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Saturn Mahadasha | shani mahadasha | talktoastro
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Know about the effect of Jupiter Mahadasha on your life from India's best astrologers in just Rs 100. and order report in Rs 250/- .Get additional 20% credit on Sign Up.

retrograde planets | uranus retrograde | talktoastro
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Retrograde planet is the one which moves backward in comparison to motion of earth. Retrograde planets plays a very important role in astrology.

talk to a good astrologer online at the lowest rate across India
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talk to a good astrologer online at the lowest rate across India

This Stunning Animation Shows Why Saturn's Rings Are Like a 'Mini Solar System'
Submitted 75 day(s) ago by system

If star-hopping aliens ever visited our solar system, Saturn is probably the planet they'd remember.

Hubble Just Took an Astonishingly Detailed Image of Saturn
Submitted 328 day(s) ago by system

The Hubble space telescope has spent the past 30 years orbiting 547 km (340 miles) above Earth. The ageing satellite has had a couple of hiccups in the last few years, but it's not done taking incredible photos of our cosmic backyard yet.

Saturn and Jupiter Are Forming a Triangle With the Moon Monday Night
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For those looking for a sky-gazing activity on a warm summer night, Saturn and Jupiter will near the moon late Monday to form a triangle in the night sky. The event should start to take shape shortly before midnight and continue through until dawn. The easiest way to make sure you see all three [...]

NASA Says Data From Cassini Probe May Help Explain Saturn's Atmospheric Mystery | Technology News
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The upper layers in the atmospheres of gas giants -- Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune -- are hot, just like Earth's. But unlike Earth, the Sun is too far from these outer planets to account for the high temperatures. Their heat source has been one of the great mysteries of planetary science.

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