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More of a history and political primer than a tour guide. It


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                      Colleges Slash Budgets in the Pandemic, With ‘Nothing Off-Limits’ - The New York Times

                      Liberal arts departments, graduate student aid and even tenured teaching positions are targets as the ..

                      Florida saw record breaking first day of early voting with millions of ballots cast | Fox News

                      Floridians experienced a record-breaking first day of early voting in anticipation of the upcoming November ..

                      Asteroid Bennu has been hanging out with Earth for over a million years - CNN

                      The near-Earth asteroid Bennu has been in an orbit that brings it near to Earth for 1.75 million years, ..

                      How to watch the Orionid meteor shower peak tonight - Los Angeles Times

                      The sky show begins in the wee hours and continues through dawn.

                      Never worry about USB port connectivity again with this dual connector thumb drive | PC Gamer

                      The transition from USB Type-A to USB Type-C has not exactly been an expeditious one, mostly because ..

                      Stare into the horrible eyes of these Rocket League Stay Puft wheels | PC Gamer

                      I don't usually use licensed parts on my Rocket League cars, because they're the videogame equivalent ..

                      Calls to boycott French products grow after Macron backs Mohammed cartoons - CNN

                      Calls are growing in parts of the Muslim world to boycott French goods in protest after President Emmanuel ..

                      Phasmophobia updates will make ghosts smarter and less predictable | PC Gamer

                      Phasmophobia is the best ghost game ever made, according to Rich Stanton, and with the spooky season ..

                      Some Americans concerned about possible side effects of a COVID-19 vaccine: "We just don't know enough" - CBS News

                      Two major clinical trials for coronavirus vaccines​ are resuming in the United States, after being paused ..

                      Russia, China Rush to Fill Covid-19 Vaccine Void - WSJ

                      While the U.S. and Europe await the results of large-scale clinical trials before deploying coronavirus ..

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