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Progressives to spend millions on ads linking green energy to new jobs - Axios
Submitted 12 day(s) ago by system

Climate Power, an environmental group, will argue Biden's infrastructure initiative will create thousands of jobs.

How Nokia plans to establish a 4G network on the Moon | FierceWireless
Submitted 17 day(s) ago by system

4G LTE networks are well established here on Earth, but what does it take to translate cellular technology for applications on the lunar surface?

Infrastructure of Sweden - Confidus Solutions
Submitted 85 day(s) ago by PatrickMoore

The logistics performance index of Sweden is 3.96. It indicates a good performance - the logistics system is well prepared and organised, shipments mostly arrive on time and do not suffer damage, and the infrastructure is ready to handle even unpredictably big amounts of traffic as long as it is not overwhelming.

Customs performance is rated at 3.75. It indicates a good performance - customs clearance is fast and effective, in some cases it may be at all absent (e.g. Schengen area borders), encouraging international business activity; the documents and fees needed are predictable and publicly available, as well as in some cases (mostly concerning visas) can be arranged at the customs office.

Infrastructure quality in Sweden is rated to be at 4.09. It indicates a good quality - roads, railroad, ports and other facilities are adapted and regularly maintained to handle high levels of traffic at all times, as well as most probably there are special facilities for handling high intensity and/or special traffic or vehicles (e.g. motorways a.k.a. autobahns and deepwater ports).

Covid-19 Vaccine in India Approved - Bloomberg
Submitted 98 day(s) ago by system

India has followed the U.K. and granted emergency approval for the coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca Plc and the University of Oxford, the first step in its plan to inoculate citizens in the country that’s home to the world’s second-largest Covid-19 outbreak.

Modular Facilities in Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology Industry | Industry Analysis | Market Size | 2030
Submitted 113 day(s) ago by rootsanalysis

The pharmaceutical / biotechnology modular facilities market is anticipated to grow at an annualized rate of 8.9%, during the period 2017-2030

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