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OnePlus 8T: leakers claim to reveal its camera specs and footprint ahead of its launch - News
Submitted 25 day(s) ago by system

OnePlus is scheduled to launch its usual late-year flagship phone refresh, the 8T, on October 14, 2020. However, tipsters claim to have found out how many rear cameras the phone will have, as well as the function of each sensor. Furthermore, there are now rumors that it may be slightly shorter than the 8 Pro, yet still have the same depth.

Watch After We Collided 2020 full movies online
Submitted 43 day(s) ago by hefafijcorsj

Watch After We Collided 2020 full movies online
Submitted 43 day(s) ago by ceximopacademail

Japan’s SkyDrive ‘Flying Car’ Successfully Carries Out Test Flight With a Person Aboard | Technology News
Submitted 53 day(s) ago by system

Japan’s SkyDrive, among the myriads of “flying car” projects around the world, has carried out a successful yet modest test flight with one person aboard.

Fortnite Maker Epic Games to Test Idea of iPhone as Market Unto Itself in Lawsuit | Technology News
Submitted 69 day(s) ago by system

Fortnite maker Epic Games has launched the most significant effort yet to advance the legal theory that Apple's iPhone ecosystem has become so "sticky" that it is a distinct software market over which Apple exercises monopoly power.

Netflix Testing ‘Shuffle Play’ Button on TV to Help Indecisive Viewers | Entertainment News
Submitted 69 day(s) ago by system

Netflix is testing a new “shuffle” option to help indecisive viewers pick a random title based on what they’ve seen previously and the titles saved in the “My List” row. Netflix’s new shuffle test is only available on TVs.

    Leaker outlines possible ARM transition roadmap for Apple; ARM MacBook Pro 16 to arrive in 2021 - News
    Submitted 72 day(s) ago by system

    A leaker has outlined a possible roadmap for Apple's transition away from Intel processors. According to the post, an ARM-powered MacBook Pro 16 will arrive in 2021, while the company will not bring ARM versions of the iMac Pro or Mac Pro to market until 2022.

    Netflix Playback Speed Controls Roll Out on Android | Entertainment News
    Submitted 81 day(s) ago by system

    Netflix now allows Android users to change playback speed, with the option to pick a speed between 0.5x (50 percent slower) and 1.5x (50 percent faster) in increments of 0.25. Netflix will soon begin testing it on iOS and the website.

    SpaceX Completes Test Flight of Starship Mars Rocket Prototype | Technology News
    Submitted 81 day(s) ago by system

    SpaceX on Tuesday successfully completed a flight of less than a minute of the largest prototype ever tested of the future rocket Starship, which the company hopes to use one day to colonise Mars.

    Alzheimer's blood test closer to reality, studies say - CNN
    Submitted 89 day(s) ago by system

    A simple blood test in your doctor's office to diagnose Alzheimer's disease is closer to becoming a reality, studies say.

    OnePlus Nord Fails Durability Test, Breaks Under Pressure | Technology News
    Submitted 90 day(s) ago by system

    During the durability testing, it is discovered that the OnePlus Nord does not have a metal frame. It has a silver anodised coating to create the illusion of a metal frame, but the frame is actually plastic. The power button and the switch are made from metal though and the back of the phone is made of glass. The SIM tray is seen to have ingress protection for added safety.

    Netflix Tests Rs. 349 ‘Mobile+’ Plan With HD Video, Computer Support | Entertainment News
    Submitted 94 day(s) ago by system

    Netflix is testing a new Rs. 349 “Mobile+” plan in India that offers high-definition (HD) video and access on computers, including PC, Mac, and Chromebook. But you can’t watch on TV or on simultaneous screens.

    Netflix Allows Users to ‘Pause Membership’ for Up to 10 Months in New Test | Entertainment News
    Submitted 94 day(s) ago by system

    Netflix is testing a new feature that allows users to pause their membership for up to 10 months. The “pause membership” option is available under “Account” on the website. Memberships are paused only at the end of your billing month though — not immediately.

    SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule with US astronauts returns on 2 August after historic ISS docking- Technology News, Firstpost
    Submitted 99 day(s) ago by system

    The first crewed flight of the Dragon-2 capsule in May this year carried two astronauts to the ISS on a two-month mission.

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Donates $3 Million to Test Universal Basic Income | Technology News
    Submitted 103 day(s) ago by system

    Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey has said he will donate $3 million to a group of US mayors to experiment with the creation of universal basic income.

    Microsoft Flight Simulator lands August 18 on PC - News
    Submitted 105 day(s) ago by system

    Microsoft’s all-new Flight Simulator is landing on PCs on August 18 following a lengthy public alpha and beta testing period. The game encompasses the entire planet with over 37,000 airports, 1.5 billion buildings and 2 trillion trees, mountains roads, rivers and other physical details captured in the expansive title.

    YMCA camp in Georgia closes after campers and staff test positive for coronavirus - CNN
    Submitted 113 day(s) ago by system

    An overnight camp with locations in north Georgia closed after a staff member tested positive for the coronavirus, and other campers and staff have since tested positive for the contagious virus.

    Fed suspends share buybacks and limits dividends for big banks after stress test results | Markets Insider
    Submitted 123 day(s) ago by system

    The Federal Reserve on Thursday imposed new restrictions on the US banking system after its annual stress test showed that some banks may approa...

    23 Clemson football players test positive for coronavirus - CNN
    Submitted 129 day(s) ago by system

    At least 28 Clemson University athletes and staff have tested positive for coronavirus, including 23 football players, according to the university's athletics department.

    SpaceX Starship Rocket Prototype Explodes on Texas Test Pad | Technology News
    Submitted 143 day(s) ago by system

    A prototype of SpaceX's upcoming heavy-lift rocket, Starship, exploded on Friday during ground tests in south Texas as Elon Musk's space company pursued an aggressive development schedule to fly the launch vehicle for the first time.

    Nokia Shuts Plant in Tamil Nadu After 42 Test Positive for Coronavirus | Technology News
    Submitted 152 day(s) ago by system

    Nokia last week suspended operations at a telecoms gear manufacturing plant in southern India, the company said on Tuesday, after some employees tested positive for COVID-19.

    India Drops Two Places to 132 in Ookla's Mobile Broadband Speed Index | Technology News
    Submitted 154 day(s) ago by system

    India has registered a two-place drop to 132 on the Ookla's Speedtest Global Index for mobile broadband speeds in April. The average mobile broadband download speed in the country was 9.81Mbps during April while the average upload speed was registered to be 3.98Mbps for the same period.

    Trial launched for new coronavirus test that could return results in 20 minutes - ITV News
    Submitted 158 day(s) ago by system

    Read Trial launched for new coronavirus test that could return results in 20 minutes latest on ITV News. All the Health news

    Can I get the new Covid-19 antibody test? - ITV News
    Submitted 158 day(s) ago by system

    Read Can I get the new Covid-19 antibody test? latest on ITV News. All the Health news

    AMD Ryzen 3 finally with 4 cores and 8 threads - Reviews
    Submitted 158 day(s) ago by system

    The two new CPUs from AMD have already been announced, so we can show the first benchmarks now. The AMD Ryzen 3 3100 and the AMD Ryzen 3 3300X also provide a performance boost in the lower price segment thanks to Zen2. We'll give you a first glimpse of what can be expected from the inexpensive Ryzen 3 processors.

    Coronavirus: How does test, track and trace work and why is it important? - ITV News
    Submitted 158 day(s) ago by system

    Read Coronavirus: How does test, track and trace work and why is it important? latest on ITV News. All the Health news

    OnePlus 8 Pro: OnePlus confirms that it will disable the see-through color filter lens in an imminent update - News
    Submitted 161 day(s) ago by system

    OnePlus has now confirmed that it will disable the color filter camera on the OnePlus 8 Pro in an upcoming software update. The company acknowledges the privacy-violating implications of the feature and will work on it further before relaunching it.

    New iPad Air 2020 renders showcase in-display Touch ID and razor-thin bezels - News
    Submitted 165 day(s) ago by system

    New renders of the next iteration of Apple's iPad Air may bring a massive change to the tablet's design language. According to leaks obtained by Svetapple, the next iPad Air will feature minuscule bezels with an in-display Touch ID fingerprint reader.

    How the antibody test could mean returning to normal life | Coronavirus - YouTube
    Submitted 165 day(s) ago by system

    Roche's new, extremely accurate antibody test has received Public Health England's seal of approval, and been hailed by many as "game changing". But just how much of a game changer is this new antibody test? And is it as accurate as it seems? For more on the antibody test, click here: Get the latest headlines: and are websites of The Telegraph, the UK's best-selling quality daily newspaper providing news and analysis on UK and world events, business, sport, lifestyle and culture.

    iPhone SE (2020) Passes Durability Test on Video With Flying Colours, Survives Bends, Scratches, and Heat | Technology News
    Submitted 182 day(s) ago by system

    Apple’s 2020 iPhone SE has survived JerryRigEverything’s durability test, which is impressive for a budget iPhone. It managed to survive the scratch, flame and bend test and remain fully functional even after the entire ordeal.

    Biotech Develops E25Bio 15-Minute Test for COVID-19 | Technology News
    Submitted 184 day(s) ago by system

    In the pandemic caused by coronavirus, widely available, speedy tests could be used to open up air travel, and more.

    TRAI Releases Suggestions for Network Test Before Commercial Launch of Services for Wireless Access Services | Technology News
    Submitted 184 day(s) ago by system

    TSP should transparently give the information to the test users that there won't be any charge (fixed charge or usage-based charge) during the test phase, and CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) is provided free of charge.

    COVID-19 Test Developed by IIT Delhi Approved, Said to Reduce Cost of Testing | Technology News
    Submitted 184 day(s) ago by system

    COVID-19 test that will significantly reduce the cost of testing, making it affordable for a large population in the country, developed by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi has got the approval from the ICMR, officials said on Thursday.

    SpaceX Completes Falcon 9 Static Fire Test
    Submitted 184 day(s) ago by system

    The test comes on the heels of another successful static fire test earlier this week.

    Coronavirus: No evidence that antibody tests show immunity, warns WHO | The Independent
    Submitted 192 day(s) ago by system

    The World Health Organisation has cast doubt on the use of coronavirus tests to show whether people are immune or protected from infection. Expert epidemiologist Maria Van Kerkhove told a briefing on Friday that the presence of antibodies in the blood did not mean that person was no longer at risk from the disease. “We have no evidence that the use of a serologic test can show

    Amazon Said to Be in Contact With Coronavirus Test Makers as It Plans Pandemic Response | Technology News
    Submitted 204 day(s) ago by system has been in contact with the CEOs of two coronavirus test makers as it considers how to screen its staff and reduce the risk of infection at its warehouses, according to internal meeting notes seen by Reuters.

    COVID-19 Test Now Available for Booking Online via Practo | Technology News
    Submitted 206 day(s) ago by system

    Practo on Saturday announced that COVID-19 tests are now available on its platform. In a statement, Bengaluru-based Practo said the company has partnered with Thyrocare to conduct the detection tests, which has been authorised by the Government of India and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

    Amazon Teams Up With Bill Gates-Backed Group to Deliver Coronavirus Test Kits | Technology News
    Submitted 211 day(s) ago by system is teaming up with a research program funded by Bill Gates to pick up and deliver coronavirus test kits in Seattle, the e-commerce giant said on Monday.

    Israeli Defence Ministry Launches Voice-Test Study to Help Detect COVID-19 Symptoms | Technology News
    Submitted 211 day(s) ago by system

    An analysis of coronavirus patients' voices could yield a "vocal fingerprint" to help detect COVID-19 symptoms in others and prioritise testing and treatment, the Israeli Defence Ministry said on Tuesday.

    COVID-Net AI Tool Can Help in Identifying COVID-19 in Chest X-Rays | Technology News
    Submitted 211 day(s) ago by system

    COVID-Net was trained using 5,941 chest X-rays of 2,839 patients. All of these patients had different conditions – some had bacterial infections, some had non-COVID infections, while some had COVID-19 infections.

      Apple: Retina Macbook Air suffers from the staingate problem - News
      Submitted 213 day(s) ago by system

      The staingate has plagued Apple's laptops for years. Now the manufacturer has confirmed that yet another newer Macbook is exhibiting this problem: The Macbook Air with Retina screen does sometimes develop the typical staingate symtomps.

      A rotary wheel on the camera: Huawei Mate 40 to feature a round touch display? - News
      Submitted 215 day(s) ago by system

      While the arrival of the P40 series is only a day away, Huawei may have something utterly bizarre up its sleeve for the Mate 40 Pro. Sporting the rear-facing camera array from the Mate 30 Pro, renders based on a recent patent filing for the 2020-bound flagship show it also featuring a circular secondary display.

      Russia Postpones Sovereign Internet Test Over Coronavirus | Technology News
      Submitted 221 day(s) ago by system

      Russia due to coronavirus has postponed a test designed to improve the ability of its domestic internet infrastructure to cope with being cut off from the global network, the Communications Ministry said on Friday, TASS reported.

      Former Florida governor addresses Miami Beach closings, federal response - YouTube
      Submitted 221 day(s) ago by system

      Rick Scott, who is under quarantine after being exposed to Brazilian delegation that tested positive for the novel coronavirus, shares his thoughts on Florida’s preparedness to combat COVID-19.

      More than 13,000 people test positive for novel coronavirus in the US - YouTube
      Submitted 221 day(s) ago by system

      Large sporting venues have been transformed into makeshift triage zones in anticipation of an influx of COVID-19 patients.

      Apple upgrades the MacBook Air to custom Ice Lake quad-core processors and the Magic Keyboard from the MacBook Pro 16 - News
      Submitted 222 day(s) ago by system

      Now starting at US$999, the new MacBook Air is more than just a refresh as last year's model was. Upgraded to quad-core 10th generation Intel Core processors, Apple has also brought over the Magic Keyboard from the MacBook Pro 16. Available to order now, the MacBook Air 2020 can be configured with up to 16 GB of LPDDR4X RAM and a 2 TB SSD.

      The Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro will be an absolute beast - News
      Submitted 223 day(s) ago by system

      Confirmed to be launching on March 24, the Redmi K30 Pro will not just be a Snapdragon 865 version of the Redmi K30. Instead, it is shaping up as a dream for smartphone enthusiasts.

      NASA Encourages Remote Work After 2 Employees Test Positive for Coronavirus | Technology News
      Submitted 224 day(s) ago by system

      After two of its employees tested positive for the novel coronavirus, NASA has made telework mandatory in two centres, while encouraging other employees to work remotely if they can.

      SoftBank's Son Offers to Donate Face Masks After Coronavirus Test Kit Offer Slammed | Technology News
      Submitted 225 day(s) ago by system

      SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son on Thursday tweeted an offer to donate a million free face masks to help fight the coronavirus outbreak a day after twitter users criticised his proposal to give away test kits as an unnecessary burden on clinics and hospitals.

      Disney+ Hotstar App in Beta Test, Hotstar Says, on Disney+’s Early Rollout in India | Entertainment News
      Submitted 229 day(s) ago by system

      Disney+ unexpectedly went live on Wednesday in India on Hotstar, but not everything was available on every device — and to everyone. Hotstar has finally cleared the air, noting that the new Disney+ Hotstar app is being beta tested until full launch of March 29.

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