds for videos users can upload and share as their status story in India.

FAA Temporarily Halts Flights to NY, Philly Airports Amid Virus-Related ‘Staffing Issues’ – NBC New York
Submitted 106 day(s) ago by system

The FAA temporarily halted all flights to New York-area airports Saturday afternoon due to “staffing issues” at the New York air route traffic control...

Byju's Sees 60 Percent Increase in Traffic After Making Learning Free Amid Coronavirus | Technology News
Submitted 107 day(s) ago by system

Keeping the growing coronavirus pandemic in mind, leading ed-tech companies have announced to make learning on their platforms free for millions in the country, with Byju's witnessing a massive 60 percent increase in online traffic within a week.

    Trump closes border with Canada to nonessential traffic | WNT - YouTube
    Submitted 108 day(s) ago by system

    The Pentagon said it would send two hospital ships to the West and East Coasts as youth were warned about the virus. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF 'WORLD NEWS TONIGHT': WATCH OTHER FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: WATCH WORLD NEWS TONIGHT ON HULU: #WorldNewsTonight #Coronavirus #Trump #CanadaBorderClosed

    Live updates: King County Exec urges residents to 'hunker down if able'
    Submitted 111 day(s) ago by system

    Health officials say 42 people in Washington state have died from the coronavirus. Another 769 cases have been confirmed.

    Dow drops 7.8% as free-fall in oil, virus fears slam markets |
    Submitted 118 day(s) ago by system

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled 7.8% Monday, its steepest drop since the financial crisis of 2008, as mounting alarm over the coronavirus combined with a crash in oil prices to send a shudder through world markets.

    Space-grown lettuce is safe to eat, says study. Delicious, say astronauts |
    Submitted 119 day(s) ago by system

    The astronauts floated around, expressing delight as they tasted something entirely unexpected in space.

    Indians Now Consume Over 11GB Mobile Data per Month, Spend 70 Minutes per Day on Streaming: Report | Technology News
    Submitted 125 day(s) ago by noklpopl

    Riding on 4G consumption, the overall mobile data traffic in India increased by 47 percent in 2019 while average monthly data usage per user surpassed 11GB in December last year, a new report said on Thursday.

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