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This gas on Venus could be a new sign of life - YouTube
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Astronomers have detected a gas on Venus called phosphine, and weirdly enough, it could be a sign of alien life in the planet’s clouds. It’s still too early ...

Scientists Revive Microbes From 100 Million Years Ago | Technology News
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Scientists have successfully revived microbes that had lain dormant at the bottom of the sea since the age of the dinosaurs, allowing the organisms to eat and even multiply after eons in the deep.

How the Horrific 1918 Flu Spread Across America | History | Smithsonian Magazine
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The toll of history’s worst epidemic surpasses all the military deaths in World War I and World War II combined. And it may have begun in the United States

Geologist think Earth could have been a water world - Big Think
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In Waterworld, climate change melts the polar ice caps to drown Earth's continents in water. That's impossible, but a new study proposes Earth was once covered by a global ocean. Researchers found evidence that few to no landmasses existed 3.2 billion years ago. This suggests life emerged in the ocean, not freshwater ecosystems on land.

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