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Os X For Mac G5


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Making haste slowly, Apple has moved the fastest Power Mac G5 from 2.0 GHz CPUs in 2003 to 2.5 GHz in 2004, and now to 2.7 GHz in 2005. It’s nice to see Apple squeeze nearly 10% more speed from the G5 – and sad that Apple still can’t deliver the 3.0 GHz G5 that it promised “within a year” when the first Power Mac G5 was introduced.

Improvements for 2005 include a 16x SuperDrive (vs. 8x in last year’s model), larger hard drives, improved graphics cards, twice as much video memory, and Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger preinstalled. The once-standard internal modem is now a build-to-order option.

I have a Power Mac G5 Dual 1.8 with 3.5GB of ram running 10.5.8 The system feels so slow though.:( Taking in mind that this was a beast back then, which would be the best OS X version I. I have a Power Mac G5 Dual 1.8 with 3.5GB of ram running 10.5.8 The system feels so slow though.:( Taking in mind that this was a beast back then, which would be the best OS X version I could i.

As before, the entry level model uses 64-bit PCI slots and only supports up to 4 GB of RAM vs. PCI-X slots and an 8 GB RAM ceiling in the faster G5s.

The motherboard architecture uses HyperTransport technology. System memory is so fast (400 MHz RAM on a 1.0 to 1.35 GHz bus) that Apple doesn’t bother with a level 3 cache.

A headphone jack, a USB 2.0 port, and a FireWire 400 port are located on the front of the G5 for easy access.

The G5 uses an aluminum enclosure that’s vented in the front and back. The case includes four thermal zones and nine fans to handle cooling, each independently controlled for speed. The 2.7 GHz model uses a liquid cooling system to keep the CPU from overheating.

Note that the 2.0 GHz model is one of Apple’s entry-level G5s, which means it uses 33 MHz PCI slots instead of 133 MHz PCI-X and has 4 memory slots instead of 8.

Power Mac G5 Reliability

Reliability ratings are based on statistics compiled by MacInTouch in June 2006, at which time the dual-core Power Mac G5 models had only been on the market for 8 months. Letter grades are based on failure rate: A = 0-6%, B = 7-12%, C = 13-18%, D = 19-24%, and F = 25% or higher. We also note the two components that failed most often.

In each generation, except for the final dual-core one, the fastest model is the least reliable, while the second-fastest is the most reliable. Logicboards are the most expensive component to repair, followed by the power supply. Hard drives, optical drives, video cards, and RAM can be replaced inexpensively using third-party components.


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howdee - im a new user, but registered for just this one long/detailed comment/reply...

0 - THANK YOU to all who came before on this hint/thread/comment... i am just standing on top of the giants before and adding my little comments for others...

1 - i could not make a windows-keyboard work... in particular, my imac (g5) would 'ask' about it when powering up by having me press the key 'just inside of shift key' on each side... thus, i was never able to make the keyboard-combo work correctly... if you cannot get into open-firmware, then try getting a normal MAC-keyboard...

2 - i was having all sorts of problems trying to get the correct device to use for the 'dir' command... i could see the tree of information, but could never make a working 'devalias' for myself... two clues:

  • a - if (when you type devalias xx yyy@yyyyyyyy) you receive a comment 'no alias' in response, then it did NOT work... you should see a 'good' response of just the word OK... even so, i was never able to 'use' my own devalias...
  • b - i noticed in one of the later-comments someone had tried just typing the word 'devalias' without anything else... when i typed that, i got a nice long list of predefined aliases... in particular, i could see one called 'first-boot' that looked like it should access my working tiger-hdd internally... also, if i just typed 'boot' it would do what youd expect [boot from the first-boot device, which is the current internal hdd]...
    Os X For Mac G5

    3 - i was finally able to get things working better by doing/trying the following (details removed for hopeful-clarity):

  • - and i finally saw something good... nb, i needed the exact-extra-characters listed [7 chars starting with / and ending with ] to get a 'good' dir... and i assume others will have the devalias of 'first-boot' predefined like i did...
  • - was the magic incantation i used for getting to my external-usb-key [8gb formatted/dmg-restored as needed]... in particular, the '1:3' here on usb0 and the '0:3' with first-boot matched the disk:partition information i got when i looked at the key using the regular get-info command from tigers disk-utility...
  • Os X For Mac G5 Specs

  • i could do a more-detailed 'dir' on the key until i got to the ...CoreServices directory level... i could NOT actually do a 'dir' on the BootX file itself... but the CoreServices directory showed the 'magic' tbxi flag on that BootX file that i expected to see...
  • Os X For Mac G5 Laptop

    i could use the 'UP-ARROW' to repeat the last command that id typed, so that i could just change the 'dir' to a 'boot' and add the BootX to the end and it would work... (using left- and right-arrows to leave the other good characters in place)

    4 - once i got my magic incantation correct, it took prolly an hour to get thru the first-boot - but eventually i got the great happy-mac sound from the other room... hopefully you will be able to too... :)

    Mac Os X Imac G5

    repeating: for me, the exact command i used was ... gl & hth, h.


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