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Senate Republicans say Trump should be held accountable for riot -- but not by them - CNNPolitics
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To Senate Minority Whip John Thune, former President Donald Trump's actions ahead of the deadly Capitol riot are totally indefensible.

Georgia Election: Democrats Win Senate as Jon Ossoff Defeats Perdue - Bloomberg
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Democrats won control of the U.S. Senate for the first time in six years with victories in two runoff races in Georgia -- a stunning result in a state that hadn’t sent a new Democratic senator to Washington for two decades.

Cruz, Cornyn split as Senate overturns Trump’s veto of the defense bill | The Texas Tribune
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U.S. Sen. John Cornyn voted to overturn the president’s veto of the annual defense spending bill, while U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz chose to sustain it. Twelve other senators—a mix of conservatives and liberals—joined Cruz in voting against overriding the veto.

US election results 2020: Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump to win presidency | US news | The Guardian
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Donald Trump’s press secretary appears to admit the president lost election, despite his refusal to formally concede to Joe Biden

US election polls tracker: who is leading in the swing states? | US news | The Guardian
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As the presidential campaign heats up, the Guardian is tracking the latest polling in eight states that could decide the election

US election polls tracker: who is leading in the swing states? | US news | The Guardian
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As the presidential campaign heats up, the Guardian is tracking the latest polling in eight states that could decide the election

US Election 2020: Joe Biden endorsed by law enforcement chiefs | Daily Mail Online
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Joe Biden's presidential campaign is rolling out the endorsements of more than 190 former sheriffs, state attorneys general, and U.S. attorneys as Donald Trump runs his 'law and order' campaign.

GOP reps ask Barr if Pelosi ripping Trump's State of the Union is unlawful
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GOP Reps. Gary Palmer of Alabama and Mike Johnson of Louisiana requested AG William Barr's opinion as to whether Speaker Nancy Pelosi violated federal law when she ripped up her copy of Trump's State of the Union speech in February.

Republican former Michigan governor says he's voting for Biden | TheHill
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Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) on Thursday endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, becoming the latest high-profile Republican to back President Trump's removal from the White House. 

Vermont Gov. Scott Joins Republicans Who Won’t Vote Trump—But Not Ready To Endorse Biden, Either
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As Biden attempts to appeal to a spectrum of voters, some Republicans aren't convinced.

Republicans revolt against GOP's initial stimulus plan - CNNPolitics
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Divisions within the Republican conference spilled out once again Tuesday as GOP senators dismissed key pieces of their own leadership's stimulus proposal not even a day after its release.

How Could The 2020 Election Impact Control Of The Senate? | NBC News NOW - YouTube
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NBC News' Steve Kornacki looks back at how previous presidential elections have shifted the number of seats each party held in the Senate and how the 2020 el...

Trump cancels Republican national convention events in Jacksonville, Florida | US news | The Guardian
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As coronavirus infections soar, president makes biggest public retreat yet after moving much of convention from North Carolina

Tommy Tuberville beats Jeff Sessions in Alabama Senate primary
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Jeff Sessions was handily defeated by former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville in Tuesday night’s Alabama Senate primary.

'We've got to do something': Republican rebels come together to take on Trump | US news | The Guardian
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A slew of organized Republican groups have sprung up to do all they can to defeat Trump in November. Will their effort work?

President Donald Trump's response to police killing threatens to further deepen unrest in America, Democrats and Republicans say - CNNPolitics
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President Donald Trump pledged a crackdown of the protests that arose from the police killing of George Floyd, sparking concerns from some Democrats and Republicans that his response to the crisis further deepens the divide in a country already unnerved by a pandemic, distressed economy and racial unrest.

Coronavirus US live: Birx says Trump wears mask when not socially distancing | World news | The Guardian
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President unleashes tweet storm but trip to course in Virginia inspires criticism and Joe Biden campaign ad

It's now become clear exactly how Republicans might try to overturn a Biden victory in November
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If you’ve paid any attention to the news over the past few days, you might come away with the impression that Michigan is where President Donald Trump’s hopes for reelection will rise or fall on November 3. On Wednesday, the Great Lakes State was one of two he targeted with threats over election officials’ decision to mail absentee ballot request forms to every resident of

Republicans win back California House seat they lost in 2018 after Democrat concedes - CNNPolitics
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Democrat Christy Smith has conceded to Republican Mike Garcia in the special election for the US House seat left vacant when former California Democratic Rep. Katie Hill resigned amid controversy last year.

Trump gives up on virus fight to focus on economic recovery – and re-election | US news | The Guardian
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With Covid-19 deaths set to almost double this month, according to a White House report, the president is putting the stock market before lives, critics say

'It's an exhausting story': Jonathan Karl on his up-close view of Trump | US news | The Guardian
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ABC’s chief White House correspondent on his new book Front Row at the Trump Show, fake news, coronavirus and why the Trump presidency is a matter of life and death

Donald Trump in 'near tie' with Joe Biden, new poll finds | US news | The Guardian
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Washington Post-ABC News poll puts former vice-president ahead by 49% to 47% among registered voters

Rep. Devin Nunes on China's efforts to shift the narrative on coronavirus pandemic - YouTube
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The coronavirus originated in China, Beijing covered it up and caused a worldwide panic, says California Congressman Devin Nunes, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee.

Why Joe Biden won another week in US politics – and Republicans lost | US news | The Guardian
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As the Democratic frontrunner built on his lead, Trump and Republicans kept stumbling over coronavirus

Republicans face backlash over racist labeling of coronavirus | World news | The Guardian
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China says US politicians are stigmatizing the country with ‘despicable’ practice of calling the virus ‘Wuhan coronavirus’ and ‘China coronavirus’

Facebook to remove misleading Trump 'census' ads | US news | The Guardian
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President’s re-election campaign had sponsored misleading ads, which actually linked to Republican fundraising site

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