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youtube converter

Submitted 5 hour(s) ago by gimmegimme22

    Introducing Microsoft Defender Application Guard 2020
    Submitted 1 day(s) ago by elianajones

    Microsoft has been doing its bit to safeguard the contents, files, and data of Office users. In regards to that, it has released the public preview of “Microsoft Defender Application Guard” a few days ago. Read this article to know about Microsoft Defender Application Guard.

    Samsung Galaxy J5 SM-J500H Flash File Download (Firmware) Bangladesh
    Submitted 3 day(s) ago by rakibulbt

    Download the Samsung firmware J5 SM-J500H BNG Bangladesh, Samsung j500h flash file 6.0.1 4file, Samsung j500h flash file without password google drive

      How to Contact Google Customer Service Live Person?
      Submitted 3 day(s) ago by johnssmith925

      Learn the Ways of Contacting a Live Person from Google Customer Care Do you about the live support service of Google and ways of contacting them? Those who are using any Google service and facing issues are free to connect with a live person for assistance by contacting their customer care center. A…

      Pro tips to stay safe from online casino scams
      Submitted 3 day(s) ago by elianajones

      Get the pro tips to stay safe from online casino scams. Going to casinos was never a dream until this pandemic hit the world. Most of our activities have shifted online the casino is not an exception. If you are addicted to casino gaming and now shifted your interest to online casinos then read this article for extra security.

      How do I Contact Email Technical Support?
      Submitted 3 day(s) ago by johnssmith925

      If you want to contact Email Tech Support regarding any type of email type issues like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and others, then make a call to our technical staff available 24/7 to assist you.

      It can be definitely not rewarding on the way to extract that any more
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      For that reason, this is a slightly in doubt partnership
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        They are usually motionless them, someway powering
        Submitted 4 day(s) ago by mene9000 

        At the commencing, supply this as a consequence industry the currency itself was present extremely successful. Therefore successful to facilitate a quantity of preliminary miners enjoy grow to be millionaires. They are usually motionless them, someway powering the figure involving this particular currency. Conversely, it duty end up being owned up with the purpose of Bitcoin unaided befalls straight away enormously thick-skinned toward earn. It truly is not successful on the way to abundance it nowadays, excluding it's fluctuations are usually consequently hot-blooded to you are able to problem a second to get it cheaper after which push the item used for more. Nonetheless, this can be an extremely recalcitrant commission. That like fooling around DINAR / UNITED STATES CASH / Uk Beat. You have to contain the restore comprehension, a finesse, and no query lots of fate. Of course, you'll find at a halt brand new cryptocurrencies which can be fruitfully made for the start the ball rolling with their reality - both owing to trading as well as source itself, which in turn appears to be much easier. The future resale associated with this kind of a currency is also not a issue for as long because there exists a stress for this also, above all, enjoys a certain “confidence” fabricated roundabouts this. Typically, these new cryptocurrencies happen breaking down very quickly. Thus, it is just a very indefinite transaction moreover I'd personally not advise someone to cross the threshold the item exclusive of previous prep - you ought to have already approximately a quantity of intelligence approaching giving rise to also the correct time for it to resell. Normally having a word, I truly do certainly not mention that on the way to newbies, mainly because it is usually a vastly indefinite commerce with the purpose of is real recalcitrant en route for go in a result of the wide range associated with contemporary cryptocurrencies emerging, that - certain in just a few weeks, although offering to be auguring - fall momentarily.

        Las vegas is here

        Submitted 4 day(s) ago by gimmegimme22


        Hotel las vegas


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          Gmail live person

          Submitted 4 day(s) ago by johnssmith925

          Contact Gmail live person to resolve your Gmail account related issues easily. Here our Gmail technical staff is available 24/7 to help you.


          How to Contact to a Live Person at Yahoo?

          Submitted 4 day(s) ago by johnssmith925

          Contact Yahoo Live Person at Yahoo helpline number to recover Yahoo account instantly. Here you can easily talk to Yahoo customer service person and resolve all your issues.

          Las Vegas Hotel

          Submitted 5 day(s) ago by gimmegimme22

            Fake news vs real news: Everything you should know

            Submitted 6 day(s) ago by elianajones

            People in older times used to say that incomplete knowledge about anything is as dangerous as poison. But, at that time we took these words very lightly until we landed in this world of fake news. Nowadays, there is hardly anybody who is not using social media. From literate people to the illiterate ones, everybody can be found using social platforms. To know more about this read this article now.

            1-806-425-2438 Talk to Hotmail Live Person Online

            Submitted 8 day(s) ago by johnssmith925

            Make a call to our helpline number and talk to our Hotmail live person instantly. Our technical staff is available 24/7 to assist you.

            How to Recover Google Account via Date of Birth?

            Submitted 9 day(s) ago by johnssmith925

            Steps for Google Account Recovery via Date of Birth process is here. Here you can easily recover your Google account by various methods. Just visit here or dial our helpline number for support.

            Grocery Delivery Software

            Submitted 10 day(s) ago by mastersoftwares

            Grocery delivery software is helping grocery store owners to sell their groceries online. They can also provide doorstep delivery to the customers from few tap on mobile screen. Demand of groceries have increased in Covid-19 and many store owners are using technology to reach their potential customers. Email at or visit our website. Search for grocery delivery app by Master Software Solutions on google and your will find us.

            How to get rid of clop ransomware using McAfee?

            Submitted 10 day(s) ago by elianajones

            Are you a business owner and the devices in your organization have got hit with the clop ransomware? Worry not and stay relaxed as you can easily get rid of ransomware if you have deployed McAfee on your device. To know more about how to get rid of Clop Ransomware using McAfee, then read our blog.

            ebook pdf now

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              Ebooks Online download

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                How can I contact the Customer Service Live Person of Gmail?

                Submitted 11 day(s) ago by johnssmith925

                Gmail is a very popular mailing service which can be used at both personal and professional level by numerous users across the world. Some users require the assistance of the customer service live person of Gamil to solve their queries. How to contact Gmail live person? You can reach out to the cust...

                1 (806) 425-2438 How to Recover Outlook Account without Phone Number?

                Submitted 11 day(s) ago by johnssmith925

                Dial our Outlook helpline number 1-806-425-2438 for Outlook account recovery without phone number. We are available 24/7 to assist you in very short span of time.

                How to setup pro 9025 Printer?

                Submitted 11 day(s) ago by officejetproprinters

       pro 9015 is an all-in-one multifunction color printer that can be connected to your device via network, USB or mobile printing services. It delivers high-quality output at high speeds. Use only genuine cartridges and recommended papers to prevent quality issues. Simple steps to set up the printer and perform many tasks on it are given on this page.

                Download the latest full feature software, drivers and firmware for your HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 All-in-One Printer. Need assistance to setup print, scan for your HP OfficeJet Pro 9025/9015 All-in-One Printer or facing Wireless connectivity issues call toll free (1-800-673-8163) and let the HP Printers expert to setup or fix it for you. Find contact options like HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 All-in-One Printer support number, Chat or email.

                Quick steps for HP Officejet pro 9025 printer support number:

                Remove the printer from the packaging box and place it on a flat surface.

       9015 Peel off plastic tape from inside and outside the printer. Use a power cord to connect the printer to an electrical outlet.

                If the printer does not start automatically, press its power button to turn it on.

                “Set” your language, country, region, date and time on the control panel.

                Raise the cartridge entrance and lower the front door. The car shifts to the center of the access area and stops.

                Take the new cartridge out of the box and then peel off the protective film.

                Insert the cartridges into their slots and close the front door. Lower the access door and tap OK on the control panel.

                Pull the input tray from under the printer.

                Place enough paper in the tray and push the stack into it.

                Move the guide towards the paper stack.

                Re-insert the input tray into the printer.

                Touch the OK option on the control panel. The next step is demonstrating the printed alignment.

                When you are prompted to align the printed on the control panel, select OK.

                The printer prints an alignment page. Place the page on the scanner glass and scan it.

                Once the alignment is completed, the alignment successful message is displayed on the control panel.

                If you are unable to find your password, contact hp printers support. Support options are chatEmail or call  HP Officejet pro 9015 printer helpline number+ 1-800-673-8163  to speak with hp support associates or Visit our website:




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                Call hp printers rep | Install 2020 update printer driver

                Submitted 11 day(s) ago by printerhphelp

                Find a solution for your printer setup. Get hp printers support and download its driver and manual for free. Get easy and simple support from our technical support team to set up your printer of any brand. In addition, troubleshoot problems with your printer quickly and easily.

                Technical support for hp printers tops the laser printing. It provides all functions such as printing, scanning, copy, fax and more. Most HP printers are compatible with any device such as a computer, laptop, and mobile. Hp printers helpline number is a user friendly tool.

                Hp printers support number– A Complete Solution Point for hp printers support

                The entire world knows the importance of IT brand Contact hp and its innovative technology products. It is a company that manufactures computers, laptops, tablets, printers and many technology hardware and software products. The creation of these products has helped small and large businesses manage all the overall needs of an organization.

                In addition, the company has made several developments providing hardware computing devices, designing software, data storage devices, networking hardware and services.

                Well, with quality services, there comes a time when there are occasional technical glitches and people have to face a lot of problems. Suppose, problems come with the printer and you do not have the knowledge to troubleshoot. In such a situation, HP formed a hp printers contact phone number that provides the best printer repair services in United states with a free warranty period of the products and after that, you have to pay to get a solution from them.

                There are many hp printers support phone number +1-800-673-8163, but to choose 24 tech support service, the best solution would be to shoot your issue. They provide assistance to solve the problem via remote or online. And if they are unable to solve the problem, the technician will personally reach your workplace to fix the problem.

                If you are unable to find your password, contact hp printers support. Support options are chatEmail or call hp printers support phone number 1-800-673-8163 to speak with hp support associates or visit our Website:


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                Pozycjonowanie stron Toruń SEO Agencja

                Submitted 12 day(s) ago by pozycjonowanie

                Wbicie się na pozycję 82. dla frazy średnio trudnej to nie jest nic niezwykłego. Możesz wskoczyć z miejsca 120. na 82. i to będzie awans o 40 pozycji. Możesz wskoczyć teraz na pozycję 42 i masz znów skok o 40 pozyccji. Ale wskocz o jedną pozycję z miejsca 11. na 10. i wtedy świętuj. Google pozycje 30+ traktuje bardzo po macoszemu i tam możesz sobie skakać codziennie o kilkadziesiąt oczek i nie będzie to miało absolutnie żadnego znaczenia, bo odwiedzalność 3+ strony wyników mierzona jest w promilach.

                Agencja SEO Toruń

                BrandRise Pozycjonowanie Toruń | BrandRise Pozycjonowanie Stron Toruń, Strony Internetowe, Strony WWW, Agencja SEO


                Toruń SEO BrandRise to skuteczna agencja pozycjonowania stron
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                Toruń SEO BrandRise to skuteczna agencja…
                BrandRise Pozycjonowanie Toruń
                BrandRise to agencja SEO i szubkie pozycjonowanie strony WWW
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                BrandRise to agencja SEO i szubkie pozycjonowanie…
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                Pozycjonowanie strony w Toruniu. Agencja SEO BrandRise
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                Przykłąd wizytówki NAP, pozycjonowanie stron w toruniu, szybkie i skuteczne rankingi
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                Toruń to średniej wielkości miasto, w którym pozycjonowanie stron daje wyraźne efekty
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                Toruń to średniej wielkości miasto, w którym…
                BrandRise Pozycjon

                How to Recover Gmail Account Through Alternative Email?

                Submitted 12 day(s) ago by johnssmith925

                Recover your Gmail account using the alternate email address. Read all steps all call directly to our customer care executives for more help.

                How to Recover PayPal Account without Phone Number?

                Submitted 12 day(s) ago by johnssmith925

                Read and follow this simple guide to recover PayPal account password without phone number. Just dial our helpline number for more help.

                Establish your business via Shopping cart development company’s assistance

                Submitted 12 day(s) ago by jackricher

                Provide a unique shopping experience in your ecommerce site with our comprehensive shopping cart development solutions. Designed for perfection and devised for performance. Connect with us to know more!The social Ecommerce platform is becoming as popular as the ecommerce apps. Appdupe offers the complete shopping cart app with all the prolific aspects required for broad customer reach. Shopping cart development company has developed the app making it all set for a major platform release. Request for a proposal and get the clone app developed by our experts. 

                What your kid’s first smartphone should be like?

                Submitted 13 day(s) ago by elianajones

                If you sense that there is something fishy in your child’s daily activities, try paying extra attention to them. Make sure you are always in talking terms with your child and be friendly towards him. To know what your kid's first Smartphone should be like then read this article.

                Which SEO Trends Should Your Website Rank For?

                Submitted 13 day(s) ago by albertlee


                The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry has undergone a huge change in the last few years, and newer trends are now coming on with more regularity than ever before. You have to know about some of the major SEO trends that your site needs to rank for.

                Google’s BERT Update

                Google uses this update to eliminate all websites with low quality content. The user intent and content relevancy are given importance here, along with keywords. Google checks website reputation through EAT, YML and other important factors. You can make the most of this trend by focusing more on context instead of keyword density, checking content for phrases and sentences etc.

                Mobile indexing

                You need to ensure AMP version compatibility as well as high-quality content to ensure competitiveness of your website content. It is important to optimize website pages to improve the load speed of your mobile pages, by using minified codes, browser caching and reduction of redirects. It is a good idea to design responsive pages for your site to ensure better UX / UI on mobile devices. Use HTML 5 to add some special effects to your mobile website pages, rather than Flash and other plugins that are incompatible to small screens.

                Voice Search Strategy

                With chatbots and AI getting more and more prominent, Voice Search happens to be the newest SEO trend today. The voice search features of Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other tools are being used increasingly by users to look up for stuffs online and even offline. You can make your content voice search friendly by using correct structured data, including proper locations or addresses, incorporating long-tail keywords etc. Use natural language into your website content and include short answers, so as to satisfy the voice search query of users out there. If you are looking for SEO expert, you should visit this website.

                Author Bio:

                Albert Lee is the most accredited digital marketing expert. Apart from offering unique strategies based on the emerging internet marketing trends, he also uses the latest web technology and solutions to provide result oriented approach. Learn more about finding Austin SEO services at this website.

                Apple Delays iOS 14 Change Likely to Stymie Mobile Ad Targeting | Technology News

                Submitted 13 day(s) ago by system

                Apple said on Thursday it would give developers until next year to comply with a software change expected to stymie targeted advertising in iPhone and iPad apps.

                The Boys Season 2 Is Now Streaming on Amazon Prime Video in India | Entertainment News

                Submitted 13 day(s) ago by system

                The Boys season 2 has arrived. The first three episodes of Amazon’s anti-superhero show are now available on Prime Video in India and around the world.

                Google Urges EU to Be Flexible in Setting Digital Rule Book | Technology News

                Submitted 13 day(s) ago by system

                Google urged the European Commission on Thursday to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to the tech industry in its forthcoming Digital Services Act.

                OnePlus 8T Specifications Leaked, May Feature 120Hz AMOLED Display and Quad Rear Cameras | Technology News

                Submitted 13 day(s) ago by system

                OnePlus 8T specifications have been leaked online just days after its alleged render surfaced in the latest Android 11 Developer Preview for the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro. The new OnePlus phone, that is speculated to be in the works with a codename Kebab, may carry a 120Hz display.

                MSI Summit E Series, Summit B Series Laptops With Intel’s 11th Generation Tiger Lake CPUs Launched | Technology News

                Submitted 13 day(s) ago by system

                MSI Summit E15, Summit E14, Summit B15, and Summit B14 business laptops have been announced by the company. They are powered by the 11th generation Tiger Lake Core i7 CPU from Intel.

                PUBG Mobile Maker Tencent Says Will Engage With Indian Authorities to Ensure Continued Availability of Apps | Technology News

                Submitted 13 day(s) ago by system

                Tencent Holdings said on Thursday it takes the protection of user privacy and data seriously, in response to India's banning of Chinese apps. The company said it would engage with Indian authorities to ensure the continued availability of its apps in India.

                Robert Pattinson Reportedly Contracts COVID-19, The Batman Production Halted | Entertainment News

                Submitted 13 day(s) ago by system

                Robert Pattinson has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19, bringing a halt to production on The Batman just days after it had resumed in London following months of lockdown.

                Nintendo to Re-Release Mario Games in 35th Anniversary Year | Technology News

                Submitted 13 day(s) ago by system

                Nintendo said on Thursday it would re-release classic titles featuring popular character Mario for a limited time on its hit Nintendo Switch console to mark 35 years since the launch of landmark game Super Mario Bros.

                IFA 2020: TCL Launches Two Tablets, Smartwatch for Seniors, Truly Wireless Earbuds | Technology News

                Submitted 13 day(s) ago by system

                TCL has announced two new tablets, a smartwatch, and a pair of truly wireless earbuds at ongoing IFA 2020 trade fair. The new tablets are called TCL 10 Tab Max and TCL 10 Tab Mid, whereas the new smartwatch is called TCL Move Time Family Watch MT43A.

                Facebook Adds Dropbox, Koofr Support to Photo Porting Tool | Technology News

                Submitted 13 day(s) ago by system

                Facebook users will now be able to export photos and videos from their accounts using Dropbox and EU startup Koofr, besides Google Photos. The tool will make transferring data to other services much easier.

                Elon Musk Promises Tesla Design Overhaul, 'Ravecave' at Berlin Plant | Technology News

                Submitted 13 day(s) ago by system

                Tesla's will use its plant in Brandenburg, Germany to demonstrate a radical overhaul of how its cars are built, as well as making electric car battery cells and battery packs, Chief Executive Elon Musk said on Thursday.

                iPhone 12 Pro Max to Be the Only 2020 iPhone Model With Faster mmWave 5G Connectivity: Report | Technology News

                Submitted 13 day(s) ago by system

                iPhone 12 Pro Max, the rumoured top-end model in the upcoming iPhone 12 series, may be the only 2020 iPhone with faster millimeter-wave 5G (mmWave 5G), an online report claims. The iPhone 12 series is expected to come with 5G connectivity, as per multiple reports and analysts.

                Poco M2 Teased to Come With Full-HD+ Display, 6GB of RAM Ahead of Launch | Technology News

                Submitted 13 day(s) ago by system

                Poco M2 will feature a full-HD+ display and have 6GB of RAM, the brand has teased ahead of the phone’s September 8 launch. The Poco India account teased the two specifications for the upcoming Poco M2 smartphone on Twitter, calling it the “most affordable 6GB RAM phone.”

                Redmi 9A Next Sale on September 9 at 12 Noon via Amazon, Price, Specifications | Technology News

                Submitted 13 day(s) ago by system

                Redmi 9A, the latest phone in the Xiaomi sub-brand's budget-friendly smartphone lineup, will go on sale next on September 9, starting 12pm (noon).

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