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Get to play the classic Subway Surfers game on PC without using a third party emulator! This is the classic endless runner game that you know and love. You can now play Subway Surfers unblocked on your laptop or desktop using arrow keys to take control of your character. Claim your Subway Surfers download for free online only here! Just click on the download button to get started.

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A Timeless Classic

Vzlom vk for mac desktop

Subway Surfers is regarded as a modern classic for many casual gaming fans. Even those who never played the game knew (or have heard) about it; that is how reputable it is!

For surfers around the world, this game serves as the pioneer for all other running games. So move over, Temple Run and Sonic! Subway Surfers remains as the king of endless dashing.

What is Subway Surfers?

If you were living in a cave for the past 8 years, what you need to know is that Subway Surfers is an endless running game. In this game, you get to play as a juvenile who likes to tag graffiti inside train stations. You need to escape from the train guard while avoiding obstacles and dodging incoming trains. And that’s how the adventure begins!

But hey, you do not play this game for the story – you play it for the fun mechanics! It uses a 3-lane swipe system instead of the tilt mechanics to switch lanes. This requires a lot of quick reflexes since the game gets faster the longer you run.

For the goal of the game, just collect as many coins as you can while running away from the guard. The game does not have a finish line or a conclusion. Literally, you just have to survive for as long as you can.

For an added boost, you can collect power-ups as you traverse through the train tracks and the city. These power-ups include coin magnets, extra speed boost, and invisibility. Finding these buffs will spawn randomly for every game session.

Unpredictable Gameplay

Every time you start a new game, the entire world becomes unpredictable. In one session, you may find yourself sliding under multiple obstacles for 30 seconds.

On the other hand, you may face a dozen incoming trains at once. That should encourage you to keep on playing the game and discover new things every time you travel across the never-ending city trail!

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Abandon linear gameplay and say hello to random spawns and various running methods here on Subway Surfers.

Meet The Subway Surfers Crew!

Initially, you play as Jake. But, you can unlock various Subway Surfers characters as you progress. You can take control of his buddies while he takes a break. Don’t worry, the gameplay does not change whenever you choose a different character.

Dash Through Competitive Levels

If scoring by yourself seems quite tiresome already, you can always choose to compete on a worldwide scale. We are talking about competing with other players around the world to see who can get the highest score ever.

But if global competition seems intimidating for you, you can opt to just rival your Facebook friends. Before you do that, make sure to connect the game to your Facebook account so you can invite them to play and compare scores after each game.

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Travel Around The World

While the original game puts you in the heart of the city, Killoo (the developer) has made yearly World Tours for the game. This offers players new and exciting locales to parkour on every year. Travel around the world including places like Chicago, Zurich, Amsterdam, and many more!

Vzlom Vk For Mac Desktop

Each map includes its own theme, level design, and music. So, if you are already bored with the same old standard city, why not go on a World Tour? Also, you get bonus points and other rewards for completing World Tour challenges. Most of all, these maps are available for free!

Why Subway Surfers Still Reign Supreme

By now, you may think the game is redundant already. As far as everyone knows, the likes of Angry Birds, Temple Run, Plants vs Zombies, and Clash of Clans start to fade away after a few years. But for some reason, Subway Surfers still remains relevant even to a new generation of casual players.

This is because of the quality of life content that the game includes. These include better graphics, smoother gameplay experience, and constant updates. With stuff like these, fans would never go anywhere else. Even first-time players can look forward to new maps and challenges.

Beyond The Game

Download pages for mac. Did you know that Killoo also produces Subway Surfers short films too? Yes, you can find them on YouTube to see all kinds of shenanigans by your favorite juvies.

Beware of Fake Offers

On the internet, nobody is safe. That is why we are here to advise you to steer clear from websites that include mods and other cheat codes that are not permitted by Killoo Games. If you find any sort of “Subway Surfers hacks” or “cheats” on the internet, those are nothing but a scam.

As long as the codes are not made by Killoo, those are illegal. With that said, you can get your legit copy of the game for free on your PC right here! Click on the download box to enjoy Subway Surfers unblocked for PC.

Game Features

Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog.

Check out these game screenshots.

Vzlom Vk For Mac Download

Play Subway Surfers on PC & Mac FREE!


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