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Venus in sixth house | Venus in sixth house for different zodiac ascendant |
Submitted 10 day(s) ago by talktoastro

If Venus is close to its debilitation degree, it indicates that family and resources have been destroyed due to disagreements and, most likely, divorce.

    Venus in fifth house | Venus in fifth house for different zodiac ascendant |
    Submitted 10 day(s) ago by talktoastro

    Venus sits in 5th house in Virgo sign and rules 6th and 1st house. Venus is debilitated here, especially in the late 20+ degrees. Love life will suffer some major setbacks in 20s.

      Venus in fourth house | Venus in fourth house for different zodiac ascendant |
      Submitted 10 day(s) ago by talktoastro

      Venus receives directional power in the 4th house, despite the fact that it is not a welcoming sign. Within the confines of their own homes, these people are inventive.

        Venus in third house | Venus in third house for different zodiac ascendant |
        Submitted 10 day(s) ago by talktoastro

        Venus sits in 3rd house in Gemini sign and rules the 2nd & 7th house. These circumstances are much like earlier one as Venus and Mercury are interchanging energies in 3rd house.

          Venus in second house | Venus in second house for different zodiac ascendant |

          Submitted 10 day(s) ago by talktoastro

          As a result, illnesses associated with Venus, such as Sugar and Kidney, affect them, but since the Ascendant Lord is in the Ascendant, they regenerate easily.

            Venus in first house | Venus in first house for different zodiac ascendant |

            Submitted 10 day(s) ago by talktoastro

            Venus will be ruling 2nd & 7th house and sitting in 1st house in Aries sign. It exhibits that wife of this person will bring wealth after the marriage.

              Capricorn Monthly Horoscope - June, 2021

              Submitted 15 day(s) ago by astroved


              General: Capricorn people would find this month good in spite of some minor setbacks. You would do well in your family or love life. You would be very passionate, and if you use the energy of the planets in a good way, you can succeed. There could be some small issues at work, some opposition or competition with colleagues due to the position of the planets. But you can easily overcome these obstacles with your hard work, intellect, creativity, flexibility, and confidence. You would succeed as long as you maintain calm. You must take care of your health this month as work stress would be more. Your health condition may need more attention than usual. You need to handle your finances with appropriate care as there could be some sudden expenses. Students must focus hard on their studies to pass their exams with flying colors.

              Love Relationship: Love life can be challenging this month, and it could bring some confusion and misunderstandings with your partner and also your in-laws. Only mutual love and understanding can get you through this difficult time of life. You must learn to accept and adjust to challenges in any relationship. Your rude speech could upset your partner; hence, be careful about your words.

              Finance: There could be financial pressure this month, and sudden unexpected expenses could stress you. You may have to pay off debts, and there could be some financial problems within your family, such as from your in-laws. You could feel stressed as you may not have a steady income source. Money flow can be average for you this month, but this month you would be safe and would not have to borrow from anyone. Try to save money and spend it wisely.

              Career: This month can give you mixed news on the professional front. There could be some delays and hurdles, so be calm and patient. Also, avoid any miscommunication with your colleagues. There could be some competition at work, and someone may be hatching a conspiracy, which you need to be careful about. The planets can make you triumph over your opponents at work; your honesty would be appreciated by your higher officials.

              Business: The positions of the planets imply that partnership business can favor you this month, but there could be some unexpected miscommunication with your business partners. Only if you are positive and polite in your speech, you can have good business growth this month. You may meet some potential business partners and have constructive discussions with them. Because of your anger and stubbornness, you may appear somewhat downbeat to them, so be careful and do not make any risky deals this month. Try not to invest in some new projects.

              Professionals: Your seniors at work place would appreciate your research skills and praise you this month, but there could be some rivalry at work. You may feel well recognized, but a promotion or salary hike could get delayed. You may feel disappointed with it. You are research-oriented and smart. You usually like to research everything before committing to any task. This would help you in your career growth.

              Health: Your health condition can be mixed this month, and work stress can cause moderate to severe headache. But there would not be any major health issues that require medical attention. A lot of stress can cause some health problems. Try to exercise and meditate regularly. Eat healthy and pray to God.

              Student: Students would have a decent month but they may have to work double hard to get admission to their desired courses and clear any competitive exams. They could develop new ambitions and dreams, and they may find a way to fulfill them. However, they could feel a lack of confidence at times. They would be supported by their family, teachers, and friends.

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              Auspicious dates: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, 11, 13, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 21, 28, 29, 30.

              Inauspicious dates: 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 22, 26, 27

              venus in astrology | impact of venus in horoscope

              Submitted 24 day(s) ago by talktoastro

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              venus in astrology | impact of venus in horoscope

              Submitted 29 day(s) ago by talktoastro

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              Foreign settlement prediction by date of birth free foreign travel astrology calculator

              Submitted 29 day(s) ago by talktoastro

              The question When I will go abroad puzzles many. Certain astrological combination in the birth chart indicates success and time period for the same.

              Guna Milan | Kundali Matching | Kundali Milan | Match Making

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              Free Online Horoscope Predictions by Vedic Astrology

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              Cancer Monthly Horoscope April

              Submitted 89 day(s) ago by astroved

              April for Cancerians would be an average month where they might get into some arguments but might have some positivity as well. They should be careful in their speech, especially when they are discussing things with their father and boss.

              Planets will also work in your favor that will save your image at workplace.  Your friends will be in support to help you get out of a stressed situation. Your financial situation would be stable. However, you might get into some arguments at your home with your spouse or family.

              Love Relationship

              Those who are single might meet the love of their life during an event or while being social. Those who are already in a relationship or are married might face difficulties with their spouse. The arguments might happen with your in-laws as well. However, your friends would come as a great help here and would sort things out.

              You should spend some quality time with your partner to make things work and make them realize that you value them.


              Finances won’t give you much trouble this month as there are chances of you getting a promotion. You would easily handle your regular expenses, and you will save plenty to enjoy life as well. However, you should always spend carefully and inspect the sources where you are investing. You might get contacted for a foreign project that would also strengthen your financial status.


              Career-wise this is a mixed month, but you would still manage to get the name and fame at your workplace. Your networking would help you greatly, especially if you are in the banking and government sector. You might also get chosen for going abroad, and that would make you grow a lot. Work-related travels are there too, which would get you recognition and profit. You should take care of your temper; don’t get angry or lash out at your workplace as this might ruin your chances.


              Those who are in a partnership business would attract wealth and profit this month. Since it is about the business, you should carefully check every new deal and project before signing. The planetary placement might get you some foreign clients as well, which would boost your overall financial status. These deals can also make you successful.

              This month you should be careful about your temper, particularly. Be decent in your speech, especially in your professional life. Some might also start a new venture and get recognized for their services.


              This month would get you recognition from your seniors and important entities. Something might make you emotional at the workplace, but you should not lose your focus. Things happen, and you should not get distracted by them for long. Use your skills and talent, and your every effort will be fruitful. You might also get recognition for your leadership qualities. Your hard work and consistency would let you achieve all your professional goals timely.


              There won’t be any major ailments to trouble you. You might feel lazy, and if you feel too emotional, you might be depressed for some time. This month would improve your connection with your colleagues and friends that you might have their emotional support.

              You should consume Satvik food and keep your stress in check by meditating. Try to stay close to your people or your partner, and your emotional health would be sound.


              Students will feel a positive vibe the whole month despite having some obstructions. They will be determined in their studies that they will solve all problems in their academics. Those who are into art fields or creativity will do very well. Individuals in the research field will also perform great. However, those who are in competitive exams might feel frustrated because of the poor results. Students need to keep themselves positive and control their anger. Read more :  

              Auspicious dates: 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 29, 30, 31

              Horoscope Matching

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