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As GPU shipments rise, analyst cautions it would be ‘foolish’ to buy one for mining | PC Gamer


41 day(s) ago in category Gaming

Can you remember the last time you purchased a graphics card? If you're in the same boat as PC gamers at large, it was probably a long time ago, before the Great GPU Shortage of 2020/2021, caused by a spike in cryptocurrency mining, having to compete with scalpers and bots, and just not enough silicon to go around. Be that as it may, overall GPU shipments are holding strong, just don't buy one for cryptocurrency mining if the opportunity presents itself.That's according to Jon Peddie Research, a well known marketing, research, and consulting firm. JPR's latest report highlights a greater than 20 percent jump in total GPU shipments in the fourth quarter of last year, and a 12.4 percent rise for all of 2021.Those figures include integrated graphics, hence Intel leads the way with the biggest share of the PC GPU market—many of its CPUs have onboard graphics. When narrowing the focus on standalone desktop graphics cards, shipments slipped slightly by 3.9 percent last quarter.That's not surprising, really. According to JPR, overall GPU shipments are typically flat in the fourth quarter compared to the previous one, so a small slippage in discrete-only GPUs during a period of short supply is actually right on par with expectations. And as a whole, overall GPU shipments defied the trend.JPR certainly isn't worried about the 3.9 percent drop—the firm predicts discrete GPU shipments are on track to grow 21 percent over the next five years, bolstered by gaming and the continued proliferation of home offices. Interestingly, JPR does not see cryptocurrency mining as being a driving force.


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                  Save $200 on this gaming laptop with a full-power (read: not Max-Q) GeForce GTX 2060 GPU.


                    A 7-inch OLED handheld is our PC game streaming dream but we'll settle for the Nintendo Switch Pro | PC Gamer

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                      Double Mutant Coronavirus Variant From India Found In California – Deadline

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                      California confirms its first case of a double mutant strain which combines mutations from the South African and West Coast variants.


                        Weekly CDC report reveals people who knew they had COVID-19 still went out to bar event and spread it - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism

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                        A new CDC report revealed that there was a subset of people who still went out and about despite knowing they had COVID-19, the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) said. The study linked 46 COVID ..


                          Illinois bar opening event linked to 46 Covid-19 cases, a school closure and hospitalization, CDC report says - CNN

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                          A rural Illinois bar opening event in February was linked to a Covid-19 outbreak of at least 46 cases, a school closure and the hospitalization of a long-term care facility resident, according to a United ..


                          Children now playing 'huge role' in spread of COVID-19 variant, expert says - ABC11 Raleigh-Durham

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                          This Stunning Animation Shows Why Saturn's Rings Are Like a 'Mini Solar System'

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                          If star-hopping aliens ever visited our solar system, Saturn is probably the planet they'd remember.


                          NASA’s Mars Helicopter Survives First Cold Martian Night on Its Own | NASA

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                          Making it through the frigid Martian temperatures after being deployed by NASA’s Perseverance rover is a major milestone for the small rotorcraft.


                            2021 NFL Mock Draft: Jacksonville Jaguars get their quarterback - Bleeding Green Nation

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                            With the 1st overall pick in the 2021 Bleeding Green Nation community mock draft, Jacksonville Jaguars GM Phoenix X Minimus selects ...


                              Stanford holds off Arizona 54-53 to win women's NCAA title

                              9 day(s) ago in category News by system

                              SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Tara VanDerveer hugged each of her Stanford players as they climbed the ladder to cut down the nets, capping a taxing whirlwind journey and ending an exhausting championship...


                              New York Jets trade QB Sam Darnold to Carolina Panthers for 3 draft picks

                              9 day(s) ago in category News by system

                              The Jets traded QB Sam Darnold to the Panthers for three draft picks: a sixth-rounder this year and a second-rounder and fourth-rounder in 2022.


                              Netflix, Apple and Disney were big winners at the SAG Awards | Engadget

                              9 day(s) ago in category News by system

                              Netflix, Apple and Disney+ were big winners at the SAG Awards, with 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom' and 'Ted Lasso' among the highlights.


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