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Handicapped Singles Matchmaking Overview
Submitted 3 day(s) ago by polandmemory97

Singles with disabilities face loads of challenges in life and dating is another aspect where they are bound to encounter difficulties that are certain. Because of this, online dating can be of great help. Thanks to websites like Disabled Singles Dating, disabled dating no longer has to represent a difficulty but rather a beautiful, fun, and experience that is hopefully successful. Have a look at our Disabled Singles Dating review and obtain willing to turn over a leaf that is new your love life.

First Impression

Disabled Singles Dating leaves a pretty positive first impression. It’s not a fancy that is big website and obviously, it’s still in the first phases, so might there be certain things that can be enhanced, such as design. But it’s also pretty clear that it’s a website that works and that already has a solid membership base, which is the only thing that matters when it comes to matchmaking sites and services.

Design And Functionality

The design of this website is one of the things that could use some improvement as we mentioned earlier in our Disabled Singles Dating review. We’re not saying it’s ugly, but we’re definitely not saying it’s pretty either. It looks pretty outdated and cheap and a bit messy too. But, if you don’t care about it sort of thing, you’ll be much more than happy with this amazing site since every thing else has been done very well.

The interface, however unappealing to the optical eye, is actually quite efficient. Disabled Singles Dating is a very intuitive website, meaning that everything you are searching for is located right where you expect it to be. The front page is the only page that seems a bit cluttered, but once you log in or sign up, you will be able to navigate the website much faster and more freely. Disabled Singles Dating has great functionality and all for the features work just fine.


Disabled Singles Dating has everything required in regards to features, nothing more, nothing less. The main purpose of a dating website is to look at other people’s profiles and keep in touch with the folks you prefer so that you can find some body whom shares your interests, hopes, and goals and who might be your friend, companion or lover. Well, Disabled Singles Dating provides all the features you'll want to achieve that.

Users can select their mode that is preferred of – there is e-mail, there is chat, and there are instant messages. There is also a fun little non-verbal form of communication called “flirts,” which you yourself can send to the users you see intriguing and would really like to have to know better. Some folks are too shy to start out a conversation out of the blue, so these flirts make a great icebreaker.

You could use the Little Ebony Book, where you can include individuals you are particularly interested in. But, you will need to have their permission them to your Book before you can add.

Users can also compile lists of favorites in addition they can block people they don’t like by checking the “not interested” box. Disabled Singles Dating has chat rooms also, and they are frequently quite active and full of people eager to talk.

New or prospective users should know that not all of the features are available to everyone. Free users can only create a profile and upload a photo, send and receive flirts, and IMs that are receive. The rest of the features (e-mail, chat, sending IMs, incorporating favorites, blocking, minimal Black Book) can be found simply to those who subscribe to a premium account.


The something that everyone reading our Singles that is disabled Dating wants to know is how big the membership base is and what’s the crowd like on this website. We are happy to report that while Disabled Singles Dating does not have the membership that is largest out there, it is a growing community of singles with disabilities who just can’t wait to meet brand new, exciting people.

Most members are from the United States. You will find people from all around the country so regardless of the location, we are certain you’ll find a way to find great, fun, exciting singles right in your town. From exactly what we are able to tell, the majority that is great of are real, legitimate profiles of real people. special needs dating website are literally riddled with fake accounts but fortunately that’s not the full case here.

Closing Word

Disabled Singles Dating deserves to be right up there with the not just since it’s a great, quick and easy way to meet singles with disabilities, but also because it’s a very good, reliable and functional website that is only going to get bigger and better.

User Reviews (6)

The Disabled Singles Dating reviews listed below show the opinions and experiences of real users and come in not a way influenced by the dating site reviewed here. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

NOT click this site with this specific site..I ve PAID twice NOW and ALWAYS banned access ! LAST CHANCE..I ll fill in my profile about HOW UNHAPPY I have always been with this abuse!

I’m getting hassled by middle men that are aged there 50’s I’ve been deleting there emails I’m looking for a guy from Canberra in his 30’s.
I’m not disabled, I don’t have missing limbs, or have other problems just autism/Asperger Syndrome and a health that is mental Schitsoaffective disorder we just take medicine.

After my latest spine surgery, my “roommate” from my hospital room told me about and told me I should join. At first I was reluctant and suspicious, but then I realized it was a legit site and now I’m a proud member!

Finally disabled people get a website that is dating deserve!! Us folks with some form of disability can’t really go out and do the whole dating game the same way as the others, I mean, a person in a wheelchair can’t really meet the breaking dawn on the dancefloor, and so on. Which is why I applaude whoever came to the basic concept of starting God bless you sir or madam, we are forever indebted for your requirements!

This site seemed pretty good my day that is first there. On my second day, I went to log into my account, and A big red banner popped up stating my account had been closed. There clearly was a hyperlink below the advertising to click if you wanted to contact the site’s administrators. The link took me personally to a standard contact form which I filled out asking why my account was closed. 24 hours later I received an email which said “Dear member Our risk department is performing a review that is routine of. Your account has been selected for review. After the review they will get back to your within 48 hours. Regards.”
So now I am supposed to wait while they do whatever it is they are doing. Mind you, I covered this ongoing service with my credit card. There isn’t much to look at as far as my account goes, just a photo and a brief description and some likes/dislikes etc… I don’t know what it really is they may be “reviewing.”
What bothers me personally about that the most, is they took my money 1 day, then your following day they close absolutely no warning to my account, no courtesy email, nothing. This is a really poor way to do business.

Other then just what I’ve read of Disabled Singles Dating i must say i hope that it’s been made out to be that it’s all. But so far I’ve only read about the app. Not used it yet. Wish me luck

Our weblog is a guide that is specialized online dating that helps you learn the absolute best dating sites for singles with disabilities.

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