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Free App Uninstaller For Mac


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  1. Best Mac Uninstaller App
  2. Best Free App Uninstaller For Mac
  3. Uninstaller Mac Best
  4. Best Free App Uninstaller For Mac 2020
  5. Best Free App Uninstaller For Mac
  6. Osx Uninstaller Free

Advanced Uninstaller Pro is a multi-featured tool that, at its heart, is simply a free software uninstaller. However, on top of that are more advanced toolkits, which we'll get to in a moment.

Sometimes we download apps and we realize that we do not need them anymore. But the regular app removal on macOS does not entirely remove everything about the app – It just deletes the program but not the preferences data, caches, downloading files, and history of the program. The worse is that you suddenly find some malicious programs that you cannot remove from your Mac computer.

AppZapper will completely uninstall an application on Mac using the traditional drag. Trusted Mac download App Uninstaller 6.3. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get App Uninstaller alternative downloads.

So there comes Mac app uninstaller software aiming to completely delete these applications from your Mac OS running machine. And with these apps, you can be sure that every single thing about an unwanted app will be removed from your MacBook or iMac.

Top 4 app uninstaller for Mac [2020 Updated]

We’ve reviewed more than 10 programs to remove apps on Macs since 2018. By following some criteria, we finally picked out these best app uninstallers for you. And some of them are completely free.

As top apps in this area, these apps are compatible with all popular Mac operating system, including the latest macOS Catalina. They are easy-to-use, 100% safe, and cost-effective. To know more about their features, just go on your reading.

1. AppCleaner – free app uninstaller for Mac

FreeMacSoft developed one popular free app removers for Mac users – AppCleaner. With this freeware, you can easily search the apps, plugins, and widgets you don’t want anymore, and completely remove them from your Mac. Besides, it allows you to simply drag and drop any unwanted app for swift uninstallation.



2. AppZapper – perfect Mac app uninstaller

This software AppZapper has stood out amongst other uninstaller software for the macOS system because of its simplistic design and good capability of app removing. This software is also very deep with cleanups and can remove all unwanted apps and their settings, widgets, plugins, and so on. Just like AppCleaner, this software is also designed with the macOS drag and drop feature in mind.


Free App Uninstaller For Mac


3. CleanMyMac – Best App to Remove Only The Leftover Files.

CleanMyMac gives you a lot of features to free up space on Mac. And its Uninstaller Tool could be one of the best tools for uninstalling Mac apps. It can perform its primary function of uninstalling applications and their related files just like other app removers we listed.



The trial version gives you only 2 applications removing for free.

4. AppDelete

This is another app remover for Mac computer. AppDelete is very thorough in removing applications from your mac, and this is one of its major strengths. Where other software might overlook, this software acts. This software can help remove widgets, screensavers, preference panes, widgets, plugins, app settings, and so on.

This application is also very flexible. It provides you with options as regards what to with the apps and files you want to remove. You can log such files, archive to a zip file, or completely remove such apps/files. Also, deleted apps are not removed straight away, but are kept in the recycle bin in case you made a mistake deletion. Encrypting files on macbook.

Cons: This app is not a free one, and has a price of 5 – 7.99 dollars.

We didn’t cover all AppCleaner similar programs in this post, like the apps TrashMe, AppTrap, iTrash, and MacClean, since all of them are not freeware, and have almost the same features.

How to choose a qualified app uninstaller for Mac computer?

It’s easy to know what is an uninstaller app, but it may be hard to select one top uninstaller app for your Mac, which is a totally different ball game. So what are the factors and criteria you should consider when choosing a top app uninstaller for your Mac? Let’s check out the list below.

1. Level of App Cleanup


It is important for you to understand the level of cleanup that the software provides. Some software can remove all the files related to the unwanted app, while others just remove a few.

Also, some software cannot remove applications that run in the background. For the best App cleaning software, it should be in a top cleanup level to remove all leftover files.

2. Is It Safe to Use


Is it safe to use? You may ask this question before using a Mac uninstaller app. And this is one of the basic conditions all apps ought to have.

Actually, one app could be safe if the app has an official website with a real company address and online tech support, or it was recommended by some famous or trustworthy sites.

3. Computing Requirements

You can’t use a Mac uninstaller program if it is not compatible with your computer. Since all apps have basic requirements for the computer system, such as storage and system version, in order to run stably and use computing resources normally.

And the best app remover should be compatible with all the popular Mac OS, including the newest macOS Mojave and macOS Catalina. And we picked out the top app by following this criterion.

4. User Interface and Experience

You need to consider the user interface and experience of your desired uninstaller software.

Best Mac Uninstaller App

If one app is poorly designed, it may cost you a lot of time to figure out how to use it. But as one of the top programs, it should be time-saving and highly effective.

5. Cost-Effective

Most of the time the best app is not the free one since the software vendors will cost a lot to hire people to design and develop.

You’d better know the cost of these programs and find the most cost-effective one. And be careful that some apps require a one-time purchase license while some others require periodic subscriptions.

Best Free App Uninstaller For Mac

Surely, there are some other factors you may consider while selecting a qualified mac app cleaner, including the customer service, the money-back policy, and so on.

Uninstaller Mac Best


Best Free App Uninstaller For Mac 2020


Best Free App Uninstaller For Mac


Osx Uninstaller Free

There you have it, the top best app uninstaller for Mac We gathered since. We all need one of these software on our computers in new macOS Mojave as unwanted apps are inevitable. Selecting the best one for you should not be too much of a trouble, as this article has provided you with more than enough information to make the best decision.


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