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Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead Walkthrough


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Users with the Steam version of Arma 2 or Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead should only update the game using Steam's own updating system. However Steam users may still use the beta builds.

PC Specs: Intel Q9550 @ 3.4 Ghz, NV GTX480, 4GB DDR3 RAM.

WIP: This page is currently a Work-In-Progress. Information contained in this article is either incomplete or missing and is subject to review. ArmA 2's Operation Arrowhead campaign has players take control of U.S. Army soldier Howard Drake, tank commander Ben Herrera, helicopter pilot Garry Pierce, and Delta Force operator Terry Graves. It was added with the release of the Operation Arrowhead. Jan 18, 2013 Profile must be set to Combined Ops. This'll make sure our mods will work with the content of both ArmA 2 and Operation Arrowhead. After having correctly set the Preset and Profile, you'll want to make sure you have the current preset selected in the left-hand bar. In my case it's 'ArmA 2 OA - A.C.E.' , if it's not selected, do it now. Arma 2 Basic Guide. And Arma 2, but alot of people are now buying Arma 2 / Operation Arrowhead and did not play the previous series, so it might be. Jun 29, 2010 ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead Walkthrough - Mission 2: Guten Morgen T-Stan P1/2 (HD) - Duration: 10:53. Striker1560 7,588 views. ARMA 2: Mission 1 (1/2), Operation Emerald Beacon.

Arma 2

Latest Arma 2 patch can be installed over game version 1.05 or higher. (Version 1.00-1.04 must first be updated with Arma 2: Patch v1.05.) Further excluding the Steam version (see below) all patches and updates since v1.02 work with all versions of Arma 2. Download torrent application for pc.

For a full list of all released patches and updates see the Patches & Updates category.

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Latest Version

For download mirrors see a patch's dedicated page.

Released: December 22nd, 2011

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Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead

The latest Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead patch (v1.62) requires the game to be first updated to version v1.60.

For a full list of all released patches and updates see the Patches & Updates category.

Latest Version

For download mirrors see a patch's dedicated page.

Released: June 30th, 2014


Latest patch for British Armed Forces DLC is included in Operation Arrowhead patch 1.60.

Latest Version

Version: v1.03
Released: December 22nd, 2011


Latest patch for Private Military Company DLC is included in Operation Arrowhead patch 1.60.

Latest Version

Version: v1.02
Released: December 22nd, 2011

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ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead Campaign

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Show alternate endings.


The campaign begins with a long intro about a war in the fictional country of Takistan.

01: Backstab

This is a cutscene about an assination attempt that went wrong. Play does not begin until..

02: Good Morning T-stan

The tasks are to secure the parameter of your landing site so that other units can come into play. Once that is done the airstrip to the north is to be captured. When your chopper lands, get out and follow orders, you are actually trying to take the airstrip at this point. Let the tanks roll in first and do most of the work. Remember not to harm civilians and try not to damage airport structures, you'll need them later. The AI will make quick work of the airstrip, you are then tasked with clearing Loy Marana and Jaza villages. It's a pretty straight forward search and destroy mission. You will get an auto save as each village is cleared. The mission ends when the two villages are clear.

03: Pathfinder

The tasks here are to clear the mountain pass to the north, eliminate any enemy strongpoints then to protect the US convoy going to FOS Planck. After the briefing in the control tower, head downstairs and board the Abrams tank. You will find yourself in command of a tank platoon. Head to the first waypoint. You will encounter infantry which your group will quickly dispatch, since they have no AT weapons. Watch out for tanks coming from the North East. Also watch out for AT soliders and tanks at the waypoint. When you reach that objective, plans change. You are directed to provide support for a downed C130. However, the way this game was coded, if you try to go there first, you will be told that you are straying from the convoy and the mission will fail. Instead follow the road and clear all objectives. After you clear the camp with the radar antenna, you will get an option to rescue villagers from the militia. Take the option, it won't divert you for too long. You also will have to wait for your AI platoon to catch up with you, else the mission will again say that you are straying from the convoy. When you get to the crash site, friendly forces will tell you where the captives from the crash are if you agree to trust them, concluding the mission successfully.

04: Coltan Blues

The primary objective is to rescue the hostages mentioned in 'Pathfinder' After you are auto ejected from the chopper, tell your men hold fire then go to 047073. There you will run into friendly guerilla forces, so don't fire. They will help out. You will need to take the mine by surprise. While it is tempting to snipe from the hilltop, that will alert the enemy too soon and key people will flee. Instead go in the general direction that the guerilla forces are taking and approach from the main enterance. Tell your men they are free to engage. Using the wall and the small building at the main gate for cover, snipe the M2 gunner then the sniper on the rooftop. Then rush for the door indicated here once you can do so without getting shot.

Open the door and shoot the guard. There will be a civilian that says he will give you the code, if he doesn't get shot first. Even if he gets killed during your entry, search his body for the disarm code. It will be an odd character set. If you don't have a good visual memory, do a screen capture and print out the code. The detonator is in this briefcase.

Open it and enter the 6 character code, then click the lower right 'enter' key to disarm the bombs. You have three tries, if you fail on the third try the bombs will go off. You also have one minute tops to get it done. Once the bomb is disarmed search the buildings. You will find one dead hostage, the others are missing. It is not possible to save the hostages. They do not exist in the game code for this mission, except for the dead one. A small chopper will be sent to take you to an AA pod (your squad gets left behind). Get in as gunner and point the weapon here

After each successful kill SAVE! Unless you are really good with AA pods it will take several tries to kill all three enemy aircraft. Even if you only shoot down two out of the three, you'll score a win.

05: Open Season

The briefing is a little unclear, but you start out patrolling a road in your combat chopper. You have an AI gunner. On your patrol you will encounter an enemy outpost. You are cleared to engage it. Your AI gunner will take out solders out in the open, but you'll need to swtich to manual fire and use Hydra rockets to destroy the outpost. After that is done, you will be first tasked with taking out AAA sites by remote control, but then you are given the option of destroying a convoy. Take it. Get within 700 meters and use the Hellfire missles to destory the convoy. Before going to the AAA objective, RTB to rearm. You should not have any damage to your chopper, but you can repair if you need to. Although the briefing says you can rearm as often as you like, that burns up a lot of time, this mission has a 45 minute time limit to complete. There are four AA targets to destroy. ZU-23s at 014082 and 02085. A IGLA pod at 023099 and the most dangerous is the Shiika at 013099. You can lock in on the Shilka from 2000 meters and take it out without using the ULB, but your missles won't lock on to the other targets, so us the ULB to target the others. Once the AAA defenses are gone, RTB, rearm and go to the waypoint. Destroy any armor within range, then switch to manual fire, and use your hydra rockets to totally destroy the bunker directly at the waypoint. Destroying all enemy vehicles and this bunker seems to be the key to beating this mission 100%. When you are given the order to RTB, land on the chopper pad and get out to conclude the mission.

Another possible ending to Open Season is for you to get shot down. If you bail or otherwise survive the crash, someone is sent to get you in a mission titled 'From Hell'.

06: Sandstorm

You are in command of 4 tank platoons as well as your own tank. Start off by switching to drivers seat and going to 048094. Once there SAVE, switch to gunner and have your driver advance until you see the first armored target, halt and fire. Bring the other platoon up to the middle of the red band on the map. Once targets in the immediate vicinity have been destroyed, advance to the crossroads at 053102. Stop and use the MG to kill the infantry there. Bring the other tanks to 049112, 049110 and 051107 being careful to route the around the mine fields. Drive your tank to 056105. Turn NNW switch to gunner and SAVE. Have your driver advance until you can see the first target. STOP. Fire on the first target and just wait until other armor comes into view. You may get bothered by attack choppers, shoot them down before they get you. Wait three minutes after destroying the last visible target before advancing. Advance until you see targets and destroy them. Next go to the communications center and destroy it with a sabot round. If you are out of sabots, two or three HEAT rounds will do it too. Once that is done, you getthe command to capture the base. Head to the waypoint, destroying all enemy. If you are low on ammo, just run over the soliders and crash into the UAZs The mission will conclude when the majority of the OPFORCE is destroyed.

07: Eye of the Typhoon

Walkthrough The initial task assigned is to capture or kill Col Aziz and destroy three SCUD launchers. Get everyone in the Bradley with you as driver. But on the way you are given the option of rescuing prisoners. Take the prisoner option. Although the game says you will have to hunt for the hostages, if you are playing in regular (default) mode, a waypoint will indicate their exact position inside the big blue building at 042041. Drive right into the courtyard. Leave your men in the Bradly and go in hot. The prisoners are in relative safety on the roof. Once the main area of the building is clear, SAVE, then go up the ladder. Be prepared to quickly shoot the two guards (BUG ALERT: One of the guards may be halfway in the wall) If successful, you will get some dialog and the mission will auto save. Take the task of capturing Aziz next, because if you do the SCUDs first, he will drive off and you will have to hunt for him and if he gets north of line 064 he will have escaped. Note that if he does escape, you get another chance to capture him in mission 08. Don't go directly up the road to the villa, there is a sharp eyed AT solider that will blow you away every time. Instead go due east till you get to 050042, then head up the hill at 049045, that way there will be light infantry resistance and you will see a big black SUV. Your AI gunner will open fire killing Aziz, there is no way of capturing him alive. Once he has been dealt with destroy the SCUDS at 045041, 042044 and 036043. Once that task is complete, the mission and campaign end, giving

Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead Walkthrough 4

09: Press Conference

Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead Walkthrough

This is just a final cutscene in which you get prefect victory.


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