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Flu Shots Are Linked to a Drop in COVID-19 Infections, And Scientists Aren't Sure Why
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Getting a flu shot is not the same thing as getting a COVID-19 vaccination. If it were, the world would be in a very different place right now.

Lytham Road Pharmacy
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Blackpools' independent community pharmacy. We offer innovative pharmacy services and provide a reliable NHS repeat prescription service that patients love! We provide a free prescription delivery service. Located on Lytham Rd in the South Shore Primary Care Centre. We serve Highfield Surgery, Stonyhill Medical Practice and other local surgeries.

South Shore Primary Care Centre, Lytham Rd, Blackpool, FY4 1TJ

Phone Number:
01253 403038

Contact Email:

Business Hours:
Mon - Fri: 08:15 AM – 06:30 PM

One Shot Keto Reviews - Scam Complaints or OneShot Keto Diet Pills Legit?
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There are countless enhancements out there which guarantee that they can assist uphold with weighting misfortune by methods for setting off ketosis. In any case, most enhancements fall flat since they are not satisfactory about how you have to follow a keto diet instead of anticipate that the item should show supernatural outcomes. This is on the grounds that most enhancements are tricks that intend to plunder you of your money as opposed to show you results. Try not to lose heart however in light of the fact that not all items are terrible. There are sure enhancements that you can depend on. One Shot Keto is one recipe that you can pick on the off chance that you need to shed pounds viably. What this enhancement does is that it bolsters the cycle of ketosis wherein fats are scorched in the spot of starches. By empowering the fat consuming cycle of your body to work at a quicker movement, this enhancement additionally helps increment your energy levels and gives different advantages to your wellbeing. It is by all accounts very encouraging because of its common arrangement and on the grounds that it works around a fixing called beta hydroxybutyrate which can uphold the cycle of ketosis in your body. Thus, in case you're as of now following a ketogenic diet maybe you ought to remember this enhancement for your everyday practice to help your endeavors and really observe adequacy this time around. On the off chance that you need to encounter viability from utilizing the enhancement, at that point you should utilize it consistently as has been mentioned on the name of the item. Neglecting to do so can diminish the amount of exogenous ketones in your body which implies you can endure the keto influenza. Since the item is accessible as containers, remembering it for the routine shouldn't be extreme in any case. You simply need to burn-through the cases according to the dose mentioned on the item or as suggested by your doctor. You can likewise match your solid keto diet with a decent exercise plan for better outcomes. One container of One Shot Keto diet contains enough cases to last you a whole month. Notwithstanding, it is recommended that you take the enhancement for in any event three to five months so you can drive total outcomes.

Flu shot changes this fall: Here’s what to know
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This year, given the dual risk of flu and COVID-19, make it a priority to get it as recommended by the end of October and be aware, you may need to find a different place to get the shot.

Fighting the coronavirus pandemic as flu season nears - YouTube
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Doctors are worried the coronavirus pandemic may worsen with the flu season around the corner. Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency physician at Lenox Hill Hospi...

Flu shot: Getting your annual vaccine is more essential than ever - CNN
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With the Covid-19 pandemic spreading rapidly around the globe, getting the flu vaccine takes on new urgency. An annual flu shot is a safe, inexpensive way for you and your family to stay healthy.

Parents protest flu shot mandate for Massachusetts students
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Hundreds of parents and children gathered in Massachusetts Sunday in protest of the state's new flu shot requirement for all students.

CDC Says Flu Shot This Season Is Critical - YouTube
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The CDC recommends everyone over 6 months get the flu vaccine.

Getting vaccinated for the flu this year is particularly important, WHO officials say - CNN
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It's crucial that people get the flu vaccine this year when it becomes available, experts at the World Health Organization said during a news briefing in Geneva on Tuesday.

Flu and Covid: winter could bring 'double-barrel' outbreak to US, experts say | World news | The Guardian
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But the same measures that fight coronavirus are effective against the flu – and vaccines offer another weapon against it

New York City deaths during the coronavirus surge recall the peak of the 1918 flu pandemic - CNN
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A new study finds that deaths in New York City in the early part of the Covid-19 pandemic were comparable to deaths in the city at the peak of what's considered the deadliest pandemic to date -- the flu pandemic of 1918.

Debate begins for who's first in line for COVID-19 vaccine | KOMO
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(AP) — Who gets to be first in line for a COVID-19 vaccine? U. S. health authorities hope by late next month to have some draft guidance on how to ration initial doses, but it’s a vexing decision. “Not everybody’s going to like the answer,” Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, recently told one of the advisory groups the government asked to help decide. “There will be many people who feel that they should have been at the top of the list. ”

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Researchers in China have discovered a new type of swine flu called G4 that t...

NC COVID-19 Monday updateNC COVID-19 update: Cases surpass 19,000 in the state | WLOS
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As of Monday, May 18, 2020, North Carolina health officials say there have been a total of 19,023 lab-confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the state, that's up 511 within the past 24 hours, and 661 virus-related deaths. COVID-19 update for North Carolina, May 18, 2020. State health officials say there are 11,637 presumed recoveries in the state. These estimates are unrelated to the number of cases that are or are not still infectious.

Flu deaths vs. coronavirus deaths: These reasons show why Covid-19 can be more dangerous than the flu - CNN
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The US death toll from coronavirus this year has now exceeded 62,000, surpassing the high-end estimate for flu deaths. But coronavirus has killed at a much faster rate.

In the 1918 flu pandemic, not wearing a mask was illegal in some parts of America. What changed? - CNN
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In 1918, America adopted mask wearing with a greater vengeance than anywhere else in the world. But a century later, it is Asian countries which have remembered the lessons the US learned.

Pandemic Influenza | Pandemic Influenza (Flu) | CDC
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CDC’s pandemic preparedness efforts include ongoing surveillance of human and animal influenza viruses, risk assessments of influenza viruses with pandemic potential.

'It is likely that people you know will die': Coronavirus could be like 1918 flu pandemic, warns ex-CDC expert | The Independent
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The coronavirus crisis could be as serious and deadly as the 1918 flu pandemic which killed up to 50m people around the world, a former CDC infectious disease specialist has warned.

Trump suggests using flu vaccine on coronavirus and is instantly corrected by health experts: ‘No’ | The Independent
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Donald Trump asked medical experts if coronavirus could be treated with a flu vaccine that already exists at a meeting with pharmaceutical executives on Monday. The Trump administration called the meeting to discuss early work for developing a vaccine for the virus, which has killed more the 3,000 people and infected nearly 90,000 worldwide.

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