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Tinyumbrella V7


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TinyUmbrella is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal. It was a tool that we once used for downgrading iOS firmware to an earlier version, mainly for the purpose of installing a jailbreak.

Content Summary

Oct 14, 2015  In addition, TinyUmbrella can also preserve the baseband on iPhone 4 (iPhone3,1) devices. If Cydia returns only some of the SHSHs you desired, it is because Cydia does not have the others. Nothing you can do to get them. TinyUmbrella needs admin privileges to listen on port 80 and to change your hosts file. Sep 08, 2019  Sometimes it is necessary to save the SHSH signature of an iPhone, iPod or iPad, but this kind of operation requires a tool like TinyUmbrella.This is a program for saving SHSH signature of an iPod, iPhone or iPad on a PC running the Windows OS. Sep 23, 2013  Download TinyUmbrella v7.00.00 (Windows) Download TinyUmbrella v7.00.00 (Mac OS X) Contact Us for News Tips, Corrections and Feedback. Related posts. TinyUmbrella 6.14.00 Released to Add Support for iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5 Direct Links Download TinyUmbrella. Tinyumbrella-7.04.00.exe - Google Drive. Feb 03, 2013  Recorded this video 1st try because i wanted it to be done as fastest as possible before the jailbreak releases. Thanks for watching! Article in the backgro.

What is TinyUmbrella?

TinyUmbrella has many uses other than downloading Cydia. TinyUmbrella can be used for fixing iOS devices stuck in Recovery mode, fixing iTunes Error 3194 and more.

Download TinyUmbrella App:

The good news is, TinyUmbrella works on Mac OS and on Windows 7 through 10. Do make sure that you are running an up to date version of Java on your computer before you start, TinyUmbrella needs it to work.

Let’s dive in:

Click on the links below to download TinyUmbrella on your Windows or Mac computer:

It’s that simple

Later, we’ll be telling you how to use it but first

How TinyUmbrella Works:

Whenever you update your iPhone or iPad, a small piece of data is saved onto your device. This is the SHSH blob, and it contains information that relates to the firmware and your specific device. TinyUmbrella is used to save these SHSH blobs into an external file.


Because Apple only gives you a week to downgrade your device after you update it and, once that time is up, those SHSH blobs are wiped from your device. No SHSH blob, No Downgrade. By saving your blobs, you can then use TinyUmbrella to turn them into custom firmware for the relevant iOS version and, using iTunes, allows you to downgrade.

Cool, isn’t it? Let’s move on.

TinyUmbrella App Features:

TinyUmbrella is so simple to use and has many great features:

We’re not done yet

TinyUmbrella has so many uses:

Fix Recovery Mode:

While it is easy to get your device into recovery mode, it isn’t always easy to get out if it. TinyUmbrella can help you without you having to restore your device and lose everything. Check out the link below for more information.

Save SHSH Blobs:

The SHSH blobs are what you use to downgrade your iPhone or iPad and saving them is simple with TinyUmbrella. Click the link to find out how:

Wait, there’s more

Downgrade iPhone and iPad:

There are a few reasons why you might want to do this and, with TinyUmbrella, you are not tied to when Apple says you can do it. Find out how to do it anytime by clicking the link:

Moving on

How to Fix TinyUmbrella Not Working:

Most people have found TinyUmbrella to work smoothly, but some have found a problem with it. Users on Mac OS have found that either TinyUmbrella won’t open or, if it does, it just crashes immediately. Usually, there are error messages – one says “ is Damaged” and another will ask you to sign in and this will require your Apple ID.

Annoying, isn’t it?

Don’t worry because these are simple to fix. The problem lies in the app security certificate; it has most likely expired and this is down to the DRM, not anything you have done.

Here’s how to fix these errors: is Damaged:

It tends to be the more recent Mac OS X versions that this happens on:

  1. Reboot your Mac and try again; this may remove the error
  2. If not, delete TinyUmbrella
  3. Reinstall it and try again – it should all work correctly now

Fix Sign In To Use the Application:

This affects the older Mac OS X versions:

  1. Close the popup message telling you to sign in
  2. Reboot your Mac
  3. Open the Mac App Store and sign in using your Apple ID – this will authenticate your computer and all your apps
  4. Relaunch TinyUmbrella, and you should find it works just fine

Now things get a bit more complicated

Kill Mac Processes:

Another way of fixing errors is to kill off the storecountd processes, and this means going into Activity Monitor. Another way requires you to use a Terminal window on your Mac. If you are confident enough to do this, open a terminal and type in the following command:

Sudo killall -v storeaccountd

Mac OS runs two processes for this – root and user. Both are killed off with this one command.

Still got questions?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Then we’ll provide the answers


SHSH stands for Secure Signature Hash. It is a unique key, just a tiny bit of data that holds info about your firmware and device.

They are the only way to downgrade your device outside of the time period that Apple allows – usually a week after a firmware is released.


This useful tool is used for several purposes – saving SHSH blobs, turning them into custom IPSW files, fixing recovery mode and much more besides. It’s main purpose though is to help you downgrade your iPhone or iPad.

Two reasons – one, you may be trying to save SHSH blobs for a firmware that is no longer being signed by Apple and, two, you may not have enabled the Request SHSH from Cydia option. Check and enable it now.

Bear with me

Cydia creates a home page cache and refreshes it but it doesn’t do it very regularly. If you don’t see your saved SHSH blobs in Cydia, go to TinyUmbrella and check – if it says they are in Cydia, you’ve nothing to worry about. Just wait for Cydia to refresh again


You must save SHSH blobs while they are still being signed by Apple; if you don’t then you cannot restore to that firmware. Get into the habit of using TinyUmbrella every single time you update your device to use the blobs on all devices.

TinyUmbrella is written in Java and can only work with Java; it is one of the most straightforward programming languages for applications that are more complicated and it will run on multiple platforms. You must run the latest version of Java to avoid Java errors as the one shown below.

Any one of them. All three of these are interchangeable – a blob holds the data in the SHSH, the SHSH is the data sequence that represents a hash of all the files in your firmware file and, collectively, when Apple signs the firmware, they are known as a signature.

Keep reading, there’s more

For two reasons, both of which require admin privileges. The first is so that the app can modify the Mac or Hosts file and second, it needs Port 80 on your Mac or PC for listening.

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Nothing more than a simple file that maps hostnames to the relevant IP addresses.

Tinyumbrella V7.12.00

This is a common occurrence and it isn’t all that easy to fix. Here are the steps:

Tinyumbrella V7.04 Download

  1. Click on Start>Run
  2. Type MSC in the box and press Enter
  3. Look for an app in the list that is running on port 80 and stop it
  4. Download TinyUmbrella for Windows
  1. Open System Preferences>Sharing
  2. Disable Web Sharing
  3. Stop all programs that use Port 80
  4. Open a terminal window and type sudo lso -I :80 | grep LISTEN
  5. If an app starts up, type in sudo kill -9 $(sudo lsof -I :80| grep LISTEN | awk ‘{print $2})
  6. Download TinyUmbrella for Mac

Tinyumbrella V7.04.00

Provided you enabled the option for Request SHSH from Cydia in Tiny Umbrella, all SHSH requests will be sent via Cydia and all saved blobs are in Cydia too. However, due to security issues, you cannot force Cydia to save older SHSH blobs.

This error causes TinyUmbrella to crash and it is all because of a lack of permissions. Fix it like this:

  1. Open a Terminal and type sudo chown – R $USER ~ sudo chmod – R u+rw~
  2. Now reinstall TinyUmbrella and it will work

And we’re done


Give it a go

TinyUmbrella app is one of the most useful tools ever, and you should be using it every time you update your iOS device firmware. Check out all the other links to see what other cool stuff TinyUmbrella can do and follow the developers on Facebook for all the latest app updates.

Tinyumbrella V7 Download

Additional Information:

Only one Promotion Product per eligible Mac or eligible iPad per Qualified Purchaser. Qualified Purchasers can receive Promotion Savings when they purchase an eligible Mac or eligible iPad with AirPods at a Qualifying Location. Mac pro deals for students.

App Name:
Microsoft Windows


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