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Mac Remote App For Android


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Android devices are so popular that every second or third person has one in their hands. Their popularity can also be attributed to the fact that they come with a zillion features that cater to several situations. Yet, there are situations when you might want to remotely control your Android phone.

But, what makes Mac Remote so good is that it's like the regular Remote app for iPhone, which controls pretty much anything. Along with the ability to access the programs mentioned above, you can also use Mac Remote to shut down the computer, adjust the brightness, and change the volume. Say hello to ISL Light Remote Desktop, another great remote desktop app for android. Connect to your Windows, Mac, or Linux desktops while not being near them. See the actions going on the PC Live. You can join a meeting or online class through it. This app provides great assistance over the internet.

So, what are these situations?

Let’s say, you wanted an important file from your phone but forgot the device at home or you are stuck with something on your phone that maybe your friend (who is at a distant location) could resolve. In both cases, you would want a solution through which you or someone could remotely control your Android phone.

Mac remote app for android phone

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Best 6 Mac Remote Apps Easily Control Your Mac from Android 1. Team Viewer is a free application used for remote controlling your MAC and can be easily installed. Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop. Splashtop is one of the most advanced, fastest and comprehensive remote desktop. Download and install the best free apps for Remote Access on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android from CNET, your trusted source for the top software picks.

Here are some apps that can help you do just that –

Best Remotely Access Apps for Android Phone:

1. TeamViewer

The app has gained immense popularity for the ease with which it lets you access devices remotely. It makes it possible for you to remotely control Android phone from another phone or PC or vice versa.


Rating: 4.5 stars

2. AirDroid

If you are figuring out how to remotely access Android phone from PC without knowing, AirDroid is one of the best apps you’ll come across. The app enables you to control mobile to mobile remote access and transfers files with ease wirelessly. You can also manage your Android contacts or messages, by mirroring them onto your big desktop screen.


Rating: 4.5 stars

3. VNC Viewer

No matter where your desktop is placed in the world, you can gain access to your desktop, its keyboard and mouse by using VNC Viewer remote access app on your Android device. For this you’ll first have to download the “remote access software” from VNC on the computers you wish to gain access to. After that, you will need to log into a VNC viewer app on your device with your RealVNC account details.


Rating: 4.5 stars

4. ApowerMirror – Mirror&Control

ApowerMirror – Mirror&Control helps you remotely control Android phone from PC using keyboard and mouse. You now have the luxury to flash your Android device onto a projector or big computer screen and nail your presentations. Also, you can enjoy Android games and movies on large screens without the slightest hitch.


Rating: 4.2 stars

5. Inkwire Screen Share + Assist

Just in case you are in a fix and can’t figure a way to resolve an issue in your Android phone, you needn’t bang your head. Instead, ask a friend of yours to sort the matter for you. All you need is Inkwire Screen share app. Although there are no remote-control features, you and your friend can communicate via voice chat.


Rating: 4.2 stars

6. AirMore: File Transfer

Another lightweight app that doesn’t take much of your system’s memory but lets you easily control your phone using your desktop.


7. Remote Desktop

One of the best remote access Android apps is offered by Microsoft. This powerful app is designed to help you connect to a remote PC or virtual apps and desktops easily. You can access a remote desktop that is running Windows Professional or Enterprise and Windows Server. In addition to that, you can also easily access remote resources published by your IT admin.


Rating: 4.1

8. AnyDesk Remote Control

AnyDesk Remote is one of the safest and fastest remote access Android apps. You can use this remote control software to access data across devices including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. You can expect unparalleled performance using this powerful tool. It offers a one-click process to save time and perform different tasks effortlessly.


Rating: 4.1

9. Splashtop Personal – Remote Desktop

If you are looking for a secure remote access app for Android, then Splashtop should be your choice. It works well on multiple devices and platforms including Android, Windows, and Mac. This powerful app is trusted by more than 30 million users around the world. You can use this app to access PCs on the local network. You can enjoy high-quality videos and audio streaming using this app.

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Rating: 4.4

10. RemoDroid

RemoDroid is the next best remote control app for Android that is designed meticulously to deliver high-speed results. You can try this app to remote control your Android TV sticks and control other smartphones and tablets. It makes screen sharing easy for you with tons of useful features.


Rating: 3.3


How to Block Remote Access on Android?

Unless you are using a remote access app for Android that is designed to allow others to access your device remotely, there are no means available one can access your device remotely. So find and remove this app to block remote access on Android.

How to Remote Access a PC from Android?

There are apps available to help you access your PC remotely from Android. Apps such as Remote Desktop by Microsoft and TeamViewer are a few useful apps you can try to remote access PC from Android. These apps are powerful solutions that offer high-speed results.

How do I enable Remote Access on Android?

To enable remote access on your Android device, you need to download a remote access app for Android. These apps support various platforms and help you easily and safely access your Android device remotely.

How good it would be to stay in complete control of where you can access your files, contacts and what not. Well! these apps do just that. They put you in complete control of your device in a fast and easy manner. Feel free to name any other remote access apps for android that you feel can help you remotely control Android phone from PC.

Recommended Readings:

Nowadays, different types of Android-powered gadgets are frequently used on a daily basis. If you're a proud owner of an Android device, at times you may have felt the need to access it remotely in different situations. That's where we need a robust, easy-to-use and a reliable mechanism to either get total control of the device or a way to get a partial control of select and important features. Thankfully, there are several apps, tools, and services that allow remote controlling of an Android device in an easy and seamless manner. We're going to look at some of the best remote accessing options available for Android devices. All these tools work seamlessly with almost every popular variant of Android running on a majority of devices and gadgets. These applications are ideal for professionals and frequent travelers who often need to access Android devices from a remote location. So, let's get started and check out these useful and powerful applications for managing our Android devices remotely from our PC or Mac.
1. TeamViewer Mobile Device Support: This hugely popular application can be used on Windows, Mac or Linux computers for remotely accessing Android devices in a few easy steps. It's simple, easy-to-install and works out-of-the-box. Professionals can use it to manage Android phones from a remote location.
The target device had to install a small QuickSupport app to allow remote control from a distant location. It gives complete control of the device as if one is holding it in the hand. It also supports secure file transfer as well as chat support to quickly communicate with the device owner during the active session. One can also capture true color screenshots from the remote Android device for offline analysis.
2. AirDroid: This is yet another immensely popular remote accessing solution for Android phones and tablets. It provides a nice and easy-to-use interface for managing the Android device right from your desktop. Apart from using a desktop app, you can also use a web app within Google Chrome browser.
Its large app notifications on the desktop screen keep you connected and notified about the happenings on the remote Android device. Its premium version includes unlimited transfers of files and entire folders. It can also be used to monitor a remote location through the device's camera in real time. If you're looking to transfer very large files from the remote device, AirDroid supports it out-of-the-box.
3. ISL Light for Android: This powerful application allows full control over remote Android devices with all the features to troubleshoot and manage issues with ease. Both tablets and regular smartphones can be controlled through this flexible application. It's available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.
Like other competent apps, this one also supports real-time screenshots of the remote Android device with support of instant messaging to exchange information with the person at the other end. It is specifically designed for Samsung phones giving you true control of the remote device. During a remote session, one can easily install or uninstall apps through point and click controls with immediate effect.
4. Mobizen: This is one of my favorite applications to tame an Android device from a remote location. It has several unique and intuitive features which make it quite popular among the user base. Use this robust solution if you want to quickly stream video and photos stored on a remote Android device.
It also supports drag 'n' drop file transfer between desktop and the phone. If your desktop screen is touch-enabled, you can use the same swipe and drag actions for the mirrored Android device screen instead of using classic point and click controls. You can also record video and can save the screenshots of the remote device with a click of a button. A connection can be made from a browser or from an app.

Mac Remote App For Android Phone

5. LogMeIn Rescue: Professional support teams can use this feature packed remote controlling solution for Android devices. It is a reliable and easy-to-use option to access Android phones from a remote location. It supports almost every popular Android phone brands including most custom Android builds.
It has a dedicated Click2Fix feature to quickly get vital information about the remote devices. This helps in quickly identifying the bottlenecks in the Android device. It also has a powerful SDK to configure system device settings from a remote location with ease. I liked its remote controlling application interface which is packed with tons of features to gain complete control over the remote Android device.
6. STF: This open source smartphone controlling solution is one of the best in its class for accessing Android devices remotely. It also allows you to manage an inventory of multiple remote Android devices. To use this solution, no external app needs to be installed. It's a browser-based remote access service.
It supports a wide range of custom Android builds expanding the smartphone range which can be managed remotely. Full copy and paste support ensure you can transfer information from phone to desktop and vice versa with ease. It can also display detailed phone logs in real time to detect and find issues if any. It also allows you to debug and run shell commands remotely right within a web browser.
7. BBQScreen: This dual-purpose solution can be used both for screencasting your Android device as well as for controlling it from the desktop screen. During a remote session, it can automatically adjust the mirrored display if the orientation of the Android device is changed at the other end by the owner.

Android On Mac

During the remote connection session, both video (HD quality) and audio streams are transmitted to the desktop screen for a true experience. One can also drag the smartphone screen from the mouse while remotely connected to an Android device. It runs seamlessly on Windows, Linux and on the Apple's Mac platform. I've also tested it on my Windows 10 machine and it worked seamlessly without any glitches.
8. Netop Mobile: This advanced Android remote access solution supports different languages and is perfect for technical support professionals. Its file transfer module is extremely reliable with support of lightning fast content syncing. With a click of button, you can also get detailed system information.
Its two-way chat system ensures the device owner can easily share information with the support person at the other end in an easy way while the remote session is in progress. Its unique script scheduling feature lets you perform important tasks on an automated basis. It also generates event logs to track what happened during the remote session on the device to analyze and debug errors in offline mode.
9. Monitordroid: This premium application gives you control of an Android device from a remote location. Full-scale file and folder browsing ensure you can easily find the required information. It also tracks the location of the Android device on an automated basis which also includes the history log.
It can also lock the device remotely to prevent unauthorized access keeping your confidential data secure and safe. One can easily control volume and camera including access to the terminal shell for triggering system commands. It also enables you to send SMS, make calls and use installed apps on the device without any problem. The application's remote accessing interface is quite simple even for a layman.

Mac Remote App For Android Issues

10. MoboRobo: This is an all-in-one Android phone manager one can use on a PC to access and use the device from a remote location. It can be used to quickly backup the entire phone content on the PC with one click restore option. You can also install and manage apps through the management interface.

Free Apps For Mac Computer

It can also transfer and update contacts swiftly enabling quick migration to a new device. It is also capable of updating multiple installed apps on the remote device. One can also transfer music library to and from PC to the connected Android device. It is completely free with no restrictions on the features which can be used to manage the Android phone. I've thoroughly tested it with a Samsung smartphone.
11. Vysor: This powerful and light Chrome app works seamlessly on all the popular desktop operating systems and mirrors the entire Android phone screen right on the desktop. Both keyboard and the mouse works swiftly to easily control and manage the remotely connected Android device in real time.

Mac Remote App For Android Phone To Lg Tv

It also enables you to give access to the phone's screen as well as complete control of the device to your friends across the globe in an easy way. Developers can also use it as an emulator to easily test their apps and web designs on different Android devices to find out bugs. The mirrored device screen is of HD quality and doesn't pixelate on a high-resolution desktop screen for the best viewing experience.
12. Bomgar: This flexible and robust application can provide remote access to wide range of Android-powered smartphones for troubleshooting and fixing the issues. It's available for all the popular desktop platforms (viz., Linux, Mac & Windows) and works without any issues with custom Android builds.
It can also be used to pull vital system information to identify issues. Live chat support during the remote connection enables the quick exchange of messages for better understanding the device issues. File transfer to and from the device is also done on an encrypted connection to prevent data theft. It can also be used to connect with multiple Android devices from a single desktop instance at a given time.
13. SureMDM: Do try this extremely flexible and feature packed application for enabling easy remote control of Android devices. Apart from regular screen mirroring, it also tracks and locates the device in real time making it ideal for professional use. It has an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard interface.
One of its powerful features is the ability to wipe out the data remotely to prevent an intruder from accessing the sensitive information. Its default analytics engine provides detailed statistics about the connected Android device. It enables support professionals to manage, repair and control installed apps from the desktop. One can also check all the vital device parameters to ensure it is working correctly.
14. Pushbullet: This is yet another handy solution to manage your Android device right from your desktop. Sending texts through this solution is dead simple. App notifications are also mirrored on the desktop screen to keep you notified of the alerts generated by the installed Android applications.
This application can also be used to quickly share web links to and from the connected device. Complete chat support ensures you can easily connect with your friends and family on the smartphone through your desktop. Apart from explicit file transfer, one can also trigger a download of files linked to in-app notifications. Both Android tablets and smartphones can be accessed remotely through this application.
15. SideSync: If you have a Samsung Android device, do try this application to remotely access it from your PC's desktop. It enables alarms generating on the phone and mirror them on the desktop to keep you connected to the device. Files and photos transfer is also quite simple through this useful app.

Mac Remote App For Android Tv

It can be used to connect to both Samsung tablets and smartphones. It can also run on Mac desktops with the same features available for the Windows platform. Complete call management and sending of SMS are supported to ensure you can perform all the important tasks from your desktop. The mirrored device's screen is crisp and clear enabling quick and easy management of the connected Android phone.


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