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                      Asteroid Bennu has been hanging out with Earth for over a million years - CNN

                      The near-Earth asteroid Bennu has been in an orbit that brings it near to Earth for 1.75 million years, ..

                      Vivo makes big expansion into Europe - The Verge

                      Vivo has announced that it’s moving into six major new European markets. Its first flagship device will ..

                      Chris Pratt deemed ‘worst Hollywood Chris’ by Internet; Marvel stars, wife Katherine Schwarzenegger defend him | Fox News

                      Chris Pratt's rumored politics reportedly caused him to be deemed less favorable to Chris Hemsworth, ..

                      Dow Jones Futures Jump On Stimulus News; Netflix Plunges, While Snap Soars 24% On Earnings| Investor's Business Daily

                      Dow Jones futures jumped 100 points on coronavirus stimulus news late Tuesday. Netflix plunged 7%, while ..

                      As Coronavirus Surges and Brexit Deadline Nears, Boris Johnson Stalls - The New York Times

                      The prime minister’s delaying strategy carries severe risks if he misplays his hand, with the pandemic ..

                      Armenia and Azerbaijan conflict: Drones upset military balance - Los Angeles Times

                      The use of drones has upset the military balance between Azerbaijan and Armenia in their longtime dispute ..

                      NFL Week 7 updates, scores and news – The Athletic

                      Cam Newton was benched in the Patriots' blowout loss to the 49ers while Tom Brady and the Bucs took care ..

                      Russia, China Rush to Fill Covid-19 Vaccine Void - WSJ

                      While the U.S. and Europe await the results of large-scale clinical trials before deploying coronavirus ..

                      Lawyers Can't Find Parents Of More Than 500 Immigrant Children Separated By Trump Administration

                      "People are constantly asking me when we will find all the families and I unfortunately do not know." ..

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