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From the Finder of Mac OS, navigate to any folder where there might be hidden files (for example. After all, these files are hidden for a reason! See hidden files on Mac via Finder. As mentioned above, it doesn’t take much to make the hidden files on your Mac visible. In fact, you can check out all of the hidden files on your Mac by following just three easy steps: In Finder, open up your Macintosh HD folder; Press Command+Shift+Dot. However, if you are not satisfied with it and would like to view the hidden files Mac app. Here’s how you can see all files hidden on Mac. Way 1: Mac Finder Showing Hidden Files. Follow the steps below to view hidden files in Finder on Mac: Open Finder window; Now in the left bar, click the name of your Mac. Run Terminal on Mac OS X. Open Finder Applications Utilities, and you could find Terminal there.

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Are you among the many Mac users who depend on Spotlight when searching for folders and files? Then you are not alone. It is understandable because the tool is convenient to use. In fact, it is a good and reliable assistant when sorting disorganized data. However, did you know that your Mac has hundreds or thousands of useless hidden files that Spotlight cannot see and are taking up too much of your disk space? Well, we have solutions that can help you show hidden files on mac but before we give out help, allow us to discuss a few important things.

The Hidden Files on Mac and the Reason Why They Are Hidden

Files that are preceded by a “.” are not always visible in a normal file list. Also, folders like /bin, /etc/, and /usr are hidden away. By default, macOS hides all critical system folders and files. Others are kept out of view because they may be too confusing to understand for typical Mac users.

Now, no matter how familiar you are with your Mac, there are instances when you cause data loss or damage if you mess up with these files. You can either accidentally change them or worse, delete them, resulting in a catastrophic system-wide issue. That is obviously the reason they are hidden away.

Use Terminal to Show All Files on Mac

The first solution involves using the Terminal to show hidden files on your Mac.

  1. Launch Terminal. Go to Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal.
  2. Once it is launched, type in the command defaults write AppleShowAllFiles true.
  3. On your keyboard, press
  4. Relaunch Terminal by typing killall Finder. Now, you can view all hidden files.
  5. If you wish to hide the files again, simply type in the Terminal Window this command: defaults write apple.FinderAppleShowAllFiles false.
  6. Now, press
  7. Finally, relaunch Finder by typing the command killall Finder.

Show Hidden Files Using Show Hidden Files App

Here is an easy way to view hidden files on Mac. Use the Show Hidden Files application. This app makes searching hidden files as easy as possible. You can even delete any useless hidden data with just one click!

  1. Download Show Hidden Files app from the Mac App Store.
  2. Install and launch the app.
  3. In the search field, input the file or folder name. For example, you can type in “cache”.
  4. A list of hidden files and folders will be shown to you. Select one item and then click the Show in Finder button or the arrow sign.
  5. The file or folder will then be shown in the
  6. From there, you can manage and view the hidden files.
  7. Once you close or relaunch Finder, the hidden file or folder will become invisible again.

Use the Show Hidden Files App and a Special Script

There is another way to use the Show Hidden Files app to view the hidden files you have on Mac. Use a special script! Follow the steps below:

  1. Download Show Hidden Files app from the Mac App Store. If you already have it, then proceed to step 3.
  2. Install the app.
  3. Download the following archives and unpack them:
    • HideHiddensAndRelaunchFinder
    • ShowHiddensAndRelaunchFinder
  4. Go to Finder and go to this directory: ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.nektony.FindFiles. To do this, open the Finder window ->Go -> Go to Folder. Type ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.nektony.FindFiles.
  5. Move the archives you downloaded and unpacked in step 3 to the com/nektony.FindFiles Be sure you don’t change the file names of the scripts.
  6. Relaunch the Show Hidden Files There should be a new option in its window. Click on the Grant Access button to confirm and verify access to the Home folder.
  7. Once you have successfully followed the steps, you can already enable or disable the feature to show or hide hidden files and folders.
  8. To enable or disable the visibility of files, you just have to use the Switch


It is important to understand that there are many hidden files and folders in your Mac’s system. While some of them play an integral role, others only eat up your Mac’s memory space. Even so, you should not modify or delete them unless you are completely aware and certain of their roles. After all, you can’t afford to mess up with the system.

In addition, some of the methods may require a bit of manual labor and a little of your time. But if you are not that confident with your technical skills, we suggest you install Tweakbit MacRepair first. If things seem too confusing, seek assistance from Apple experts. Take your Mac to the nearest iStore and ask an Apple genius to show the hidden files for you.

If you’re running into errors and your system is suspiciously slow, your computer needs some maintenance work. Download Outbyte PC Repair for Windows, Outbyte Antivirus for Windows, or Outbyte MacRepair for macOS to resolve common computer performance issues. Fix computer troubles by downloading the compatible tool for your device.
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Do you know how to show hidden files on Mac computers yet? Viewing them will help you to find out more information about the macOS operating system. Give us a minute to explain how to show and hide these important hidden files and folders!

Like other operating systems, macOS also keeps important files and folders hidden to prevent them from being deleted accidentally. The reason is that they perform some significant functions. It's hard to break something you can't see, isn’t it?

Pdf reader for mac book. Typically, the hidden files and folders in macOS that you won't be able to see by default will start with a dot, e.g., .htaccess file, .bash_profile, or .svn folder. The directories like /usr, /bin, /var, and /etc are hidden out of view, too.

Occasionally, in some cases, you may need to show hidden files on your Mac to fix a problem you are having, or to explore the Library folder and clear out old logs, caches, or other junk files.

Below, we have described three easy ways to show hidden files on a Mac.

Three Ways To Show Hidden Files On Mac Computer

One way is to use a keyboard shortcut, one is typing a line of command in Terminal, and the last is to execute an AppleScript.

Let's dive in to find out how to show hidden files and folders on your Mac!

How To Show Hidden Files On Mac With Keyboard Shortcut

The quickest way to view all the hidden files and folders on your Mac is to use the Command + Shift + . keystroke. It's the same as tapping a toggle button that jumps between on and off state, respectively, to show and hide hidden files on Mac.

To make this work, open the Finder app and then press Command + Shift + . to show hidden files. Press this key combination again to hide them!

Unfortunately, this keyboard shortcut is only applicable if your Mac is running the Mac Sierra OS or above.

How To Show Hidden Files On Mac With Terminal Command

If you are more comfortable using the command-line app than the keyboard shortcut to show hidden files and folders, then follow this instruction:

1. Open the Spotlight search bar (Command + Spacebar) and type in: Terminal, then press the Enter key to launch the Terminal app.

2. Copy the following command, paste it into the Terminal app, and then press the Enter key.

3. Next, type in the 'killall Finder' command and press the Enter key to execute it. Otherwise, you can hold down the Option key, do a right-click on the Finder icon in the Dock, and then click the Relaunch option.


Both the 'killall' command and 'Relaunch' option will do one thing, to restart the Finder for the change to take effect. Once it's done, you will see hidden files and folders on your Mac.

To switch the files and folders back to hidden, repeat step number #2 and number #3, but change the 'YES' value in the command to 'NO'. The Terminal command should be:

Once it's done, the hidden files and folders on your Mac will become invisible again!

How To Show Hidden Files On Mac With AppleScript

Hidden Files Widget For Mac Shortcut

What is AppleScript?

It's a scripting language that was created by Apple to automate repetitive or time-consuming macOS actions. It interacts primarily with apps and Finder to automate tasks for you. Whether it’s a simple task like copying files or as complicated as building a real estate catalog, AppleScript can perform the necessary actions quickly and intelligently.

To make hidden files visible using AppleScript, press the Command + Spacebar to launch the Spotlight search bar, type in: Script Editor, and then press the Enter key to start the Script Editor tool.

Next step, you need to copy and paste the following script into the tool.

Lastly, click the Run button to execute the script.

A new dialog will show up to give you two options: Show Files and Hide Files. Choose the appropriate option to show or hide hidden files on your Mac computer.

Yahoo Widgets For Mac

Also, you can save this script as an app to use later! Every time you want to show or hide hidden files and folders, simply click on this saved app and pick the appropriate option.

Calendar Widget For Mac

Final Words

Important files and folders in macOS are typically hidden for a very good reason, namely to protect the operating system and its apps from the user accidentally meddling in a potentially catastrophic way. It's better to leave these files and folders alone unless you absolutely feel the need to make them visible.

The quickest and easiest way to show hidden files on the Mac is to hit the Command + Shift + . keystroke, but there are still other options you might like to consider, such as using Terminal or AppleScript. Generally speaking, if you aren't sure about things you are going to do, we suggest keeping them invisible to avoid accidental removal. When you have to do any meddling, make backups beforehand, just in case any data is lost.


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