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                      Attack Drones Dominating Tanks as Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict Showcases the Future of War

                      Azerbaijan’s Turkish and Israeli drones are wiping out tanks, artillery, and soldiers as the Armenians ..

                      Troy Aikman responds to criticism over hot-mic comments about flyovers

                      Troy Aikman clarified what he meant about stadium flyovers during the Packers-Bucs game.

                      Armenia and Azerbaijan conflict: Drones upset military balance - Los Angeles Times

                      The use of drones has upset the military balance between Azerbaijan and Armenia in their longtime dispute ..

                      Texas woman died of Covid-19 on a plane, county report says

                      A Dallas-area woman died due to Covid-19 while on a flight in Arizona in July, a Dallas County official ..

                      Bloodlines 2 senior narrative designer Cara Ellison has left the project | PC Gamer

                      In August, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 developer Hardsuit Labs announced that it had parted ..

                      Asteroid Bennu has been hanging out with Earth for over a million years - CNN

                      The near-Earth asteroid Bennu has been in an orbit that brings it near to Earth for 1.75 million years, ..

                      Iowa Supreme Court sides with GOP in dispute over absentee ballot requests - CNNPolitics

                      At least 74,000 absentee ballot requests submitted by voters in three Iowa counties will remain invalid ..

                      Dow Down 900 Points as Virus Surges, Wall Street Has Stimulus Doubts - TheStreet

                      Stocks decline sharply as coronavirus infections surge and stimulus negotiations appear to be going nowhere. ..

                      Psychonauts 2 features a spinning tunnel of teeth, unfortunately | PC Gamer

                      I was looking forward to the launch of Psychnonauts 2 next year. Not anymore!On Twitter, Double Fine ..

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