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China Mars Probe Tianwen-1 Photographs Earth en Route to Red Planet | Technology News
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China's first Mars probe, Tianwen-1, has beamed back a photo of the Earth and the Moon as it heads toward its destination. The image was taken 1.2 million km away from Earth, three days after launch.

NASA’s Mars Rover Perseverance Poised for Launch Today | Technology News
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NASA's latest Mars rover, Perseverance, is set for launch today on an astrobiology mission to look for signs of ancient microbial life, and to fly a helicopter-drone on another world for the first time.

NASA’s Mars-Bound Spaceship Carrying Perseverance Rover Faces Technical Issues | Technology News
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NASA spaceship Mars 2020, carrying the Perseverance rover, is experience technical difficulties and is running on essential systems only, the agency said. Data indicate the spacecraft had entered a state known as safe mode, likely because a part of the spacecraft was a little colder than expected.

NASA Mars Rover Perseverance Is Brawniest and Brainiest One Yet, to Lift Off on July 30 | Technology News
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NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover, set for lift off this Thursday, is the space agency’s most advanced Martian probe yet. Its super-sanitised sample return tubes — for rocks that could hold evidence of past Martian life — are the cleanest items ever bound for space.

China Launches Mars Probe in Space Race With US | Technology News
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China launched a rover to Mars on Thursday, a journey coinciding with a similar US mission as the powers take their rivalry into deep space.

UAE to Make History With Launch of Mars Probe | Technology News
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The United Arab Emirates plans to make history Wednesday with the scheduled launch of the "Hope" mission, which will make it the first Arab nation to send a probe to Mars.

UAE Postpones Mars Mission Due to Weather at Japan Launch Site | Technology News
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The United Arab Emirates has postponed to July 17 the launch of its mission to Mars due to weather conditions at the launch site in Japan, the UAE government communications office said on Tuesday.

UAE Mars Probe Launch Delayed Further Over Bad Weather at Japan Launch Site | Technology News
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UAE had to delay the launch of its Mars probe, again due to bad weather at the Japan launch site. The original launch was planned for Wednesday, but was delayed until Friday. Now, UAE delayed the launch further due to continuing bad weather. A new date will be announced soon.

Five Things to Know About UAE’s First Mission to Mars
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The Emirates Hope Mission, scheduled to launch this Friday, is the first Arab attempt to reach the Red Planet. Here’s how the UAE will endeavor to make history.

UAE to make history with launch of Mars probe - world news - Hindustan Times
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A rocket carrying the unmanned spacecraft is due to take off from Japan’s remote Tanegashima Space Center at 5:51 am local time although poor weather could delay lift-off until later in a launch window that runs until August 13.

NASA Perseverance Mars Rover Launch Delayed Again, 2 Weeks Left to Fly | Technology News
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NASA has delayed the launch of its newest Mars rover yet again — to the end of July at the earliest — this time for a rocket issue.

China Space Programme Targets July Launch for Mars Mission | Technology News
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Beijing has invested billions of dollars in its space programme in an effort to catch up with its rival the United States and affirm its status as a major world power.

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