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12 health reasons to eat radish every day


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Radish is a popular ingredient in raw salads throughout Asia. "Mooli" is the Hindi name for radish and somewhere matches its spicy taste. It may not be the favorite part of a vegetarian salad of many, but the health benefits of radish certainly attract many fans to the club. Like cabbage, it also has a unique taste among Chinese for the substantial health benefits it provides.

12 health reasons to eat radish every day

This root vegetable comes in a wide variety of shapes and in terms of growing season, size and shape, as well as colors. It can be black, white or purple. And round or elongated with a variable thickness. But this does not affect the health benefits of radish. All its varieties are equally beneficial and healthy.

A good part of the radish plant is that all of its parts are useful. You can use its seeds, leaves, as well as its roots.

Helps against cancer

Researchers from the Jawaharlal Nehru University of Technology in India conducted a study and found that radish has the ability to kill cancer cells by inducing apoptosis. This study was later published in the medical journal " Food Plants for Human Nutrition" in 2010.


He stated that the "vitamin C, isothiocyanates and anthocyanins" found in radish roots kill cancer cells and help prevent free radical damage to the DNA cell. Thus, radish is not only useful for those suffering from cancer, but also helps in the prevention of cancer.

How to use it for cancer: To use this radish health benefit, you can eat the bulb or the leaves of the radish. Both are beneficial. It can be incorporated into the diet as a raw salad, or it can be cooked in a vegetable form. The same with the radish leaves.

Helps in diabetes

Unlike other root vegetables, radishes are low in carbohydrates and high in antioxidants and fiber. Research has found that its sprouts have sugar-lowering effects in non-human study subjects. However, more evidence is needed to recommend it for blood sugar correction in humans.

Another reason to consider radish in a diabetic diet is because it has a low glycemic index and its consumption does not increase blood sugar levels. Therefore, it can be considered by anyone diabetic or non-diabetic for salad inclusions.

Improves kidney health

This is one of the key health benefits of radish. They are diuretic in nature and therefore help in better elimination of toxins and kidney waste through urine.

Radish increases urine production and therefore can be beneficial for patients suffering from kidney disorders. The kidneys of a person with chronic kidney disorders are unable to filter toxins. These toxins accumulate in kidney cells causing infiltration and various other severe symptoms. Blood is toxic with unwanted residues and dialysis becomes necessary.

It helps in these cases by increasing urinary output and removing unwanted waste from the blood and urine.

It also reduces inflammation and burning urination (a burning sensation when urinating) in those who suffer from urinary tract infections. It also helps in cases of kidney stones and urethral stones by increasing urinary output and thus helping to push these stones out of the body while passing urine.

How to use the radish: You can grate it and squeeze the juice through a muslin cloth or simply by pressing with both hands. Also, you can add a little water and grind in a mixer and strain the juice.


Regulates blood pressure

The journal of " Nutrition Research and Practice " published a study related to radish leaves and blood pressure. He claimed that the leaves helped hypertensive participants in lowering their blood pressure. Its high levels of sodium and potassium help maintain the balance of sodium and potassium in a hypertensive patient.

Therefore, it controls blood pressure so that it does not rise higher than normal levels. It can also help with heart conditions like arrhythmia.

How to use it on blood pressure: To use it for this health benefit, you can wash and chop the leaves, and then cook gently in a pan and eat as a vegetable preparation. Also, you can use leaves and radish in chopped form in a raw salad. You can use a little rock salt if the radish is too peppery.

Radish helps jaundice

Radish leaves are used as the perfect home remedy for jaundice. The extract from its leaves helps to supply more oxygen to the body and thus helps to remove the yellow tone from the skin of a jaundiced patient. It is a good detoxifier and helps in the removal of excess bilirubin from the blood.

The enzymes and nutrients in this vegetable have the ability to protect the gallbladder and liver from various infections and help to restore cellular function in case these organs are already affected.

How to use it in jaundice: you can extract the juice from the leaves by grinding them in a food processor and adding a little water to it. Or you can also gently cook the leaves.

Fight constipation

It is high in water and fiber. It plays a double role in treating constipation. That fiber not only helps in creating volume and eliminating waste by pushing into the anus, but its high-water content helps in easy movement and secretion of digestive juice as well. This adds to its great benefits and makes it a super food for consumption by people of all ages.

How to use radish in constipation: you can eat radish as a raw vegetable or add it to your dishes as well.

Helps with chest congestion, coughs and colds

The antioxidants in radish help to improve the overall immunity in a person. This helps keep you away from general infections like the common cold. The astringent taste of radish helps clear chest congestion by clearing mucus. It also helps a cold by reducing the duration or period of this infection and helps it heal faster.

How to use it on colds: Radish can be used in any form, raw or cooked.

Helps in weight loss

You may wonder how this vegetable can benefit weight loss. But it's true. Radish is very low in calories it also provides you with plenty of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.

It can be included as part of your choice of salad or as a snack in the afternoon snack. While a person is on a weight loss diet, a large amount of toxins is produced in the body when fat cells are burned. The high-water content in radish helps increase urination. This will also help in better weight loss and the elimination of these accumulated toxins in the body.

How to use it for weight loss: You can incorporate radish into your salads or as a juice.

Radish is useful in asthma

This is one of the most useful health benefits of radish. Radish has anti-congestive properties and helps clear the airways of mucus. It also helps clean the sinuses. It helps keep the airways free from allergies and infections by protecting the inner lining of this organ.

Radish helps hemorrhoids

It has a good water and fiber content. This helps in the formation of loose stools. This is especially helpful in piles, gastric problems, and constipation. However, in the case of acute bleeding, it is better to avoid radish.

Improves skin health

This is one of the lesser-known health benefits of radish. This healthy vegetable helps improve skin health in a number of ways. Its high-water content helps hydrate skin cells and leaves them looking fresh and healthy.

Radish antioxidants help to eliminate free radicals and toxins from the skin and therefore help in the removal of scars and blemishes from the deepest layer of the skin.

Has a mild whitening effect on the skin. You can apply it grated or crushed on the facial skin. Can also be used for pedicure or manicure. Increasing the intake of this vegetable will help to obtain clean, clear and fresh skin.

Helps slow skin aging

It provides the skin and cells with a large amount of water and leaves the cells hydrated. It is a proven fact that dry skin ages faster compared to healthy, hydrated skin.

How to use it for anti-aging: Eating raw radish helps. Also, grind it raw and then apply it on your face. Use radish juice to wash your face.

After reading the health benefits of radish mentioned above, many of you will have already started considering radish for your next meal!

Radish healing juice for liver

Prepare this juice to treat liver ailments, such as liver migraines, hepatitis, fatty liver. You can also use it to treat kidney stones.


Preparation instructions: Grind the radishes with the juice of the lemons. If you want it lighter, you can add a little water.

Way of consuming

Drink this mixture for 2 weeks consuming at least 1-1 / 2 litres of water daily.

Radish healing juice for respiratory diseases

This juice treats bronchitis, sinusitis, and can also be useful to relieve symptoms of arthritis.



Grind everything in the blender. If it is very thick, you can add a little water, but not very liquid. Store in a glass jar with a lid in the refrigerator.

Dosage: Take a tablespoon of this mixture 3 times a day.

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