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Motorola Spectra Rss Manual


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Sep 21, 2013  Information in this article was obtained from Motorola RSS manuals, RSS program Help screens, and radio service manuals, as well as personal experience programming various radio series (MSF5000, HT600, Radius, MaxTrac, Spectra, MaraTrac, GM300, GTX). Some of this documentation exists as PDF files. Motorola Astro RSS Manual. RSS Manual 68-81098E85-O. Motorola Astro Spectra Siren/PA Wiring Information. English Language PDF Document. Motorola Astro XTL-5000 Detailed Service Manual. English Language PDF Documents within a ZIP package. Motorola CDM/PRO Series Detailed Service Manual.

·P50 (Radius P50+Portable, ver R02.00.00)



·P200 (low band only!)

·CP50; GP68 (only adjusting, no programming frequency..)


·P100; HT50

·P110-5t (PC nie szybszy niż 286!)

·P110-5t (PC Pentium!)

·Editsoftware for GP300-5t (It only runns on slow PC`s without FIFO RS232)


·P110; GP300

·GP300 (cracked!)

·Gp300 - interface

·Avi-file (Look and study!)

·GP300/GP350 ver R08.02.00 New Wersion

·GP300select5 (ver R01.02.03)

·GP300select5 (ver R02.03.00)

·GP300/P110 (ver R05.03.00)



·Mcx100 (v 4.1 Aug 1999); Syntor (v 4.0 1999)

·Syntor X 9000 ver 6.00.00 15 nov 1989

·Mcx1000 (PC nie szybszy niz 286!)


·M10; M120; M130; GM300; GR300

·M400 Mobile

·GM300 ver. R04.00.00

·GM300 ver. R05.00.00

·GM350 (English, fr.

·GM350 (International) Ver. R03.01.06



·Radius R100 Field Programmer V1.9 Standard Version 02/17/88


·SM50/SM120 R04.00.00

·HT1000; JT1000; Visar Conventional (V R03.02.01)

·HT1000; JT1000; Visar Conventional (V R03.03.00)

·Motorola Saber Portable

·Saber Series Radio ver. R05.00.00 12/25/89

·System Saber ver. R03.00.2 Apr 15,1992 (to lab use)

·Radius M100, M208, M216, MaxTrac 50, MaxTrac 100, and more..

·Motorola Syntor/X (TM)

·Motorola GM1200 (error..?)




·Motorola Toolkit

·Mostar Mobile Radio



·Maxtrac 6

·MaxTrac Trunked Mobile Radio

·MaxTrac Mobile

·MaxTrac Restricted to FTR use (v R05.05.00 01 Sep 1994)





·1225 (for Windows)








·MT2000; MTX8000; MTX9000; MTS2000



·MTX-820; MTX-820S; MTX-888; MTX-888S

Motorola spectra programming




·35HMC Centro/micro EVA/micro TRC/micro EZA

·MOTOROLA MICOM-2 Radio Service Software

·RSS for STX Restricted to LAB use. Version R03.01.00

·RSS for the LCS/LTS Trunked Radio



· - Password: (Schaumburg)

·GX300 (rus)

·RSS for RPM, MRM, and Info TAC Devices

·DeskTrac Series Base Station Control Station Repeater (ver.R03.04.00)

·ASTRO RSS Version R06.50.00




Motorola rss download

·Radio Utilities software




·Micom XF XR XL

·MICOM-2 ALE/SelCall RSS Version 2.0


·People Finder LT/PLUS (v.2.01)

·It's a program to monitor Motorola trunking activities


·MDT Monitor So

·Flash adapter for flashing the Gp 320-340-360-380

·MX1000 Series Field Programmer Ver R02.00.00 (Мх1000,2000,3000)

·Mt-2100 ver. R02.01.00

·SYNTRX RADIO v R02.00.03


·Spectra Mobile Radio v. B04.04.04 (Spectra LAB software)

·Spectra Railroad Version R04.05.00





·Quantar repeater

·MTR2000 Repeater (RVN4148I ver. 03.02.01)

·Tuner for Professional Radios R01.01.02

·Tuner for Professional Radios R01.00.00

·Tuner for Professional Radios R02.00.02

·Professional Radio CPS R01.00.02-AA

·Professional Radio CPS R01.00.02-LA

·Professional Radio CPS R02.00.00

·Professional Radio CPS R01.00.02-AZ

·Professional Radio CPS R04.00.00-AA

·Entry Lewel Professional Radio CPS R01.00.00-MOR

·Asia GP300(3W/216MHz)/280 RSS ver. R02.01.00


·Astro RSS ver. R08.00.00

·Astro RSS ver. R08.50.00

·Syntor/x programmer

·P200 Radio Service Software Version R02.03.01 08/JUL/91


·MCS ver. R05.04.00

·Professional Radio CPS R01.00.01-MD (I have information on an incorrectness!)

·Tuner for Professional Radios R01.01.03

·PRO-OSS (SmarTrunk programm for P080)

·Radius 1225 Series RSS Version 3.1 Release Build 2

·AP73 User Manual

·Professional GP300 Series FlashGrade, ver R02.00.27 (16 Nov 1999)

·Professional GP300 Series FlashGrade, ver R03.00.30 (21 Jun 2000)

·R01.00.01 22 Nov, 96


·Bendix King

·Astro Lab

·Motorola TRIC (v2.6) с

·Professional GP300 Series FlashGrade Tool, KIT No: ENVN4019P, 26-Apr-2001

·Professional Radio CPS R03.00.01 for GP320/340/360/380

·Tuner for Professional Radios R02.00.03

·Customer Programming Software R01.00.01-MD for P040/P080 (disk version)

·Tuner R010103 for P040/P080

·Tuner R020500 for professional radios

·Professional Radio CPS Latest European version (R060100MD)

·RSS for GM950plus

Motorola Astro Spectra Manual

·RSS for P110 8ch version of Latin America market (it's not compatible with ordinary 2 ch P110 !!!)

Motorola Spectra Rss Manual Software

·I20R repeater controller RSS

·Tuner for professional series, version R010103

·Service manual for new GM series

·Service manual for new M1225 radio (non-full)

·RSS new GM300 series, ver. 03.01.00

·RSS for Motorola trunking professional radio (for Latin America), ver. 01.02.03

·RSS for Motorola Astro radio, ver. 08.50.00

·RSS for Motorola GM300 radio, you can program 40 channels to GM300 with this RSS !

·RSS for Motorola Saber system

I primarily use Aperture “dark room” type work (color balancing, brightness, cropping, etc.) and organization. I primarily use Photoshop for photo compositing and preparing images for the web. However, there are very good alternatives to Apple’s Aperture that can be used on mac systems. Some of these are even better than Aperture, providing ease of use and advanced photo editing tools at a very low price. If you don’t want to pay the monthly subscription fee for Lightroom, the affordable Luminar is a great choice. Apple Aperture comes with a variety of editing tools for enhancing photographs quickly and easily. Users can adjust the white balance, saturation, and overall color of an image, as well as convert any photo to black and white and correct unwanted lens vignettes. Aperture 3.

Motorola Astro Spectra User Manual

·RSS for Motorola GM300 professional series, GP300 professional series radio, version 03.01.02

·RSS for Motorola CPS06.04AA for HT750/1250/1550 and CDM750/CDM1250/1550 radio, version 06.04

·RSS for Motorola HT-800

·Astro XTL-5000 service manual

·RSS for Motorola Professional series GP300, GM300 V03.00.01

·MTSX ver. 06.07.00

·RSS for 1225 PRO series

·Collection of codeplugs for Motorola radios

·RSS and tuner for CP150 and CP200

·RSS for GP2000 radio

·Manual for IDEN system G3

·How to covvert M110 for HAM needs

·RSS for MT1000, ver 03.01.02

·RSS for MTR2000 repeater, ver 03.01.02

·RSS for 7200 PRO series

·Dumps of EEprom for Syntor 9000

·Astro RSS, ver 09.05.00

Cable schematic diagram

· M120; GM300; GM350; P110; GP88; GP300; GP600

Motorola spectra t84fwa7ha9ak

· GP300

· 35HMC Centro/micro EVA/micro TRC/micro EZA

·Схема GM300

·Схема GP300

·Cable for new series GP300

·Cable for FlashGrade new series GP300


·Cable for Professional series


·RKN4083 scheme

·One more scheme of simple


I am trying to do a desktop set up of a Motorola Spectra T99DX+089W. D04KKF9PW5AN. I have a programming cable. I have a HKN4356B cable. I have a MOTOROLA HPN4007C power supply. I have a W5 control head and I am trying to power it up to program the Spectra on my laptop. I would be very grateful if anyone could show me where the wires should go. I have read the manuals, but I have not seen anything like I am trying to do. Please go easy on me. I am completely clueless on any of this, so a connection for dummies guide would be appreciated. Thanks!!!!!!


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