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Trump tells huge Michigan crowd that Melania thought Biden looked 'sad' when she watched him on TV | Daily Mail Online
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Trump told a large Michigan crowd Thursday that First Lady Melania Trump thought Joe Biden looked 'sad' when she watched him on TV before attacking his rival for his bungled answer on trade.

Biden lead evaporates in Texas: poll | TheHill
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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s lead over President Trump in Texas has evaporated, according to a new survey, leaving the race a toss-up in the state just two months before the election. 

US Election 2020: Joe Biden endorsed by law enforcement chiefs | Daily Mail Online
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Joe Biden's presidential campaign is rolling out the endorsements of more than 190 former sheriffs, state attorneys general, and U.S. attorneys as Donald Trump runs his 'law and order' campaign.

Republican former Michigan governor says he's voting for Biden | TheHill
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Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) on Thursday endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, becoming the latest high-profile Republican to back President Trump's removal from the White House. 

Biden lead over Trump narrows after Republican National Convention: poll | TheHill
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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s national polling lead over President Trump has shrunk after this week’s Republican National Convention, according to a new Morning Consult survey released Saturday.

Donald Trump’s Bullet Point Tax Agenda
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President Trump has reduced his second-term tax agenda to five bullet points. It isn't very illuminating.

Trump advisers dismiss sister's comments as Pelosi slams stalled coronavirus talks | TheHill
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White House and Trump campaign officials on Sunday dismissed audio of President Trump’s sister disparaging him, while Democrats and Republicans sparred on coronavirus relief and a measure that would provide $25 billion in funding for the postal se

Trump targets Democrats over Pledge of Allegiance | TheHill
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President Trump on Saturday hit Democrats over the Pledge of Allegiance, leaning deeper into the culture wars he hopes will elevate his reelection bid.

Vermont Gov. Scott Joins Republicans Who Won’t Vote Trump—But Not Ready To Endorse Biden, Either
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As Biden attempts to appeal to a spectrum of voters, some Republicans aren't convinced.

Hillary Clinton delivers remarks at 2020 DNC - YouTube
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Clinton was the 2016 Democratic nominee for president of the United States and former U.S. secretary of state. DNC Live Blog: Full 20...

SE Cupp: This is enough of a reason to give Biden my vote - YouTube
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CNN's SE Cupp, along with Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), discuss the 2020 Democratic National Convention and what factors will push her to vote for Democratic pr...

Trump breaks with CDC director on potential for 'worst fall' amid pandemic, flu season | TheHill
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President Trump on Saturday said he disagreed with an assessment from the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that the United States could face the “worst fall” from a public health perspective if Americans do not follow g

Kamala Harris just showed why Joe Biden chose her as his running mate - CNNPolitics
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When Kamala Harris appeared with Joe Biden on Wednesday as his running mate for the first time, she showed why he had chosen her.

Joe Biden predicts there will be an electric Corvette and he's probably right - CNN
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Joe Biden's campaign recently released a video ad of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee showing off his classic Corvette.

Biden leads in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania due to COVID concerns, country's direction — Battleground Tracker poll - CBS News
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The vast majority of voters in these two states say things in the U.S. are going badly. They think Joe Biden would do a better job of handling coronavirus by significant margins.

Trump and the suburbs: is he out of tune with America's increasingly diverse voters? | US news | The Guardian
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Suburbs are becoming more progressive, valuing diversity, and Trump is promoting a caricature of what they really are, strategists say

Trump embraces jobs report signaling slowdown | TheHill
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The White House is trying to capitalize on the latest jobs numbers, arguing they point to a strong economic recovery under President Trump even as millions remain out of work and states grapple with increases in cor

How Could The 2020 Election Impact Control Of The Senate? | NBC News NOW - YouTube
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NBC News' Steve Kornacki looks back at how previous presidential elections have shifted the number of seats each party held in the Senate and how the 2020 el...

Twitter Says Hackers Downloaded Data of 8 Accounts in Cyberattack This Week | Technology News
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Twitter disclosed earlier today that hackers were able to download account information of eight accounts using the company’s “Your Twitter Data” tool.

Chris Wallace Schools Trump on Masks, Biden in Heated Fox News Interview
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In a preview from Chris Wallace’s “Fox News Sunday” interview, the president takes a shot at Dr. Fauci and gets fact-checked for claiming Biden wants to “defund the police.”

Democrats hope for tidal moment in Georgia with two Senate seats in play | TheHill
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Republicans are scrambling to defend both of their Senate seats in Georgia as signs of trouble pile up for President Trump in the state.

Trump claims storm, not turnout concerns, 'forced' him to cancel New Hampshire rally – live | US news | The Guardian
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Tropical storm is not expected to hit New Hampshire, and Trump has previously held rallies despite bad weather conditions

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The Biden-Sanders 'unity task force' just released its proposed DNC platform and it reads like a radical socialist wish list. #FoxNews #Hannity Subscribe to ...

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A source tells ET that Kanye West is ‘100 percent planning on running for president’ in the 2020 election and it is ‘not a publicity stunt.’ A second source ...

'We've got to do something': Republican rebels come together to take on Trump | US news | The Guardian
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A slew of organized Republican groups have sprung up to do all they can to defeat Trump in November. Will their effort work?

Biden ad mocks Trump claim of ‘too much winning’ as coronavirus cases surge toward second peak | The Independent
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Likely Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has released an ad mocking President Donald Trump's promise to Americans that they would get "tired of winning". The ad, which began circulating on social media on Thursday, shows a clip of Mr Trump making the boast to supporters at a campaign rally. 

Trump to hold in-person fundraiser with wealthy donors in Florida | TheHill
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President Trump will hold an in-person fundraiser with wealthy donors in Florida next week to raise money for his campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC),

Trump visits battleground state of Wisconsin, touts manufacturing and military investment | TheHill
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President Trump traveled to the battleground state of Wisconsin on Thursday, touring a shipyard in Marinette and highlighting his efforts to bring back manufacturing jobs and to invest in the U.S. military.

Biden leads in key battleground states, Fox News poll shows
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Joe Biden continues to lead President Trump in Texas, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida, a new Fox News poll has found.

University of Michigan expected to withdraw from hosting presidential debate - CBS News
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The university was scheduled to host the second of three debates between Trump and Biden this fall.

Kathy Lueders now has the job of making NASA's 2024 moon landing happen | TheHill
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NASA just appointed a new head of the human spaceflight program, whose main mission will be to land the first woman on the moon.

Joe Biden on policing in America - YouTube
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Former Vice President Joe Biden says there is "absolutely" systemic racism in law enforcement, but noted the problem is much broader than just law enforcement. Biden made the comments in an interview with "CBS Evening News" anchor and managing editor Norah O'Donnell in CBS News' primetime special "Justice for All."

Biden delivers address at George Floyd's funeral in Houston: 'We can't turn away' | TheHill
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Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden struck a unifying tone with mourners during his virtual remarks at George Floyd's funeral in Houston on Tuesday as Floyd's death sparks calls for racial equality and police reform across the coun

White House gets jolt from strong jobs report | TheHill
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White House hopes for a swift economic recovery from the miseries of the coronavirus pandemic received a major jolt on Friday with a surprise jobs report that found the unemployment rate fell in May and the country actually added 2.5 million jobs.

Poll: Biden leads Trump, Cunningham neck and neck with Tillis in North Carolina | TheHill
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Former Vice President Joe Biden has expanded his lead in North Carolina over President Trump, according to a new poll released on Thursday.

Amy Klobuchar's position on 2006 shooting by officer in George Floyd death 'could cost her VP role' | The Independent
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Amy Klobuchar's decision as a Minneapolis prosecutor in 2006 not to bring charges against the police officer filmed kneeling on the neck of George Floyd could cost her the role of vice president, critics have said.

Donald Trump avoids discussing George Floyd death and Minnesota protests at White House event | The Independent
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Donald Trump avoided addressing the death of George Floyd and subsequent riots today shortly after Joe Biden said he spoke to the grieving family. At a White House event to announce retaliatory measures against China, Mr Trump ended his remarks without mention of Mr Floyd and without taking questions from the gathered press.

Trump hits Biden and Obama in defense of his golfing | TheHill
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President Trump on Monday resumed his attacks aimed at former Vice President Joe Biden and former President Obama, a day after Biden slammed him on Twitter for golfing as the coronavirus pandemic rages across America.

Biden slams Trump in new ad: 'The death toll is still rising.' 'The president is playing golf' | TheHill
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Former Vice President Joe Biden released a political attack ad against President Trump Saturday, slamming his decision to play golf on Memorial Day Weekend amid an ever-rising death toll due to the coronavirus in the United States. 

Barack Obama poised to add his star appeal to Joe Biden's campaign | US news | The Guardian
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The former president is the most popular politician in America and can bolster the Democratic nominee with key groups and drive voter registration

It's now become clear exactly how Republicans might try to overturn a Biden victory in November
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If you’ve paid any attention to the news over the past few days, you might come away with the impression that Michigan is where President Donald Trump’s hopes for reelection will rise or fall on November 3. On Wednesday, the Great Lakes State was one of two he targeted with threats over election officials’ decision to mail absentee ballot request forms to every resident of

Joe Biden says black people who vote for Donald Trump 'ain't black'
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Democrat presidential nominee insists he would never 'take the African-American community for granted'

Joe Biden APOLOGIZES for telling radio host Charlamagne tha God for 'you ain't black' comment | Daily Mail Online
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Joe Biden apologized to black business leaders for telling popular radio show host Charlamagne tha God that he 'ain't black' if he can't discern the better presidential candidate.

Fox News poll: Biden opens up 8-point lead over Trump | TheHill
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A new Fox News poll finds former Vice President Joe Biden leading President Trump by 8 points nationally, with the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee opening up wide leads among independents and older voters who broke for Trump in 2016.

GOP seeks to go on offense using Flynn against Biden | TheHill
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Two Senate committees are now investigating former Vice President Joe Biden’s role in the “unmasking” of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, as Republican senators seek to go on offense with an issue they think will damage the presumpt

Donald Trump is asked exactly what 'Obamagate crime' Barack Obama committed | Daily Mail Online
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Trump had spent almost 36 hours morning unleashing a series of tweets mentioning 'Obamagate' but offered no clarity on what he meant by it at a White House press conference.

Job losses approach Depression territory as election looms | TheHill
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The economic damage of the coronavirus was laid bare Friday when the Labor Department reported the worst job losses since the Great Depression, jolting the race for the White House less than six months before Election Day.

1996 court document shows Tara Reade told ex-husband of harassment in Biden's Senate office | TheHill
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A 1996 court document obtained by the San Luis

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