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The four best yoga poses for creating energy, according to an expert


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Beatriz Gutiérrez Aguado, a teacher in this discipline, reveals which of these positions are the best to have more daily strength

The yoga is an ancient practice that helps anyone to regulate their energy levels, not only when you are stressed and need to get down and relax the pace of life, but also when the opposite happens that someone feels tired, listless and even unmotivated and depressed.

This discipline can help you keep your body in top shape and find the balance you need with your mind, but it can also be your ally, thanks to some of its postures, to relax. "Although we may feel that we need a vacation to recover from fatigue, many times it is not like that, we only require energy within ourselves, something that we can get from yoga, " explains Beatriz Gutiérrez Aguado to Vozpópuli.

The young businesswoman, who will open her own yoga center, Be Art Yoga, in the heart of Madrid in the coming months, has told this medium about the best positions in this discipline to be well and relax.

"You can do them, now that we are in winter, also working with the cold, in the park or opening a window. This way your vascular system will open and optimize, also generating more energy. Do not force, breathe in the asanas (each one of the different postures) and if your body trembles, stand up to warm yourself and always help yourself with your breath, "he says.

Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward Facing Dog

The Downward Facing Dog or Adho Mukha Svanasana pose is one of the most popular yoga postures, even by those who have never practiced this activity. To do it correctly, you have to stand with your hands and feet on the mat.

The arms must be completely straight and in line with the back, which also has to be straight. Legs should be slightly open, hip width apart, and straight. The ideal is to place your heels on the ground, but that comes with practice. If you want to add a bit of difficulty, you can do it by raising one of your legs fully stretched out. Wait a few seconds and repeat the exercise with the other leg. Both versions will help you strengthen the abdominal area.

Take ten very deep breaths noticing how your chest expands and your back widens with each inspiration and release, with each exhalation, everything that is left over, what you don't need. "It also leaves your neck, your face and your head free. If something bothers you, you can lean on a support (a yoga brick or a book) for example ", says Beatriz.

"It is a basic position that helps us to center our body and our mind. With it the muscles of the back are stretched, especially the quadratus lumbar and latissimus dorsi, hamstrings, pectorals and calves. In addition, the chest expands, facilitating the stretching of the diaphragm and helping us to take deeper breaths. It also strengthens the legs, arms and abdominal girdle and the blood flow reaches the brain more easily, so attention and concentration are exercised ", reveals the specialist.

The Plank or Utthita Chaturanga Dandasana

To enter the posture, you should start by standing on a plank with your wrists aligned with your shoulders, facing forward and without your hips sagging or rising too high. As if you were a straight board and keeping your elbows close to your sides (very important). Without separating your arms from your body, begin to bend your arms and lower your entire body at the same time, in one line.

"If it costs you too much and you begin to sink towards the ground, support your knees (note that when you lower them, they stay behind your hips) and continue to maintain the activity in the rest of the body. Don't forget to keep your abs active bringing the navel inwards. From here you can alternate raising one leg, keeping it up and breathing with consciousness about ten / fifteen times. You will gain strength and, of course, you will generate energy ", continues the specialist. In addition, Beatriz recommends that if you have a problem or ailment in your wrists, that you bring your elbows to the ground supporting your entire forearm.

Virabhadrasana or Warrior

With this challenging and empowering posture, which has three variants, strength, mobility, stability and fluidity of movements are exercised in equal parts. " Its practice connects you with your strength, your energy, your own warrior, from the soles of the feet to the head. It is a wonderful standing yoga position to work on balance and breathing. It especially strengthens the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes. major, erectors spinae and transverse abdominis, and if it is performed with the arms raised, the deltoid muscle is also strengthened ", explains the expert.

Most of the effort is carried out by the feet, legs, buttocks, and torso, although the arms are involved up to the tips of the fingers. This posture is used to exercise both your strength, coordination and mobility as well as your ability to concentrate.


This posture is ideal for working almost the entire body, especially the legs, glutes and core, but also the arms. Almost anyone can do it, no matter what level they are at. Also, a half squat in which the back is aligned with the arms could be considered. To do it correctly you will have to stand upright, with your legs hip-width apart.

Raise your arms toward the ceiling with your palms facing each other until they reach the level of your ears. Then bend your knees, trying to make them at the ankles. If you look at your feet, you should be able to see your toes. Hold the pose for about 30 seconds, a little less if you are a beginner and still find it difficult. The back should remain straight and the shoulders relaxed.

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