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Boris Johnson wins Commons backing for Brexit powers that breach international law - BBC News - YouTube
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The prime minister Boris Johnson has faced scathing criticism in the House of Commons - and from five former prime ministers - as he called on MPs to back hi...

Further protests in Belarus keep up pressure on Lukashenko - BBC News - YouTube
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The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko remains under intense pressure after a third consecutive Sunday of protests against him in the capital, Minsk. ...

Belarus unrest: Lukashenko steps up efforts to reassert control - BBC News - YouTube
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After a three-hour video conference, EU Leaders agreed unanimously to take three actions over Belarus: Firstly, to impose sanctions including asset freezes f...

Growing pressure on Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko over “fraudulent” election - BBC News - YouTube
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The UK has said it doesn't recognise the result of the recent presidential election in Belarus — which returned Alexander Lukashenko to power. here have been...

Belarus election: 'Widespread torture' inflicted on jailed protesters - BBC News - YouTube
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Detainees have emerged from a notorious detention centre in Belarus giving horrific details of attacks and beatings during days in custody since Sunday's wid...

Coronavirus: India's Covid-19 cases surge past one million - BBC News - YouTube
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India added a record number of Covid-19 cases - nearly 35,000 - in the last 24 hours, breaching the one million mark. It has the world's third-largest case l...

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The need to maintain a social distance of 2 metres in England is being actively reviewed, the government has announced. Boris Johnson said it is the right ti...

Australian man interrupts PM Morrison to say 'get off my lawn' - BBC News - YouTube
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A local resident has interrupted a press briefing by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to complain that onlookers were trampling on his recently reseeded lawn. Mr Morrison had been announcing a scheme to offer subsidies to residents on home renovations. Please subscribe HERE

Hydroxychloroquine: Brazil maintains drug advice despite WHO warning - BBC News - YouTube
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Brazil has said it won't change its recommendation to use a malaria drug to fight coronavirus, even though the World Health Organization has suspended trials of hydroxychloroquine because of safety concerns Brazil has the second highest number of coronavirus infections (374,898) and the sixth highest number of deaths (23,473) in the world, a tally by Johns Hopkins University shows. Please subscribe HERE Testing of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment for coronavirus has been halted because of safety fears, the World Health Organization (WHO) says. Trials in several countries are being "temporarily" suspended as a precaution, the agency said on Monday. It comes after a recent medical study suggested the drug could increase the risk of patients dying from Covid-19. President Donald Trump has said he has taken the drug to ward off the virus. The US president has repeatedly promoted the anti-malarial drug, against medical advice and despite warnings from public health officials that it could cause heart problems.

Who is Dominic Cummings - the PM’s aide at the centre of lockdown controversy? - BBC News - YouTube
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It is highly unusual for a government adviser, even one as influential as Boris Johnson’s chief aide Dominic Cummings, to be in the spotlight. It's raised questions once again about the extent of his power and how far Boris Johnson relies on him day-to-day in the running of the government. Normally for many people events at Westminster would be the last thing on their minds on a sunny bank holiday Monday. But much of the criticism of Mr Cummings has come from members of the public. Many have voiced the perception that he was obeying his own set of rules, unlike tens of millions of others staying at home as instructed. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reports from Chief Political Correspondent Vicki Young at Westminster - and from Fiona Trott hearing the views of the public. Please subscribe HERE

Middle-class Americans queue at food banks as US unemployment hits 38 million - BBC News - YouTube
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In the United States another 2.4 million people have filed for unemployment benefits in the past week. More than 38 million Americans have lost their jobs since the coronavirus pandemic struck in March. Previously affluent middle-class Americans are now queuing for handouts at food banks, as America experiences the worst downturn since the 1930s and the Great Depression. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting from North America Correspondent Nick Bryant in New York. Please subscribe HERE

Coronavirus crisis: govt borrowing hits record level - BBC News - YouTube
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Government borrowing has surged to its highest level on record, underlining the scale of the economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The deficit, the difference between government spending and tax receipts, soared to more than £62 billion in April, due to the level of financial support provided by the Treasury, to help businesses and employees through the crisis. The hole in the government finances wasn't helped by a big drop in retail sales. They plummeted by a record amount in April, as many high street stores closed in the coronavirus lockdown. Clothing sales were hit hardest, down more than 50 per cent, although online spending online rose. The company which owns the coach firm Shearings has gone into administration. The Specialist Leisure Group, which is based in Wigan and employs more than 2,500 people also runs the brands UK Breakaways, Caledonian Travel and Country Living Hotels. Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reports from Economics Editor Faisal Islam, Business Correspondent Emma Simpson and Judith Moritz in Wigan. Please subscribe HERE

Amphan: Cyclone lashes India and Bangladesh - BBC News - YouTube
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The eastern Indian city of Kolkata has been devastated by a powerful cyclone which has killed at least 84 people across India and Bangladesh. Amphan made landfall on Wednesday, lashing coastal areas with ferocious wind and rain. The storm is weakening as it moves north into Bhutan. Thousands of trees were uprooted in the gales, electricity and telephone lines brought down and houses flattened. Many of Kolkata's roads are flooded and its 14 million people without power. Please subscribe HERE

Coronavirus: Virgin Atlantic to cut thousands of jobs and end Gatwick operations - BBC News - YouTube
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Virgin Atlantic has announced plans to cut more than 3,000 jobs in the UK and to end its operation at Gatwick Airport. The company blamed what it called the “devastating” effect of the pandemic. It's another major blow for Gatwick, the UK’s second busiest airport, coming days after British Airways said it might cease its operations there. Meanwhile the group which represents airlines around the world has recommended that all passengers wear masks while flying. IATA also expressed concern about the way social distancing can be ensured on flights. Aer Lingus, which is based in Dublin, has been criticised after images were published showing a very full flight from Belfast. The airline says it will put on five more flights each week to reduce the number of people on board its planes. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reports by Transport Correspondent Tom Burridge and Ireland Correspondent Emma Vardy. Please subscribe HERE

Coronavirus: UK records most deaths in Europe - BBC News - YouTube
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The United Kingdom has recorded Europe's highest number of deaths inked to coronavirus. It has overtaken Italy, and is second only to the United States in total number of recorded deaths from the disease. Dominic Raab, the First Secretary of State, said the latest figures portrayed “a massive tragedy” but he warned against making comparisons with other countries until much more information is available on all causes of death. The latest figures show there were 693 deaths linked to the virus in a 24-hour period in the UK. That brings the total number of deaths officially linked to the virus to 29,427. The impact of the pandemic on some of the most vulnerable people is increasingly clear. The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show coronavirus related deaths in care homes in England and Wales increased by more than a third in the week ending 24th April. That week there were 2,794 registered deaths in care homes linked to coronavirus, bringing the total to nearly 6,000 care home deaths up to April 24th. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reports from Science Editor David Shukman, Social Affairs Correspondent Alison Holt and Health Editor Hugh Pym. Please subscribe HERE

Coronavirus: it's social distancing for the pandas and chimps at Edinburgh Zoo - BBC News - YouTube
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Like most attractions across the UK, zoos have had to close during the coronavirus pandemic. Edinburgh Zoo is under strict lockdown. And while the keepers are trying to maintain normal routines for their animals, they are having to take some special precautions. Tina Dahelely present BBC News reporting by Scotland Correspondent Lorna Gordon. Please subscribe HERE

Coronavirus: Labour leader criticises government’s response to pandemic - BBC News - YouTube
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The new Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has used his first Prime Minister's Questions to criticise the government's response to the pandemic. He said it had failed to deliver the coronavirus tests needed or to provide enough protective equipment for frontline workers. The government remains under intense pressure over the supply of protective equipment. An RAF plane carrying supplies from Turkey has arrived in the UK but ministers say there's a global shortage. More than 8,000 UK businesses have responded to an appeal to manufacture products but the government says not all those offers can be taken up. Meanwhile charities representing victims of domestic abuse are warning that people are unable to seek the help they need because they’re having to spend the lockdown with violent and controlling partners. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reports from Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg, Health Editor Hugh Pym and correspondent Phil Mackie. Please subscribe HERE

Coronavirus deaths rising fast in Europe and US - BBC News - YouTube
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Coronavirus is claiming more lives across Europe and in the United States. Italy is seeing the fastest rise in deaths since the beginning of the outbreak, almost 1,000 in the last 24 hours. Spain also faces a rising number of deaths and critically ill patients. In the US President Trump has authorised a two-trillion dollar emergency package in an attempt to protect the economy. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs. Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reports from Mark Lowen in Rome, Damian Grammaticas in Madrid and Nick Bryant in New York. Please subscribe HERE

Boris Johnson tests positive for Coronavirus as numbers infected rise - BBC News - YouTube
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There's been a big rise in the number of people in the UK who have died of coronavirus - 181 lost their lives in the past 24 hours and more than 6000 are being treated in hospital. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for the virus. In a video message he said he had mild symptoms and was working from home. The UK death toll has now reached 759 -- in just three weeks. Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reports by Chief Political Correspondent Vicki Young and Medical Correspondent Fergus Walsh. Please subscribe HERE

Coronavirus: A quarter of the world’s population in lockdown - BBC News - YouTube
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has told India’s population of 1.3 billion people to stay at home. The lockdown is currently planned for 3 weeks. More than 2.6 billion people are in lockdown now India has introduced its new measures, according to a tally by the AFP news agency Europe remains at the epicentre of the pandemic. On Tuesday, the death toll jumped by 514 in a single day in Spain and other European countries also reported sharp increases Italy is the worst affected country in the world in terms of deaths. The virus has killed almost 7,000 people there over the past month The UK, meanwhile, is spending its first day under tight new restrictions. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced unprecedented measures on Monday and ordered the immediate closure of shops selling non-essential goods And in the US, New York's governor has said the federal government is not sending enough equipment to combat the crisis. The state has been hit especially hard by the virus The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the US has the potential to become the new epicentre of the pandemic #BBCOS #BBCOutsideSource Please subscribe HERE

Coronavirus delays Russian vote on Putin staying in power - BBC News - YouTube
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has postponed a vote on constitutional change that would allow him to stay in power, because of coronavirus concerns. He said the public vote - previously due to be held on 22 April - would be delayed until a "later date". The proposed changes include scrapping a ban on allowing Mr Putin to run for office again. The changes have already been approved by parliament and Russia's constitutional court. They would give Mr Putin - who is serving his fourth presidential term and has dominated Russian politics for two decades - the right to serve two more consecutive terms. Please subscribe HERE

Coronavirus: Shoppers told to buy responsibly - BBC News - YouTube
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Shoppers in the UK have been told to "be responsible" and think of others such as NHS workers, after panic-buying amid the coronavirus outbreak. Environment Secretary George Eustice said there is more than enough food to go around - but the challenge for shops is keeping shelves stocked. It comes as supermarkets have been overwhelmed by increased purchasing. Meanwhile, cafes, pubs and restaurants across the UK have closed as part of measures to stop the virus spreading. "Frankly we should all be ashamed," said Stephen Powis, medical director at NHS England, who said panic-buyers are depriving NHS staff of the supplies they need. "These are the very people that we all need to look after perhaps us or our loved ones in the weeks to come." Please subscribe HERE

Coronavirus: How bad is the situation in Europe? - BBC News - YouTube
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The number of people dying from coronavirus in Italy has risen by 475 in one day to nearly 3,000 - the biggest increase since the outbreak. There are a total of 35,713 confirmed cases in the country, with more than 4,000 having successfully recovered. Lombardy, the worst-hit region, recorded 319 deaths in one day. Italy is the world's worst affected country after China, where the virus originated last year. At least 8,758 people have died, most in China. Spain now has 598 dead and 13,716 infections. An inquiry is to be launched into the deaths of at least 17 residents of a nursing home in Madrid, where dozens of cases of Covid-19 have been reported. In France, the number of confirmed cases grew by more than 16% on Tuesday, reaching 7,730, while the death toll rose to 175, with 7% of the dead aged under 65. In the UK, the number of dead has reached 104. Germany has 12 deaths and 8,198 cases. In a TV address, Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Germans to abide by restrictions aimed at combating the pandemic. "Since German reunification, actually, since World War Two, there has never been a challenge for our country in which acting in solidarity was so very crucial," she said. Belgium has 14 deaths and 1,486 cases. #BBCOS #BBCOutsideSource Please subscribe HERE

Coronavirus: Europe shuts down its borders - BBC News - YouTube
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European leaders have moved to shut the EU's external borders as they grapple with the quickly spreading virus. The measure is expected to apply to 26 EU states as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. The ban came as deaths continued to soar across Europe. Italy remains the worst-hit country with another big surge in cases today. Spain has also partially locked down its 47 million inhabitants In Germany Chancellor Merkel has banned religious services and venues including clubs, bars, leisure facilities, zoos and playgrounds will also be closed. In France tough new restrictions have come into force. No one can now leave home without a government form - that they print out - to justify their reason for being outside. For the next two weeks, people are only allowed out - to go to work, to buy essential food or medical supplies, for a family emergency, or to exercise or walk a dog - but they must be on their own -- facing a fine if these conditions aren't met. Lucy Williamson, Mark Lowen, Damian Grammaticas and Jenny Hill report for the News at Ten presented by Sophie Raworth. Please subscribe HERE

Coronavirus: Trump tells Americans to avoid public spaces - BBC News - YouTube
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President Trump said that over the next 15 days, Americans should not gather in groups of more than 10 people. He urged people to avoid bars, restaurants, food courts and crowds. The US has so far had more than 4,200 cases of the virus and 74 deaths. The coronavirus task force's other new guidelines include older Americans being urged to stay home, people working from home as well as schooling being at home. #BBCOS #BBCOutseideSource Please subscribe HERE

Coronavirus: What is a pandemic and why use the term now? - BBC News - YouTube
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The coronavirus outbreak has been labelled a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). WHO chief Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the number of cases outside China had increased 13-fold in two weeks. He said he was "deeply concerned" by "alarming levels of inaction". A pandemic is a disease that is spreading in multiple countries around the world at the same time. Hours later Italy said all shops except food shops and pharmacies would close. Please subscribe HERE #BBCOS #BBCOutsideSource

Coronavirus: Italy to close all schools as deaths rise - BBC News - YouTube
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Italy has confirmed that it will shut all schools from Thursday for 10 days as it battles to contain the coronavirus outbreak. And all professional sport, including Serie A football matches, will be played behind closed doors for a month. A total of 107 people have now been killed by the coronavirus in Italy, which has the most serious outbreak in Europe. PM Giuseppe Conte said the health service risked being overwhelmed. Most of the more than 3,000 cases are in the north but others have been confirmed in 19 of Italy's 20 regions. Please subscribe HERE

Coronavirus: Italy to close all schools as deaths rise - BBC News - YouTube
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Italy has confirmed that it will shut all schools from Thursday for 10 days as it battles to contain the coronavirus outbreak. And all professional sport, including Serie A football matches, will be played behind closed doors for a month. A total of 107 people have now been killed by the coronavirus in Italy, which has the most serious outbreak in Europe. PM Giuseppe Conte said the health service risked being overwhelmed. Most of the more than 3,000 cases are in the north but others have been confirmed in 19 of Italy's 20 regions. Please subscribe HERE

Coronavirus: How is Iran responding to the outbreak? - BBC News - YouTube
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Image copyrightAFP/GETTY IMAGES Iran has been scrambling to control the outbreak of the coronavirus this week, but the spread of online misinformation is presenting a new challenge to the authorities. False or misleading medical advice, fake letters or remarks attributed to senior officials, and a number of conspiracy theories about the origin of the virus have appeared on Iranian social media and messaging apps in recent days. Officials have so far reported 388 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 34 related deaths in the country, more fatalities than anywhere else outside China. But sources in the country's health system have told BBC Persian that the death toll currently stands at 210. Please subscribe HERE #BBCOS #BBCOutsideSource

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