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Object that whizzed by Earth probably came from alien world, Harvard professor asserts - CBS News
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Harvard's Avi Loeb says object that whizzed by Earth in 2017 was probably debris from an advanced alien technology – space junk from many light years away.

This gas on Venus could be a new sign of life - YouTube
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Astronomers have detected a gas on Venus called phosphine, and weirdly enough, it could be a sign of alien life in the planet’s clouds. It’s still too early ...

There Are At Least 36 Intelligent Alien Civilizations In Our Galaxy, Say Scientists
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A new cosmic evolution-based calculation that say that there are likely to be more than 36 ongoing intelligent civilizations throughout our Milky Way galaxy.

For First Time, Scientists Spot an Alien Planet as It Is Being Formed | Technology News
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This large young planet is forming around a star called AB Aurigae that is about 2.4 times the mass of the sun and located in our Milky Way galaxy 520 light years from Earth, researchers said on Wednesday. A light year is the distance light travels in a year, 5.9 trillion miles (9.5 trillion km).

Alien life could be growing in more environments than we realised, study suggests | The Independent
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Alien life could flourish in many more kinds of environment than we had previously realised, a new study has suggested. In the new research, scientists found that microorganisms could survive and grow in an atmosphere made entirely of hydrogen. That suggests the same could be happening elsewhere in the universe, the researchers indicate, and that alien life could be growing in

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