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The health dangers of eating instant soups


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http://The health dangers of eating instant soups

Instant pot soups are convenience foods that have become very popular in recent years; in fact, they are an easy and inexpensive solution for those who do not have time to cook and / or eat healthy. Even those who eat this instant food, know that it is not really healthy, but they think that it does less harm than hamburgers, sandwiches, French fries or any other type of fast food.

In fact, this type of diet is not a good alternative. After research and experiments, have been shown to have a negative effect on the body. In this article we will reveal the details and results that were obtained from said analysis.

Instant soups are not easy to digest

Through some studies, it was found that instant soups, especially those containing noodles, remain intact in the stomach, even after two hours of consumption. This period of time is much longer than the time it takes for homemade spaghetti or soups to digest. These results raised a number of concerns about the effect of prepared foods on digestion.

For starters, the digestive tract can be under a lot of stress because it has to work several hours to digest these highly processed foods. When a food remains in the digestive tract for a long time, there are also consequences for the absorption of nutrients; however, instant noodles and ready-made soups do not provide significant nutritional value. Instead of nutrients, foods of this type contain a long list of additives, including the toxic preservative Terbutylhydroquinone (TBHQ).

Most likely, the additives remain in the stomach along with the ingested food, causing health problems after prolonged digestion.

Just 5 grams of the preservative TBHQ can be lethal

For those unfamiliar with the tertiary preservative butylhydroquinone (TBHQ), you should know that it is a by-product of the petroleum industry, which can often be misleading because it is listed as an "antioxidant." Consumers should understand that it is a synthetic chemical with antioxidant properties and not a natural antioxidant of those that do the body good. This type of synthetic "antioxidants" prevents the oxidation of fats and oils, prolonging the life cycle of processed foods.

TBHQ is present in most processed foods that can be found on the market, regardless of the brand. In addition, it is used for paints, lacquers, pesticides, cosmetics and perfumes in order to reduce the evaporation rate and improve its stability.

Although food additive experts have determined that humans can consume very low doses of TBHQ, the truth is that 5 grams of this additive can be lethal. In fact, the food additive dictionary assures that exposure to just one gram of TBHQ can cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, delirium, choking, among many others.

Instant food consumption is linked to metabolic syndrome

A recent study, the results of which have been published in the " Journal of Nutrition ", has determined that women who consume more instant preparations have a higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome than those who eat less, regardless of their diet and physical activity they do.

According to this research, women who have consumed instant products twice a week are 68% more likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome, a health problem that leads to serious conditions such as obesity, hypertension, and increased blood sugar, triglycerides and a decrease in good cholesterol (HDL) levels.

People who eat these types of foods also get fewer important nutrients, such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, vitamin A, niacin, and vitamin C than those who do not. Also, they increase the levels of bad fats, calories and sodium.

A healthy diet is best for good health

Although eating instant soup every now and then is not a health hazard, regular consumption could lead to serious health problems down the road. It is best to opt for a diet based on fresh, natural and healthy foods for the body. If you want to completely eliminate processed foods from your diet, the ideal is to prepare a menu in advance and follow it every day of the week.

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