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This Stunning Animation Shows Why Saturn's Rings Are Like a 'Mini Solar System'
Submitted 74 day(s) ago by system

If star-hopping aliens ever visited our solar system, Saturn is probably the planet they'd remember.

Reusable Chinese Spacecraft Lands Successfully, State Media Reports | Technology News
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China’s experimental reusable spacecraft that was launched into orbit has successfully returned to a designated site on Sunday, marking a breakthrough that could lead to cheaper round-trips to space.

Chandrayaan-2 Completes a Year in Moon Orbit, Has Adequate Fuel for 7 Years More: ISRO | Technology News
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India's second lunar mission Chandrayaan-2 completed one year in orbit around the moon on Thursday and all instruments are currently performing well and there is adequate onboard fuel to keep it operational for about seven more years, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said.

Satellite-Carrying Rocket 'Lost' After New Zealand Launch | Technology News
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A rocket from small-satellite launch firm Rocket Lab failed to reach orbit minutes after a successful liftoff from New Zealand on Saturday, the company said, losing its payload of seven small satellites it had intended to carry to space.

SpaceX rocket ship blasts off into orbit with 2 Americans
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Forecasters put the odds of acceptable conditions at 50-50 for the 3:22 p.m. liftoff of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

    Virgin Orbit Analysing Data to Find Cause of Rocket Failure | Technology News
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    Virgin Orbit engineers were analyzing data Tuesday to find out what caused the maiden flight of its air-launched satellite booster to fail. The problem occurred soon after the LauncherOne rocket was released Monday from a Boeing 747 jetliner off the Southern California coast and its first stage motor ignited.

    A Giant Piece of a Chinese Rocket Just Smashed Down to Earth in an Uncontrolled Fall
    Submitted 402 day(s) ago by system

    The remains of a giant segment of a Chinese rocket crash-landed in the Atlantic Ocean this week, representing the most significant uncontrolled descent of a piece of human-made space debris in decades.

    Mysterious X-37B Space Plane Is Returning to Orbit, And For Once We're Being Told Why
    Submitted 407 day(s) ago by system

    The US military's X-37B space plane is heading back into space in mid-May, and while the Air Force doesn't often say much about the mysterious aircraft, the service's top civilian outlined what it will be doing this time around.

    Stunning Hubble Images Detect a Comet Shattered in The Inner Solar System
    Submitted 415 day(s) ago by system

    A comet only just discovered in December of last year has already met its demise. It didn't reach perihelion, or its closest approach to the Sun. It didn't even pass inside Earth orbit. Yet Comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) has now absolutely shattered.

    This Exoplanet Disappeared From Hubble Observations. Now, We Finally Know Why
    Submitted 423 day(s) ago by system

    In 2004 and 2006, the Hubble Space Telescope captured something incredible. There seemed to be a planet orbiting a star called Fomalhaut 25 light-years away, and it was directly detectable in visible light: extremely rare for exoplanets, which are

    SpaceX puts 60 satellites into orbit despite engine failure
    Submitted 456 day(s) ago by system

    The U.S. military has expressed interest in the Starlink’s capabilities.

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