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NASA’s Mars Rover Perseverance Poised for Launch Today | Technology News
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NASA's latest Mars rover, Perseverance, is set for launch today on an astrobiology mission to look for signs of ancient microbial life, and to fly a helicopter-drone on another world for the first time.

NASA’s Mars-Bound Spaceship Carrying Perseverance Rover Faces Technical Issues | Technology News
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NASA spaceship Mars 2020, carrying the Perseverance rover, is experience technical difficulties and is running on essential systems only, the agency said. Data indicate the spacecraft had entered a state known as safe mode, likely because a part of the spacecraft was a little colder than expected.

NASA launches Perseverance rover on mission to Mars - YouTube
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NASA launched its Perseverance rover on a seven-month journey to Mars, where it will search for signs of past life on the red planet. CBS News' Chris Martine...

#EZScience: Preparing to Launch the Perseverance Rover to Mars - YouTube
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In this “On the Go” episode of #EZScience, we’re on the scene at Kennedy Space Center with the rocket that will take the Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity...

NASA Mars Rover Perseverance Is Brawniest and Brainiest One Yet, to Lift Off on July 30 | Technology News
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NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover, set for lift off this Thursday, is the space agency’s most advanced Martian probe yet. Its super-sanitised sample return tubes — for rocks that could hold evidence of past Martian life — are the cleanest items ever bound for space.

Mars Perseverance rover: The technology that might pave the way for humans on Mars - CNN
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The Perseverance rover will explore Mars in ways that weren't possible by previous rovers, using new instruments to search for signs of ancient life and test capabilities that could help humans land on Mars.

NASA's Perseverance Rover Will Scour Mars for Signs of Life | Technology News
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NASA's most advanced Mars rover, Perseverance, launches from Earth on July 30, on a mission to seek out signs of ancient microbial life on what was once a river delta three-and-a-half billion years ago.

NASA's Perseverance rover will launch to Mars on July 20 - CNN
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NASA is launching the Perseverance rover to Mars in late July, and this rover will carry a tribute to health care workers from around the world who are battling the coronavirus pandemic.

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