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2 Capitol Police officers suspended after riot, House Democrat says - CBS News


6 day(s) ago in category News

The actions of some officers have come under scrutiny after Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol.


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2 men allegedly seen in viral photos carrying zip ties during Capitol assault arrested - CBS News

7 day(s) ago in category News by system

Larry Rendell Brock and Eric Gavelek Munchel were allegedly pictured in the chambers of Congress wearing tactical gear and holding plastic zip ties.


Object that whizzed by Earth probably came from alien world, Harvard professor asserts - CBS News

10 day(s) ago in category News by system

Harvard's Avi Loeb says object that whizzed by Earth in 2017 was probably debris from an advanced alien technology – space junk from many light years away.


Australia locks down city of 2 million over a single case of new COVID variant - CBS News

10 day(s) ago in category News by system

Brisbane, like all of Australia, had returned to virtual normality amid the southern hemisphere's summer temperatures, so it's keen to nip this problem in the bud.


U.S. surpasses 20 million cases of coronavirus on first day of 2021 - CBS News

16 day(s) ago in category News by system

As states attempt to manage the surge, a new strain of COVID-19​ scientists believe is more easily transmitted has been detected in the U.S.


Astronauts beam Christmas message of hope to Earth from aboard International Space Station - CBS News

24 day(s) ago in category News by system

"As we prepare to observe the holidays far away from our loved ones, we look down at our precious planet, and it becomes clear how connected we really are," said NASA astronaut Shannon Walker.


"An honor and a privilege": Two West Point cadets earn Rhodes Scholarships - CBS News

39 day(s) ago in category News by system

For West Point Cadets Evan Walker and Tyrese Bender, the road to becoming Rhodes Scholars was paved with hard work and commitment to school, sports, and integrity.


Potential "bribery-for-pardon" scheme under investigation by the Justice Department - CBS News

47 day(s) ago in category News by system

The Justice Department is investigating a bribery scheme that directed money to the White House or used political contributions in exchange for a presidential pardon, according to court documents released ..


Melania Trump unveils Christmas decorations for final holiday season in White House - CBS News

48 day(s) ago in category News by system

The unveiling comes less than two months after secret recordings from June 2018 were aired by CNN, in which she complained about preparing for the holidays at the White House.


Joe Biden's doctor says he suffered "hairline fractures" in foot after he slipped while playing with dog - CBS News

49 day(s) ago in category News by system

The president-elect will "likely require a walking boot" for several weeks.


Racing pigeon sells for record $1.9 million after frantic bidding war: "Total shock" - CBS News

63 day(s) ago in category News by system

Top breeders relying on generations of family experience can now sell their birds for prices unheard of merely a decade ago.


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              L.A. Supervisors Discuss New Covid-19 Closures Behind Closed Doors – Deadline

              The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors considers more infection-control, including possible closures ..

              Can employers make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory? - Los Angeles Times

              Many teachers, grocers and even some hospital employees are wary of the COVID-19 vaccine and don’t want ..

              CDC says U.K. coronavirus variant could become predominant strain in U.S. by March

              How widespread is the UK variant in the US? CDC report projects UK variant will be the predominant strain ..

              Game of Thrones dire wolves were real. We now know why they went extinct - CNET

              DNA evidence shows that the now famous -- and extinct -- dire wolf species couldn't mate with gray wolves. ..

              Scientists Say There Are Likely Fewer Galaxies in Space Than They Previously Thought

              While NASA previously determined that there were around two trillion galaxies in the universe, new findings ..

              Curiosity rover celebrates 3,000 Martian days on the Red Planet | Space

              NASA's Curiosity rover marked 3,000 Martian days, or "sols," on the Red Planet Tuesday (Jan. 12), a mere ..

              NASA's Orion spacecraft is ready to fly to the Moon | Engadget

              NASA's Orion spacecraft is complete and ready for its Artemis I test mission to the Moon later in 2021. ..

              Olympic champion says she was assaulted by sports official | Fox News

              Olympic sailing champion Sofia Bekatorou of Greece has accused an unnamed sporting official of sexually ..

              Tampa Bay Buccaneers to start RB Leonard Fournette vs. New Orleans Saints

              Bucs running back Leonard Fournette will start in place of Ronald Jones, who missed last week's wild-card ..

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