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Greenland's ice melting faster than at any time in past 12,000 years | World news | The Guardian
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Increased loss of ice could trigger sea level rise of up to 10cm by end of century

Where Did Earth's Water Come From? Study Casts Doubt on The Current Meteorite Theory
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Water covers 70 percent of the Earth's surface and is crucial to life as we know it, but how it got here has been a longstanding scientific debate.

Sea levels could rise more than a metre by 2100, experts say | Environment | The Guardian
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Oceans rising faster than previously thought, according to survey of 100 specialists

Earth Could Have Once Been a Waterworld Covered by a Global Ocean, Study Suggests
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When it was very young, the planet Earth looked rather different from the one we know and love today. For one, it had supercontinents - when the landmasses we currently live on were arranged in various configurations as they were pushed around by t

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